Digital Marketing Agency Offers SEO Packages Focusing on Four Areas

E-Web Marketing, a Sydney SEO agency, that offers search engine optimization (SEO) packages for various kinds of businesses, wants to emphasize that their SEO efforts are focused on four different areas. These areas are technical SEO, website content targeting, content marketing, and outreach. This means that they have digital experts specialising in each particular area. As the SEO campaign moves forward, certain skill sets become more relevant depending on the current needs of the client. Basically, each campaign will go through each of these four areas, although not necessarily in a sequential manner.

Technical on-page SEO is mainly concerned with ensuring that the client’s website is efficiently crawled, and then indexed and ranked by the search engines. This is a vital component of the SEO process because all of the other SEO efforts will just be wasted if the technical component of the website is not addressed. Technical SEO includes rich snippets, accelerated mobile page (AMP), HTTPS optimisation, link reclamation, redirections, crawl space / cache shaping, canonicalization, sitemap optimisation, meta robots optimisation, and robots.txt optimisation.

elements of digital strategy graphic

With regards to website content targeting, E-Web Marketing CEO Sam Shetty explains, “This is also known as ‘site architecture’, ‘information architecture’, or ‘intent based targeting.’ This particular SEO phase is the process of deeply understanding the keywords that users in your target audience use to search for products, services and information relevant to your niche, then mapping and grouping these keywords by intent, and then mapping that into a site architecture which caters for the search intent of your audience.” This is actually a complicated and an ongoing process that also includes some input from the client to better understand their product space and create new and/or consolidated pages on the site as needed. This is why they always provide a free SEO audit before they start in order to really understand the client and their specific requirements.

The third area of focus is content marketing, which is quite well-known when it comes to digital marketing or online marketing. Website content is what site visitors are looking for. Thus, it is important to create free content that the target audience will find helpful. This content can be informative, inspiring, or entertaining, and its goal is to increase brand awareness and direct site users through the marketing funnel towards conversion. For this phase, E-Web Marketing will effectively integrate their team members with that of the client, ensuring that any gaps found are filled with good content for the targeted audience. All of these content marketing efforts are geared towards improving the bottom line.

The outreach phase has to do with inbound linking. This is a vital part of Google’s organic algorithm and it is also an area where many SEO companies perform low quality or unethical work that is frowned upon by the search engines. E-Web Marketing ensures that they will take a white-hat approach, which means their outreach methods are in compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This significantly reduces the chances of the website ever getting penalised by Google. Meanwhile, E-Web Marketing has developed outreach programs that speed up the results from the other SEO areas. For instance, these programs aim to expose the client’s brand to get more attention online by reaching out to influential bloggers, news agencies, thought-leaders via press-releases and other methods. It is important to note that their outreach programs are “over the table,” which means they will reveal any links of placements that have been obtained.

Founded in 1988, E-Web Marketing has evolved into an award-winning company that has provided help to 3,000 global and national organisations to significantly boost their website traffic, conversions, and brand awareness. Their mission is to help businesses increase their digital presence through the use of targeted strategies that allow them to save money.

Those who are interested in the SEO services and other digital marketing services offered by E-Web Marketing can contact them through the telephone or via email. People can also request for a free and no-obligation SEO audit, as can be seen at

Study Finds Synthetic Chemicals in Skincare Linked to Early Death, Australian Company Offers Natural Alternatives

A new study has found that phthalates, a common synthetic chemical found in items such as makeup, perfume, shampoo, and food storage containers, have been linked to between 91,000 to 107,000 premature deaths per year among people, ages 55 to 64, in the United States.

“This study adds to the growing database on the impact of plastics on the human body and bolsters public health and business cases for reducing or eliminating the use of plastics,” lead author Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a professor of pediatrics, environmental medicine and population health at NYU Langone Health in New York City said.

Natural perfume available at

The study points to a decades-old belief that these chemicals can interfere with hormone production, and circulate to influence processes throughout the body. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences notes that phthalates have been “linked with developmental, reproductive, brain, immune, and other problems.”

Phthalates are considered “everywhere chemicals” since they exist in practically everything. They can be found in the plastic of children’s toys because they allow for these items to become harder to break, as well as soap and shampoos because they make a fragrance last longer. Exposure to these chemicals occur when they are breathed in, or when someone consumes something that has been in contact with the plastic.

Eileen Conneely, senior director of chemical products and technology for the American Chemistry Council, argues that all phthalates were grouped together in the study, which doesn’t take lower toxicity phthalates, like DINP and DIDP, into account.

“Studies such as these fail to consider all phthalates individually and consistently ignore or downplay the existence of science-based, authoritative conclusions regarding the safety of high molecular weight phthalates,” Conneely added.

In order to reduce exposure to phthalates, people are advised to use unscented products, drink or eat from glass, stainless steel, ceramic or wood items, and avoid all plastics labeled as No. 3, No. 6 and No. 7.

Wei, founder of Coast Sydney Botanicals, a luxury vegan skincare company, recommends only using natural products on the skin.

“Products like our natural perfume are 100 percent made from plants and contain no Phthalates. They are powerful and effective because they are nutrient dense and they don’t contain any artificial fragrance, toxins or parabens,” Wei says.

For those interested in Coast Sydney Botanicals range of natural skincare and fragrance products can buy them online at

Queensland Reaches 70% First Dose Vaccination Rate

Queensland, Australia: Queensland has reached the 70% first dose vaccination rate as the Palaszczuk government has dropped a hint regarding the Queensland borders will be opened by Christmas.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said residents had five to six weeks before restrictions ease and Covid-19 is able to spread through the community.

“If someone wants a target, the target is getting yourself protected in the next five to six weeks,” she told reporters on Monday. “That is your mission — get yourself protected and that helps our whole community and allows us to open up. This virus will go into every single community once Queensland opens up, once Australia opens up.”

Ms D’Ath and chief health officer Jeannette Young have spent the last week travelling into the regions to focus vaccination efforts on areas where the jab rate is languishing.

A spokesperson for QLD Border Update advocates for opening the borders sooner, saying, "Our local businesses, particularly tourism, will completely decimated these lockdowns, but more specifically as a result of the closure of our borders. QLD relies heavily on tourism, both domestically and internationally, employing 42,000 and bringing in over $4.5 billion annually. We now have over 1000 signatures on the petition to open the Queensland borders and its growing rapidly."

The Health Minister said Queensland had been a victim of its own success, where the lack of Covid threats had created a lack of urgency.

“The regions just haven’t seen any outbreaks so there’s a fair bit of complacency and a view people can wait,” Ms D’Ath said. “The task here is everyone taking on the responsibility for themselves — the quicker you get vaccinated, the quicker you have protection. The question is who is going to get this virus? It’s going to be those people who are not vaccinated.”

The revelation from the Health Minister was a departure from previous comments from the Queensland government, who have frustrated many by reserving the right to keep borders closed even when vaccination rates reach 80 per cent.

At a separate press conference on Monday morning, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk leaned on her government’s position which she has often repeated over the last few months — borders will open only when eligible residents have been offered the opportunity to be vaccinated.

“The sooner people get vaccinated, the better that life will be,” she said.

The concern for many is the definition of “eligible”, however, given the Premier has flagged concerns about the threat of the virus to those aged 11 and under.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles reiterated this fear on Friday after it was revealed the United States had moved a step closer to vaccinating the younger age groups.

“Once we reach those vaccination thresholds of people over 16, that still leaves a significant proportion of the population unvaccinated,” he told reporters. “And so I think as soon as it is safe and possible, and there is sufficient supply, the federal government really should pursue vaccinating younger people.”

On Monday afternoon, Ms Palaszczuk revealed Queensland had reached 70 per cent of those aged over 16 with their first dose.

“This is a big step towards our goal of 80 per cent double doses for Queenslanders,” she said.

The state recorded zero new local infections on Monday.

Wahroonga Home Sells Auction for $6.5m for Top North Shore Sale of the Week

A Wahroonga home has sold before auction for $6.5m, making it top reported result to across the upper north shore last week. The house was sold by neurosurgeon and former Australian Medical Association (AMA) president, Professor Brian Owler.

The home at 76 Braeside St, was due to go to auction last weekend with Tim Fraser, of Di Jones Wahroonga, and Lynette Malcolm, of Chadwick Real Estate Upper North Shore.

Image of the home at 76 Braeside St, Wahroonga

Mr Fraser says there was strong interest from families looking to upsize into the grand full brick Chateau-built home set in 1777sqm in Wahroonga’s Golden Triangle.

“It’s a stunning home,” says Mr Fraser.

The upper north shore’s strong run of sales continued last week despite the shortage of stock.

The top five auction results were all for prices in excess of $4m.

“It’s certainly showing the underlying demand for good quality properties in a quality location. Buyers are really in tune to make a play early or fear missing out,” Mr Fraser says.

A spokesperson for Wahroonga Dental said, "This home is just 6 minutes from our practice. We hope to see the new homeowners at our dental practice soon."

The most recent Wahroonga real estate sales can be seen at

Bellriver Homes Offers Free Home Design Consultation at Austral Display Centre

Bellriver Homes, a home design company in NSW, Australia, is happy to announce that they are offering a free home design consultation at their display centre in Austral to help people discover the best design for their dream home. This display centre allows clients to have a vision of what their new home would look like. They offer a flexible approach to home design and styling, allowing clients to customize their home according to their style and preferences. They offer various urban designs with several alternatives for the facade and the external parts of the home, including some amount of flexibility for the floor plan.

Christine Gatwood, a spokesperson for Bellriver Homes, says, “We consider our quality control systems and after sales service to be one of the most important areas of our business. Every customer is allocated their own ‘customer service consultant’ to care for their every need. Once construction begins, you will be assigned your own project supervisor, who will keep you informed throughout the building process. We manage and track every building project through a comprehensive software program. In essence, nothing is left to chance.”

The kitchen of the Bayswater 20 floorplan by Bellriver Homes in Aastral

To get an idea of the kinds of home designs available, people can check out their display home in Austral. Their most popular single storey home on display in Austral is the Bayswater 20, which has a total under-roof area of 187.92 square metres, a total home width of 10.91 metres, and a total home length of 18.71 metres. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a double garage. There is also an optional bedroom and WIP. Various kinds of facades are available, such as: Argenta, Bayside, Broadwater, Cambridge Premium, Cullburra, Contemporary, and more. This modern home is packed with several features, such as multiple living spaces, such as media rooms and big, workable kitchens provided with walk in pantries. These living areas are all designed to flow out onto an oversized alfresco area.

Bellriver Homes has simplified the building process to make it more enjoyable for the client. The basic steps are: choosing a particular design; development of the client’s own style; drafting and local council submission; colour selection; and construction.

The first step is for the client it choose a particular plan from their extensive range of more than 120 architect developed urban or country designs. All of these home designs take maximum advantage of northern aspect and can easily be mirror reversed for various block sitings. One of the company’s consultants can help the client choose a design that will be suitable for a specific budget and preferences.

After a particular design has been chosen, the consultant will then work closely with the client on any changes the client would want to make. After a final plan and facade has been chosen by the client, the design consultant will discuss the schedule of finishes with the client to ensure that all of the client’s requirements are met and that the home will be done based on the client’s style and taste. The consultant will then provide the client with a fixed price tender. The client will then sign a purchase agreement after the company has received the fixed price tender.

All of the required documentation will then be produced and then submitted to the appropriate local council. This process will usually take about three to seven weeks. The next step is the product and colour selections. A trained colour consultant will help the client in making the various selections, including external finishes, paint colours, brick choice, kitchen selections, floor coverings, and tiles. And finally, they can proceed with the construction process.

Founded in 1993, Bellriver Homes has been focused on designing and building homes throughout New South Wales for more than 27 years, across Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter, the Illawarra, and the Central West of NSW. They have developed a reputation of integrity and providing quality service as every Bellriver home is subjected to an independent certified property inspection at significant milestones in the construction process to ensure a high quality home for the client. They have more than 150 designs available through their Home and Land packages, or a home build on the client’s own land.

Those interested in the free home design consultation can check out the Bellriver Homes Austral Display Centre website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Ascot Vale Accountant EW Partners Celebrates 40 Years of Service

EW Partners - Accountants and Tax Advisors is proud to announce that they are celebrating their 40 years of providing accounting and tax services to Ascot Vale and neighbouring areas. They would like to stress that they remain committed to offering customised advice and services to their clients, with a special focus on small and medium size businesses. The firm has grown and advanced through the commitment of their team of innovative and hard working accountants who have a vision of ensuring client satisfaction, through expert advice and modern technology.

Edward Wang, a Partner at the accounting firm, says, “We enable you to make an informed decision about your financial and business affairs. Our team of experienced and dedicated staff are committed to providing timely, accurate and thorough advice. We service clients from a range of different industries, so we understand the importance of providing tailored advice to meet the specific and unique circumstances of each client. If you are looking for experienced and reliable accounting professionals in Ascot Vale, make an appointment with one of our friendly accountants today. We will look after all your financial and business needs.”

Edward Wang, Partner at EW Partners accountants and tax advisors

They offer accounting services, taxation advice, guidance on superannuation and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF), business advice and ASIC compliance services. They offer accounting services for various business entities, including sole traders, trusts, companies, SMSFs, and partnerships. Their accounting services include: advice on the structuring and restructuring of various entities; preparation of cashflow and budgeting reports; advice on commercial software packaging; preparation of annual financial reports; advice on day to day bookkeeping issues; and preparation of special periodic financial reports.

With their taxation services, they help clients on all taxation matters and liaise with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). They will help in identifying and managing tax issues before they become a burden or a problem for the business. They fully understand a business’ tax obligations and will make sure that their clients will comply with the ATO requirement by the required date.

As an AFSL representative, they will offer a range of services and advice on personal and SMSFs. For this, they offer a number of services, such as: the establishment of an SMSF; record keeping; preparation of annual financial reports and income tax returns; SMSF administration; preparation and updates of minutes of meetings and trust deeds of companies and trusts; calculation of annual minimum and maximum pension entitlements; completion of annual audits; preparation of actuarial certificates; preparation of Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements; and winding up. They want to point out that an SMSF offers various advantages, including: investment flexibility; ability to borrow to invest; tax effective planning; investment control; asset protection; administration cost minimisation; and the ability to pass on wealth to children.

With regards to business advice, their goal is to help clients in managing their business and give advice that help them make better business decisions. Their business services include: advice on business structures for the most effective tax solutions; assistance for businesses with ATO benchmarks; business succession planning and advice; cashflow and budgeting; startup advice; review of business operations; and implementation and setup of accounting system packages.

As a registered Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) agent, they can help clients in maintaining compliance with ASIC requirements. ASIC compliance services include: business name registration; offer of registered office facilities; maintenance of the corporate register; preparation of documents for companies incorporation; preparation of minutes and company resolutions; preparation and lodgement of the required documents with ASIC; and assistance with annual ASIC review.

Founded in 1982 as J. Palmisano Accountants and Advisors and later renamed as EW Partners, they have more than 40 years of experience in providing accounting and tax services. EW Partners provides services to all of Moonee Valley and Melbourne. They are able to offer the best and most cost competitive tax, accounting and business services through their team of specialised and experience advisers and their highly intelligent accounting and tax experts.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by EW Partners can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Ascot Vale Library Displays Art Exhibition by Anne Lawson

Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Australia: Ascot Vale Library is showcasing an art exhibition titled "The Worlds Between" by Anne Lawson until Wednesday December 8 2021. Anne is a local artist who creates works on paper that show the delicacy of the natural world.

The Worlds Between is a vibrant exhibition of mixed-media collages exploring the complex environments of wetlands, mangroves and rockpools—worlds which exist between land and water.

Artwork by Anne Lawson

Anne Lawson is a self-taught artist and Ascot Vale resident. She creates bold works on paper, which seek to celebrate the intricacies of the natural world. Her practice has shifted from botanical art illustration to abstract mixed-media collages, allowing her to be adventurous with ideas and materials. The Worlds Between is Anne’s third solo exhibition. Her work is held in private collections around the world.

From her website, Anne describes her work as "original minimalist art inspired by the natural world ~ feathers, shells, leaves. Each one is a little jewel ready to put into that special place for you to enjoy each day. I am delighted to be able to offer you my unique artwork, knowing that each drawing and painting brings a small piece of tranquility."

A spokesperson for local Ascot Vale accountant EW Partners said, "It's great to see local artists being supported by the community. Anne Lawson's work is held in private collections around the world, so it's great to see it being showcased locally."

The exhibition is at Ascot Vale Library, 165 Union Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032. It is running from July 14 2021 until December 8 2021.