The New Dentist in Perth Is Now The Applecross Dentist

The dental practice formerly known as "The New Dentist" located in Applecross, Perth, Western Australia, has been reopened by Dr. Lily Taheri and is now known as The Applecross Dentist. The dental practice has also been rebranded with a brand new luxury fit-out to ensure that patients are even more comfortable. They want to point out that they are ready to provide patients with a glamorous smile using the most innovative and advanced digital technology. With this technology, patients are able to easily visualize and test drive their new smile that they would have after the treatment.

Dr. Lily Taheri, owner of Connolly Dental Boutique explained her excitement for opening her new practice, “We’re truly excited to launch our new practice and start working with the Applecross community and the patients south of Swan River. Our dental practice aesthetic promotes self care, encouraging self love within a relaxed boutique environment. And I just want people to know that my journey to become the cosmetic dentist I am today has led me to travel and learn from the best in the world. I have been trained by Professor Fradeani and Angelo Putignano in Italy, Didier Dietschi and Pascal Magne in Switzerland, Christian Coachman in New York, and most recently had the opportunity to train under the father of digital cosmetic dentistry, Master Paolo Kano in Brazil.”

The Applecross Dentist has a brand new practice fitout

The dental practice, previously known as The New Dentist, now offers Digital Smile Design, which means that patients can test drive their new smile even before getting the treatment. Having the ability to visualize the final product can provide the patient with peace of mind before undergoing the dental procedure. Cosmetic dentistry can be used to fix several kinds of problems, such as: missing teeth; discoloured or stained teeth; white spots; crooked teeth; teeth that appear too small for the individual’s liking; teeth that break or chip easily; and misshapen, damaged or decayed teeth.

There are several benefits of cosmetic dentistry for patients. These include: more self-confidence; improved dental hygiene, which prevents cavities and gum disease; no more discomfort when eating; socialising is more enjoyable because you feel better about your appearance; fewer headaches; look younger’ bite correction; dental implants, bridges or dentures; procedures are minimally invasive, so recovery time is usually quick; and long-lasting, natural results.

Various types of cosmetic dentistry treatments are offered. These include: stain removal; white composite fillings or porcelain inlays; veneers; dental implants, bridges or dentures; tooth whitening; Invisalign (straightens teeth); and dental crowns.

Invisalign provides clear aligners as an alternative to metal braces for the purpose of straightening teeth. It begins with a simple scan that will be used by the dentist to provide the patient with an image of the future smile after the treatment has been completed. The customised aligners are 3D printed and the patient will wear these aligners for the next six to 18 months while the teeth gradually move into their new position.

Meanwhile, dental implants are placed in the jaw bone for the purpose of providing a durable support for a dental prosthesis, such as a dental crown, denture, bridge, or facial prosthesis. These implants may also be used as an orthodontic anchor.

The Applecross Dentist is proud to announce that they are part of the worldwide dentistry revolution known as Digital Smile Design (DSD), using cutting-edge digital technology. Dr. Lily Taheri, founder and principal dentist at the dental practice, is the first and only dentist in Western Australia who holds the distinction of Digital Smile Design Mastership. Meanwhile, Dr. Zhinus has been working in this particular area for 10 years while at the same time tutoring dental students at the University of Western Australia. They offer various services, such as: DSD, teeth whitening, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, porcelain veneers, check ups and cleaning, and dermal / facial injectables.

Those who are interested in an Applecross dentist can check out their website. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Mondays and Fridays; from 8:00 am to 8:00 p on Tuesdays and Thursdays; from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Wednesdays; and from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.

Best Gifts for Motorcyclists as Picked by Their Expert Riders from Moto Est.

Moto Est., an Australian motorcycle community and brand based in Collingwood, VIC, Australia, is pleased to announce that they are recommending some of the best gifts for motorcyclists as suggested by their expert riders. At number one is the motorcycle helmet hanger from Trip Machine. This helmet hanger will not only allow a rider to display the helmet proudly but it will also keep the helmet safe from scratches and being knocked around if it is left just lying around. In addition, it can also be used for hanging a jacket, keys, gloves, and other gear so that they are in one place and easy to find.


This helmet hanger can easily be mounted on the wall using two screws that are also provided. It has been designed such that there is sufficient space between the back of the helmet and the wood base and they are handcrafted from matte black iron, premium leather, and antique finished wood. Key features include: matte black iron support; vintage premium leather support pad; antique finished wood base; dimensions of 18 x 5 inches; the fact that I can easily be mounted using two screws provided; twin spanner design hook; and the fact that it is handmade in Haryana, India by moto enthusiasts.

At number two is the Trip Machine backpack pannier / saddle bag.


This is a classic tobacco roll top backpack pannier and saddle bag combo that is made from heavy duty vegetable tanned leather and is designed to withstand years of use and even abuse. It can easily be mounted on or off the motorcycle, providing riders with peace of mind in knowing that their valuables are safe inside. Key features include: roll top design; adjustable backpack straps; 100% vegetable tanned leather; dimensions of 18 x 10 x 5 inches (when rolled); capacity of 14-15 litres; pocket at the back to tuck in backpack straps when used as a pannier; laptop compartment and detachable pocket bag; short and long pannier clips to suit the motorbike; weight of approx. 1.5 kg; availability in several colours; and the fact that it was handmade in Haryana, India by moto enthusiasts.

At number 3 is the matching magnetic tank pouch from Trip Machine. This motorcycle tank pouch is designed for carrying all riding essentials in style, such as gloves, keys, bandanna, wallet, etc. It can be place on the tank when riding and it can be hooked to one’s belt when one is off the bike. Key features include: dimensions of 18 x 14 x 5 cms; powerful magnets to stick to tank; 100% vegetable tanned leather; magnetic closure; the fact that it was handmade in Haryana, India by moto enthusiasts; belt hook; and availability in several colours.

In fourth place is the Sheilas stubby holder. Next is the Thelma black bandanna. At number 6 is the Spark Tee t-shirt; This is followed by Liberta Moto Gear motorcycle gloves. And at eighth place is the Will and Free jacket. Also included in the list of best gifts for motorcyclists are the Moto Est. gift cards. This gift card may be in the form of a physical gift card or an e-gift card. Each gift card is worth $25.

Established in 2016 as Motor Femmes, which specialized then on fun and feminine motorcycle gear, the company evolved into Moto Establishment (Moto Est.) that offers gear for both women and men. While they continue to have a strong focus on the specific needs of women with regards to motorcycling, they now also have an inclusive offering of a full range of men’s motorcycle gear and apparel. Their products are mostly available online, which means they have accurate sizing charts and they can provide fast shipping. They opened the Moto Femmes showroom in May 2019 but they continue to maintain their online presence. The showroom turned out to be a huge hit because it provides the locals and visitors a way to meet personally, check out the available gear, and feel that they are a member of the Melbourne bike community.

People who would like to know more about Moto Est. can visit their website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

E-Web Marketing Stresses Importance of Online Reputation Marketing for Small Businesses

E-Web Marketing, a Sydney SEO agency based in Chatswood, NSW, Australia, that offers online marketing services for various kinds of businesses, wants to stress the value of online reputation management for small businesses. In a 2018 study by TripAdvisor where they asked travel business owners and operators in the US and all over the world about key industry trends, 97 percent stated that online reputation management is essential for their business. It was also found that 98 percent were concerned about online reviews and 92 percent about social presence.

Meanwhile, in a case study on the effect of an online reputation management service for a consumer-facing company with various locations all over the US, it was observed that while the control group experienced a slight decline in sales of around 6 percent during the trial period, the managed group experienced an increase in average star rating of 0.9 stars and this translated into a significant increase in sales of around 14 percent. This was a bit better than the findings of a Harvard Business Review study where an increase in one “star” in the average rating of a company can result into a 5 to 9 percent rise in revenues.

online reputation management by E-Web Marketing

Sam Shetty, CEO for E-Web Marketing, says, “Gone are the days where businesses could get away with shaping their reputation solely through advertising and word of mouth. Consumers are increasingly in a position of power and can provide real-time, public feedback on review sites, social media forums and other channels. They also seek proof from independent sources, such as Facebook and Yelp, before purchasing a product or engaging with a service. At E-Web Marketing, we are aware of the significant importance of online reputation and have developed our own online reputation management suite — a log-in platform that allows you to monitor and improve your online brand.”

The digital marketing agency has invested in a software platform that allows their clients, such as marketers and business owners, to keep track of their online reputation and also do something to improve it. Users can login to a management system where they can take a look at the current state of their online reputation and at the same time, the system provides tools and strategies to improve on that.

The software does its function by crawling the web and a huge number of popular review websites and platforms in order to assess the current sentiment that people have regarding the brand or business. The software aggregates the data collected and presents them using a high level overview. In order for the business owner or marketer to improve the brand’s online reputation, the software allows the drafting of a message that is sent out to the business’ customer base requesting that they review the business. An important benefit is that if the feedback is negative, the business owner or marketer can privately view the review without the negative comments being viewed by the public. They can learn from the feedback and use it to improve on their product or service. On the other hand, if the review is positive, the user is urged to continue and add that review to the publicly accessible online resources, such as the Google Business listings.

Blake Smith, Digital Strategist at E-Web Marketing, says, “It can seem scary as a business knowing that your consumers have so much power to communicate with each other about the services or products that you offer and dramatically change each other’s opinions. However, this also presents a great opportunity for businesses who are willing to learn about online reputation and use it to their advantage; simultaneously improving their offering and the sentiment of customers towards them. We can help through our reputation management services.”

Established in 1998, E-Web Marketing has grown into an award-winning company that has proven to be useful for 3,000 global and national organisations in assisting them in substantially increasing their website traffic, brand awareness, lead conversions. They have set as their goal to assist businesses in enhancing their digital presence through the use of targeted strategies that help them save money in their online marketing efforts.

People who would like to further understand the importance of online reputation management to small-businesses can check out the E-Web Marketing website or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Online Reputation Management Vital to Your Business Says Sydney Agency E-Web Marketing

Since 1988, Sydney-based digital marketing agency E-Web Marketing has been helping businesses improve their online presence. The company puts all of its many years of experience to work helping its clients come up with well-rounded digital marketing strategies. This includes taking steps to help its clients improve their all-important online reputation, an area that can significantly harm a company’s business if it's not seen favorably.

E-Web Marketing CEO, Sam Shetty, says, “One of the most overlooked aspects to any company’s digital marketing strategy is online reputation management. That should never be the case because a poor reputation can significantly impact the sales of goods and services. It’s the reason why we also have strategies in place to improve our client companies’ online reputation, maintain them once they have been built up, and to quickly repair a client’s online reputation if an event takes place that harms it.”

online reputation management service by E-Web Marketing

Shetty went on to say that one of the reasons that they place such a strong emphasis on online reputation management is because consumers operate in the digital realm more than ever before and a driving force in that realm is social media. There used to be a time when a company could survive an incident that lowered its reputation because there were ways to make sure that even was kept mostly in-house. Social media has changed all of that because any type of negative publicity that makes a company’s reputation take a hit can quickly go viral and be seen by significant numbers of consumers. He stated that’s why it’s so important for digital marketing services like theirs to always take steps to improve and monitor their client companies’ digital reputation. They also have the necessary experience to quickly take action if a client company’s digital reputation is harmed by a well-publicized incident that sheds an unfavorable light on that business.

Hasnain Harawala, Digital Strategist at the company, added that many of their clients are surprised at how impactful online reputation management by E-Web Marketing can be. He said this aspect of a digital marketing campaign always starts with helping a client understand the current status of how their customers and potential customers view the business and the sentiment regarding their brand. Once a client has been given an honest overview of this aspect of their business, they can better understand the areas of their online reputation that need improvement.

Shetty says "one of the best things we have done to help our clients maintain a favorable online impression with their customers is to invest in a software platform that clients’ have access to which. Itenables them to better monitor, maintain, and improve their reputation online."

The software helps a company better own its online reputation in several ways. That includes allowing them to be able to draft and send out communications that ask customers to review the business and to receive that information in a way that negative information never goes public. A company representative said they are always prepared to discuss with current and prospective clients how they can help them maintain a solid reputation online.

This company’s efforts in online reputation management and other digital marketing areas have led it to receive many positive reviews from satisfied clients. Tim Cullen stated, “We spoke with E-Web 5-months into starting our company. Hasnain was extremely helpful and took the time to understand our business and our strategy. Immediately after implementing the marketing strategy, we started seeing genuine leads. Could not be happier with the service E-Web provides us each month. Highly recommend.” Jeremiah Hartmann wrote, “My experience with the whole team at E-Web Marketing has been exceptional, genuine, and sincere. They have provided my business with the knowledge and advise in helping me make the best steps to continually build my online profile. I have attended many of their in-house training sessions and they have proven their worth as true experts in the field of web marketing.” In addition to these positive reviews, new customer Michael Sallama proclaimed, “Sam and his team are very knowledgeable. They explain each step in their digital marketing process in a way that’s very clear for us to understand. I highly recommend.”

More information on E-Web Marketing’s online reputation and other digital marketing services can be obtained by calling them, sending them an email, or by filling out and sending in the contact form on its website.

Sydney Home Builder's Design Provides Ultimate Work-Life Balance with Zoom Zone

Bellriver Homes, a home builder in Sydney, NSW, has developed what they call the Zoom Zone, which is a part of a home that allows people who work from home to achieve the ultimate work-life balance. It is a specially designed part of the home that will help a person focus better at home by providing an ergonomic, connected, and acoustic work from home experience. It is a dedicated work from home space that has been specially designed for conference calls.

The first home in New South Wales to have this feature was a Hunter Valley home by Bellriver Homes. This has four bedrooms, a double garage, two bathrooms, an alfresco living area, walk-in pantry, and that special space for work from people conferencing. This work from home space is situated off the hallway and has a small storage area and it is provided with its own window and door. Some people thought the space was too small, arguing that it is practically a closet and not an office. But some people were positive and realized how such a space can greatly help them, especially when Zoom videoconferencing has become a common part of work life because of COVID-19 forcing people to work from home.

Zoom Zone workstation

It turned out that the Zoom Zone became so successful as more people realized how it can help them when they do videoconferencing while working at home. Thus, Bellriver Homes now offers this feature for a range of house plans and home designs.

Bellriver Homes introduced this feature because there are certain disadvantages for people who are working from home. Possible problems include ergonomics issues, noise and distractions, well-being issues, poor light, connectivity problems, and space demarcation issues.

Included in the "Zoom Zone" provided by Bellriver Homes is the supply and installation of a floating Polytec Matt Laminate bench; the supply and installation of Laminex surround classic feature wall behind the benchtop; and free zoom zone colour and design consultation. For those who want it, they can also provide an upgrade that consists of: a magnetic whiteboard; Woven image EchoPanel, which is a sustainable acoustic finish; and a vertical garden from Artificial Plant Shop. Overall, the Zoom Zone provides a better solution for working from home with better ergonomics, acoustics, natural light, better connectivity, functional work space, and better privacy.

Meanwhile, Bellriver Homers has more than 100 reviews on with an overall rating of 4.3 out of five stars, which means most of the customer reviews are five-star reviews. In one of their latest reviews, Ugcroy gave them a five-star rating and said, “Presently doing land and house package with Bellriver homes. I would say I am very lucky to get a package through Sharon at Bellriver Oran Park office. From the moment I contacted her about a package, she treated me with respect, friendliness, and good active listening personality. During our meeting at their office, Sharon considered what I want in a quality home and helped me with good ideas and options that suits my budget. She's very patient, genuine, and honest and always happy to go extra miles in ensuring customer satisfaction. As this is my third time building, I am very confident Bellriver will exceed my expectations with their quality construction and as a trusted builder. So far, I have no regrets dealing with them and I will recommend them to friends.”

Founded in 1993, Bellriver Homes has been constructing homes in NSW for over 27 years, across Sydney, Hunter, the Illawarra, Central Coast, and the Central West. Over the years, they have developed a good reputation because of their integrity and the kind of service they provide. They will make sure that an independent certified property inspection is done at important milestones during the construction process to determine if the quality of the home is as expected. Customers can choose from over 150 house and land packages, or Bellriver Homes can construct a new home on land that is owned by the customer.

People who would like to know more about the zoom zone by Bellriver Homes can check out their website at, or contact them via phone or email. People can also subscribe to the Bellriver Homes YouTube channel.

Dental Treatment Halves the Risk of Premature Births for Pregnant Women with Gum Disease

Pregnant women with untreated gum inflammation are far more likely to have preterm deliveries, or give birth to babies with low weight.

New research from the University of Sydney shows that even mild gum inflammation (gingivitis) can trigger premature births, but suitable dental treatment halves this risk.

Dr Alistair Graham and the team at Mona Vale Dental

This is welcome news for around 70 per cent of expectant mothers who develop gingivitis during pregnancy – due to hormonal changes, sugar cravings and frequent vomiting.

More than 1,000 patients from three randomised control trials were involved in the study, which was recently published in the Journal of Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry.

“Our study shows that if gum inflammation is treated during pregnancy, the risk of a baby being born preterm is reduced by approximately 50 percent, or the birthweight increases around 100 grams in babies born with low birth weight," said senior author Professor Joerg Eberhard, Chair of Lifespan Oral Health at the University of Sydney School of Dentistry.

"In fact, the risk was halved if the mother had good oral health, which is a compelling finding.”

Most people don’t realise that untreated oral infection can cause or worsen inflammation in other parts of the body, and even reach the placenta.

The good news is that gingivitis can be easily reversed before it progresses to periodontitis (severe gum disease). Treatment usually involves deep-cleaning, mouth rinses and antibiotics for more serious infections.

But there’s a challenge: many women avoid visiting the dentist while pregnant – when they need it most – because they mistakenly believe that all dental treatments are unsafe during gestation.

Dr Alistair Graham from Mona Vale Dental says bleeding gums is a common symptom for his pregnant patients, who are often shocked when he points out the whole body can be affected by gum disease.

“My patients want the best for their unborn babies, unfortunately they’re usually in the dark about the dangers of gingivitis, because there isn’t enough public health awareness about this preventable and treatable condition during pregnancy,” Dr Graham said.

He’s particularly concerned about pregnant women with a medical condition called hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). Some women with HG may vomit more than 30 times a day. Gastric acid from frequent vomiting erodes tooth enamel and heightens the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

“It’s not uncommon for expectant mothers with hyperemesis gravidarum to go for weeks, even months, without brushing their teeth,” Dr Graham said.

“The simple act of using a toothbrush or mouthwash can cause gagging, making cleaning impossible.”

Early treatment is vital for all pregnant women with gingivitis, to give their baby the best start to life. Even better is to prevent gum inflammation from occurring in the first place, by being extra diligent about dental hygiene.

Dr Graham created the Ultimate Guide to Dental Care while Pregnant to raise awareness about the dangers of gingivitis for unborn babies. He also covers common dental problems during gestation, symptoms to look out for, treatment options, pregnancy-safe painkillers, natural remedies and oral hygiene tips for women who are too nauseous to brush their teeth normally.

“One tip is to brush your back teeth before cleaning the rest of your mouth, which allows you to avoid the taste buds on your tongue for as long as possible,” he said.

He’s urging all pregnant women to clean their teeth as best as they can in the circumstances, and to visit their dentist at the first signs of gum inflammation or tooth decay.

“A strong oral hygiene routine can go a long way towards improving your pregnancy outcomes, but even if you have oral inflammation, this can be successfully treated without harming your unborn baby.”

Ascot Vale Tax Advisors Explain What Small Businesses Need From An Accountant

EW Partners, an accounting firm based in Melbourne, Australia, is taking steps to identify the most necessary qualities a tax advisor must have on behalf of their community. The firm believes that having the right tax advisor can legally reduce and eliminate taxes.

To any working individual, taxes are an inevitable part of life. It is worth noting there are plenty of strategies that advisors can implement to legally reduce and eliminate taxes. Entrepreneurs, business owners and investors may have an upper hand when it comes to taxes as well, as tax law provides many incentives for these specific categories. There are some qualities that anyone should expect in a tax advisor, however. The first is having an advisor who uses a specific system to reduce taxes.

A knowledgeable tax advisor will know that at least 90% of pages of tax laws are dedicated to helping citizens reduce their taxes. This means that rather than claiming the standard deductions, they will have the knowledge and tools to help create and implement strategies that permanently reduce or eliminate taxes — and help their clients maintain their long-term wealth. An advisor who is skilled in this approach will analyze a client’s business or portfolio to create a custom tax strategy, as opposed to simply handling the client’s return files.

Another great trait in an advisor is if they are not overly wary of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Audits are never ideal, but they do happen, and the advisors at EW Partners are always ready to take them on for their client. During an audit, a client should feel confident in leaving all ATO communication to their advisor. One can even ask for examples of how they have handled audits in the past to have a better understanding of how the advisor works. A good advisor will also make it a point to educate clients about the tax laws in Victoria. Rather than only guiding a client to make the best decisions, good advisors will take it upon themselves to teach their clients the law so that they understand everything to do with the process. A great advisor will know that there are business and investment decisions that can and will impact a client’s tax burden. A client having more knowledge to make smart decisions means a decrease in their taxes, a more successful business and, in the end, benefits an advisor as well as they have more work to do.

Finally, a good advisor will want to know everything about their client. In order to be able to create the most effective strategy, an advisor must know the ins and outs of a client’s business. For those who wonder why their personal life may play a role in the taxes from their business, it is worth noting that the two actually go hand in hand. Factors such as a client's relationship with their family, their investments and more can all play a part in their ultimate tax strategy. When going to an advisor for accounting and tax advice, they must make sure that advisor knows all the important and seemingly mundane details of their life too.

Professional tax advisors take a systematic approach to accounting

Edward Wang, Partner at EW Partners explains "Our Ascot Vale accounting firm provides advice on the financial health of a business. Our accountants are all ICAA, IPA or CPA Australia certified, so our clients are assured that their finances are in excellent hands."

The EW Partners accountants can provide their clients with a wide range of services, including providing advice on the financial health of a business, reviewing profit and loss statements, and of course, ensuring that taxes are paid on time. The firm can also help clients with troubleshooting cash flow problems, chasing unpaid invoices, providing financial advice and auditing the financial health of their respective businesses. A client need not worry when working with an EW advisor, as they will ensure that taxes are lodged correctly and on time and all obligations are followed and will help clients with long-term strategy and growth planning. The accountants at EW are all ICAA, IPA or CPA Australia certified, so clients can rest assured that their finances are in excellent hands. The firm is also a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (RICS). This membership provides the accountants with the knowledge, training and experience that they need in order to provide their clients with the best advice and support possible.

To learn more about EW Partners - Accountants and Tax Advisors, interested parties may visit the firm’s official website. The firm can also be contacted via phone or email.

Lane Cove Rated Most Livable City in Sydney in 2021 Liveability Census

Lane Cove, Sydney, Australia: A survey of more than 30,000 people around Australia, including 10,766 in NSW, found Lane Cove had a liveability score of 76 out of 100, compared to the national average of 68.

The score of 76 made Lane Cove the top rated suburb in Sydney.

Lane Cove Council voted most liveable city in Sydney by its residents

The 2021 Australian Liveability Census, conducted between March and June this year by Place Score, is Australia’s largest community-led social research project.

The 2021 report found Lane Cove Council was given the highest score (76) by its residents for its sustainable urban design, but it was marked down for ease of driving and parking.

Place Score chief executive Kylie Legge said the survey found a strong preference for neighbourhoods to be more walkable and less dominated by cars. People wanted more green space and safer, well-maintained public spaces.

“Ease of driving and parking is neither highly valued by the community, when compared to all the other things we need to make liveable neighbourhoods, nor is it a priority,” Ms Legge said.

The survey also found the COVID-19 crisis led people to place more value on nature and access to neighbourhood amenities, but less importance to ease of driving and parking.

"I can see why Lane Cove is rated so highly. As a professional arborist, I do a lot of tree removal in Lane Cove and I'm always impressed by the amenities, parks, and nature throughout the suburb," agrees Abdul, owner of Sydney Tree Company.

For more information about the Liveability Census or to order the 2021 State of Place Report visit the Place Score website at

Lane Cove Tree Removal is a Focus Area for Sydney Tree Company Arborists

Sydney Tree Company, a tree removal company based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, is happy to announce that they are offering their services to residents of Lane Cove, a suburb located on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. This suburb is found just nine kilometres northwest of the Sydney CBD. As such, the company offers various tree services, including tree cutting, tree pruning, tree surgery, tree health, tree stumping, and tree removal to commercial, residential, and government departments in Lane Cove.

This tree service company is highly rated with an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google after almost 100 customer reviews. For instance, Lisa M. gave them a five star rating and said, “Best job - highly professional, quick, cleaned up everything and took it away. We had a tree that was being strangled in ivy and was dying. They safely got rid of the ivy while saving our beloved tree. They were there the same day we called. Could not be happier and highly recommend.”

Tree removal in Lane Cove by Sydney Tree Company

“One of the important areas in Sydney that we’ve decided to focus on is Lane Cove because of how notoriously hazardous the trees are in this suburb for businesses and homeowners,” says Abdul, a spokesperson for Sydney Tree Company. “Furthermore, Lane Cove is a place that shares a strong relation with its trees, either we are talking about social well-being, attracting people and visitors to the area, and increasing property values. For this reason, Sydney Tree Company is committed to providing a family-like service at ‘mate’s rates’ (great prices).”

The arborists from Sydney Tree Company can help rescue trees using tree surgery or by performing selective pruning rather than tree removal whenever possible. This is because they choose to be a responsible ecological company, thus always choosing to minimize the effect of their tree activities on the environment. They would be pleased to discuss with the homeowner or property owner the possible alternatives to the total removal of trees with the goal of allowing customers to have a safe and healthy environment.

Meanwhile, Sydney Tree Company in Lane Cove can provide tree pruning, which is often necessary for mature trees in order get rid of dead and dying branches as a way to keep the tree healthy and to minimize risks for people. This kind of pruning is called “cleaning.” They will also remove certain live branches as a way to decrease density and substantially reduce wind resistance and potential damage during a storm. Tree pruning is also vital to ensure the tree branches are proportional. The selective elimination of branches, roots, or buds can help in enhancing tree health and minimizing the risk of falling branches. The arborists have the necessary knowledge and experience in determining the kind of pruning that is required for a particular tree.

Tree removal is a challenging and time consuming task and can be very dangerous. The skilled workers from Sydney Tree Company will always try to avoid tree removal whenever possible by helping keep the trees healthy and strong. However, bad location, disease, and storm damage can make it necessary to remove a particular tree.

They also offer tree stumping to get rid of old tree stumps. They offer stump grinding where they get rid of the stump and surrounding roots substantially below the surface of the surrounding area to permit the addition of grass and ground covering and entirely remove any signs of the stumps that can be an eye sore in the yard.

Established more than 17 years ago, Sydney Tree Company is a family owned business composed of experienced arboriculturists, who are tree surgeons and managers. They employ the most up to date dismantling methods, machinery, rigging equipment, and power tools to efficiently and safely cut down and remove trees. Nothing is too difficult or too high to be removed safely and they are qualified to work around high and low voltage wires, at heights higher than 20 meters, and in the rail corridor.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Sydney Tree Company can check out their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

New Home Builders in Sydney & NSW Announce Choose Luxury Promotion

NSW new home builders Bellriver Homes has announced its Choose Luxury Promotion for customers who choose Bellriver to build their new home. This particular promotion offers an Upgrade Package where the customer only pays $3,990 for $36,000 worth of value in products. It has various components, such as the Comfort Package Upgrade, Deluxe Kitchen Upgrade, Designer Bathroom Upgrade, Blissful Electrical Upgrade, Modern Security Upgrade, and Streamline External Upgrade.

Chad Sandeman, a spokesperson for the home builder, says, “With the Choose Luxury Promotion, customers can benefit from an exceptional upgrade of exclusive products to accompany your home with Australia’s leading brands, saving thousands off the price of your new establishment. Flowing, light-filled spaces. Superb build quality. Earthworks, council fees and connections. All of these and more are standard inclusions when you choose Bellriver to construct your new home. But perhaps you’d like to take it to the next level with the Choose Luxury Promotion. Opt for that extra touch of luxury to truly make your home your own.”

Choose Luxury promotion by Bellriver Homes

The Comfort Package Upgrade is worth $11,000 and is composed of: Taubman’s Endure 3 coat paint system; remote control to garage door; floor coverings throughout the home using carpet and timber laminate flooring; R2.0 wall insulation; Star Rating Rennai 26L continuous flow instantaneous gas hot water system; and R3.5 ceiling insulation.

The Deluxe Kitchen Upgrade is worth $6,000 and is made up of: Westinghouse 600mm stainless steel gas cooktop; Westinghouse 600mm stainless steel underbench oven; 20mm Caesarstone Stone benchtops to kitchen; soft closers to kitchen cabinetry; overhead cupboards to kitchen as per design; Westinghouse Stainless steel Canopy Rangehood; fully tiled splashback to underside of overhead cupboards; Dorf Viridian pull-down spring kitchen mixer; built-in kitchen bulkheads above kitchen cabinetry; and double bowl inset kitchen sink.

The Designer Bathroom Upgrade offered by Bellriver Homes is valued at $3,000 and is composed of the: vitreous China wall faced toilet closed couple toilet suite with soft closer seat; Clark Round freestanding bath; Australian designed & built vanity unites with fully integrated streamline acrylic basin and benchtop; Clark Round bath outlet (chrome) tapware to bath; Clark Round Rail pin multi-function shower rail; and Clark Round Pin (chrome) tapware to vanity.

The Blissful Electrical Upgrade is worth $500 and is composed of: Long batten light to garage; USB point to kitchen; and Ball Light fittings throughout the home to each room plus porch and alfresco.

The Modern Security Upgrade is worth $1,000 and is made up of the: Feature Chrome Gainsborough Door lock sets to privacy areas internally; Feature Chrome Gainsborough Front entrance set keyed alike to laundry door; and Security alarm system with up to 4 sensors and siren, touchscreen keypad.

The Streamlined External Upgrade is worth $14,500 and is composed of: Roofing upgrade - choice of Monier roof tile upgrade to Horizon flat profile or Colorbond roof with Anticon comfort blanket; Coloured Concrete Driveway; and Termite resistant treated framing system with 90mm internal and external wall thickness.

There are various home designs to choose from. These include the: Abbottsford with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 2 car parking space; Arcadea with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 car parking space; Avalon wih 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 2 car parking space; Bronte with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 2 car parking space; Fernhill with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 3 car parking space, Glenmore with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1 car parking space; and more.

Established in 1993, Bellriver Homes has been erecting homes in NSW for more than 27 years, across Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter, the Illawarra, and the Central West. Throughout the years, they have come to be known for their integrity and service. They ensure that an independent certified property inspection is performed at certain important milestones in the construction process to provide the assurance of quality completion. More than 150 designs of Home and Land packages are available for customers to choose from. Or they can build a home on the land owned by the customer.

Those who are interested in learning more about the new home upgrade promotion by Bellriver Homes can visit their website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

Display Home In Warnervale, Hamlyn Terrace, NSW Opened by Bellriver Homes

Bellriver Homes is proudly showcasing a sample home built in one of its premier styles in Warnervale, Hamlyn Terrace, NSW, Australia.

Bellriver Homes, one of Australia’s most sought-after builders, offers a unique approach to design and styling that seems to be resonating with its clientele all over the country. The company offers its clients the opportunity to customize their home with a number of facade and external options and even gives them some amount of floor plan flexibility. The company is now using the same approach to provide residents of Hamlyn Terrace and those looking to make the suburb their new home with an extensive choice of designs that are sure to appeal to the tastes of even the most discerning home buyers. Its sample home in Warnervale is built in the style of the Somerton collection which includes new and fresh versions of some of its most popular designs.

Somerton home design by Bellriver Homes

A spokesperson for the company talks about its Warnervale display home by saying, “For the Somerton collection, we went back to the drawing board with our highly experienced and capable design team and tasked them to revisit the designs that have already shown proven broad acceptability and appeal. We then challenged our team to improve their liveability in every sense of the word. We wanted to stack the designs by modernizing them with the most contemporary, as well as the minute features that will surely stand out to those with an eye for detail. The end result speaks for itself as we have managed to create a range of upgraded classics that simply stand out on their own while preserving the same sense of homeliness and familiarity. They are all generous in size and are perfect for the active family. If you’re after something which caters to your idea of a dream home, you will surely appreciate our approach that aims to provide a home solution that meets your lifestyle requirements. Come celebrate the opening of our Bellriver Homes Central Coast Display Centre, and visit the newly furnished home in the sought-after location, Warnervale, today.”

The Somerton collection features 7 different floorplans (numbered 24, 257, 282, 298, 338, 344, and 350) all of which are designed for maximum liveability. These contemporary designs have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a 2 car garage. The 7 different floorplans have a choice of numerous facades such as Ambervale, Avoca, Balmoral, Bedford, Braeside, Brighton, Chambery, Claremont, Classico, Comono, Illuka, Lennox, Melton, Milan, Montpellier, Oxford, Provence, Romano, San Remo, Verandah, and Vogue. Those looking to get a feel for the homes can head over to its website and view a 3d walkthrough of the home. The 3D walkthrough is digitally stitched together using actual photos, giving the user an experience that is as close as possible to an actual site visit. Visitors can also download the individual floorplans from the website to examine them at their own leisure.

Bellriver Homes’s brand new design and fa├žade range is largely the work of two of the most renowned and highly respected architects in Sydney. One is a multiple MBA and HIA award-winning architect who specializes in classically beautiful designs and has done work for many celebrity clients in the Dural region. The second architect specializes in modern architecture and most of his work is in the Mosman and Northern beaches area. He is heavily influenced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Every design is available in standard form or mirror reverse so that it can be orientated to suit the block and the sun. Most of the Country designs are the work of legendary country designer Pamela Wilkinson from Mudgee, NSW.

The Warnervale display home is located at 161 Warnervale Road, Hamlyn Terrace, NSW 2259. The display home is open from 10 AM to 5 PM, 7 days a week. Readers can contact either Jason Priest (0491 029 876) or Steve Briant (0450 828 981) to ask about the display home’s details or to set up a site visit.