E Web Marketing Shortlisted For The 2023 APAC Search Awards

Sydney, New South Wales -

Sydney-based full-service digital marketing agency E-Web Marketing has been shortlisted in two categories at the APAC Search Awards, an awards ceremony that highlights the best accomplishments in SEO across the Asia Pacific region.

The APAC Search Awards handpicks the best digital marketing agencies offering services for a wide range of industries such as Retail/eCommerce, Finance, Travel/Leisure, Non-Profits, B2B, B2C, Health, Automotive, Real Estate & Property, and more. For the 2023 awards, E-Web Marketing has been nominated in two categories – Best Use of Search – Health and Best Low Budget Campaign. The shortlist was announced on December 9, 2022, and the winners in each category will be announced in a virtual ceremony on 25th January 2023.

E-Web Marketing is a finalist in 2 categories at the 2023 APAC Search Awards

The APAC Search Awards are a part of the successful awards series “The Search Awards,” managed by We Are Search, an international organization that celebrates the achievements of SEO, PPC, and content marketing agencies all over the world. The organization’s judges focus on showcasing innovative, technically impressive, and refreshingly creative campaigns that are bound to leave an impact on the industry. Its other major global events include the UK Search Awards, the European Search Awards, the US Search Awards, the Canadian Search Awards, the MENA Search Awards, and the Global Search Awards.

E-Web Marketing CEO Sam Shetty commented on his company’s inclusion in the list of finalists for the 2023 APAC Search Awards by saying, “We are truly honored to be among the select few digital marketing agencies that caught the attention of the APAC Search Awards judges. It is not only an affirmation of the hard work that our SEO experts put in but also an unequivocal validation of the systems and processes we have put in place at E-Web Marketing to deliver these results to our clients. We are thrilled with the nomination and can’t wait for the results to be declared a little over a month from now. Regardless of the outcome, this recognition has undoubtedly boosted morale and has let us know that E-Web Marketing is on the right path towards becoming one the foremost digital marketing agencies in Australia and globally too.”

E-Web Marketing’s nomination in the category “Best Use of Search – Health” was awarded for its work for Mona Vale Dental, a state-of-the-art dental clinic in the Northern Beaches region. E-Web Marketing helped raise awareness for Mona Vale Dental through a combination of improving its search rankings and giving it more visibility through relevant news coverage. The Sydney SEO agency bagged its second nomination for helping Russo Electrical, a residential and commercial electrical services contractor, get more interest from local clients using an extremely affordable but effective and well-optimized SEO campaign.

Head of Content at E-Web Marketing, Melissa Lahoud talked about the work it did for the two companies by saying, “Mona Vale Dental and Russo Electrical operate in very different industries and have their own unique set of digital marketing challenges. However, for the talented and experienced team that we have assembled here at E-Web Marketing, switching between such wildly different domains is just another part of the workday. Our clients are diverse, which is a testament to our top-notch research skills and capability for in-depth industry analyses. It allows us to adapt our SEO methods to boost every single business that approaches us for help. And as our work with Russo Electrical proves, we are even able to achieve market-leading results at very competitive prices.”

E-Web Marketing has a team of 14 employees, all based in Sydney, who have an enviable track record of helping over 3000 national and global clients with over 5000 projects. The digital marketing services it offers include Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Website Design, and Facebook Ads. It also offers Digital Virtual Manager packages that give clients access to its high-performing team of cross-skilled experts, essentially turning them into virtual team members with high availability. Readers can find out more about the company’s SEO services by visiting: ewebmarketing.au/seo/.

Lindsay Tighe Featured Among Experts on Deep Listening In The Workplace

Lindsay Tighe from Empowered Conversations recently weighed in on an article about deep listening in the workplace. The blog post shares some valuable tips regarding active listening or listening to understand rather than listening to respond. Deep listening goes a step further, and the blog post talks about what exactly deep listening is and why it is so important in the workplace. Tighe provides valuable insight, and anyone can peruse her thoughts on the subject for free.

“They say good listeners are like trampolines — you bounce your ideas off of them,” says the blog post. “Namely, attentive listeners are not supposed to simply absorb the speaker’s words, like sponges, but rather reflect them, to deepen their understanding of what’s being said. So, be honest: are you a sponge or a trampoline? Whatever your answer may be, the truth is, even the best listeners among us could use some improvement. To put it another way, we should all strive for deep listening.“

Deep listening is defined as listening with the intention of understanding the speaker’s perspective. This means paying attention to both verbal and nonverbal cues while listening in order to understand what the intention behind the speaker’s words is. This calls upon the listener to reserve judgment and instead be open to receiving new information from the speaker. Deep listening requires openness to the unfamiliar and a commitment to avoiding judging or trying to understand the reasoning. Deep listening differs from active listening in the amount of attention paid to oneself versus their conversational partner. The listener does not simply absorb words, they grasp the facts that are being shared with them and thus the listener is better able to help the speaker with whatever they may be talking about.

The article also explains how to engage in deep listening in the workplace. According to a study, nearly half of respondents expressed a preference for giving practical advice over taking the time to understand their employees. Nearly 20% said that they could learn to be better listeners. The practice has a number of benefits, the most important of which is the fact that deep listening helps to resolve conflicts. Deep listening is closely related to silence, which allows the listener to understand the speaker and thus respond better. It also helps to build trust as speakers feel they are better understood by listeners.

Deep listening also improves collaboration. Different teams need to collaborate and communicate effectively for an organization to run which is why it is so important to practice deep listening whenever possible. When it comes to enabling positive emotions through deep listening, Tighe comments that, “Enabling these positive emotions leads to people feeling more motivated and engaged, and we know that this will create higher levels of productivity and performance. This level of listening also enables deeper and better relationships, which are critical to creating a positive workplace culture.”

Anthony Martin, another contributor to the article, says about deep listening, “When leaders model deep listening, they create a culture of respect and collaboration for the entire organization. Deep listening leads to self-awareness and growth and helps overcome the blockers that stop the work from getting done. When an entire company practices deep listening, they are much more engaged and productive in their work and feel seen and respected. Taking the time to really listen to employees and co-workers will make your business more collaborative and successful.”

Deep listening is an incredibly powerful communication tool that can greatly improve workplace relations. It is possible to learn how to practice both active and deep listening in the workplace through some of the workshops by Empowered Conversations. They hold workshops where they teach people to communicate more effectively, both by teaching them to be better listeners and teaching them to be better speakers.

For more information on deep listening, workplace communication and more, interested parties may read the Pumble blog post. They may also visit Empowered Conversations’ website to learn how to take part in one of their communication workshops.