Old school designers will understand

Shout out to the old school. Call me old fashioned, but I always try to buy classic style designs to support that aesthetic.

My old school designers will remember the CorelScript language being very vague.

Nowadays aspiring designers have moved away from Corel and on to tools like the Adobe design suite. They will never know the pain of using the Corel Photo-Paint's Recorder function to record activities. And everyone sharing their own tutorials on how to make it work -_- 

Delicious scrambled eggs


A delicious runny yolk egg beaten with 2 egg whites cooked with some fresh toast. A beautiful way to enjoy some eggs on another day of quarantine :)

At least golf courses are open now, so I will get a chance to get some sunshine and test out my brand new women's golf clothes. I'm sure I'll be a bit rusty and lose a few balls, but I'm really looking forward to it. My husband got a new golf hat and headcovers for Father's Day. Since the sun is finally out again, so he'll be hitting the links in that too.

I wonder if I'll beat him on that par 3 again? 😂

What have you all been missing out on in the last few months that you're looking forward to again?