Hacks To Save Money On Family Holidays by Australian Business Weekly

Australian Business Weekly is advising families on how to make the most of their planned vacation for the upcoming school holiday season without spending too much money.

As Australian families prepare to take their young ones on adventures all over the Oceanic landscape, following a few simple tips can help them maximize their enjoyment while also being carefree about the trip’s expenses. The first order of business is to ascertain the dates of the Spring school holidays as they vary by province. For example, NSW schoolchildren will be on vacation from 26th September to 7th October while those in Tasmania will be free to spend time with their families from 3rd October to 14th October.

Planning well in advance and making travel reservations during off-peak periods are going to be key cost-savers. Flight tickets and accommodation reservations will spike up when the holiday season nears, leaving those who waited too long to schedule an itinerary at a disadvantage. This planning should not just be limited to travel and hotel bookings but can also help families save money on activities.

The top 5 online portals in Australia for travel and leisure, according to SimilarWeb.com, are Booking.com, Qantas.com, TripAdvisor.com.au, JetStar.com, and AirBnB.com.au. Vacation planners are encouraged to bookmark these websites and regularly visit them to spot the occasional deals that can reduce the cost for the entire trip. Serviced apartments, such as those offered by Airbnb, are a great option for families who don’t mind spending time doing some basic chores to save big. Another option is going for budget Australian hotel chains such as Travelodge, IBIS, Golden Chain, and Choice Hotels.

Vacationers will also be tempted to go shopping when they are out and about. A spokesperson for the national business magazine explains the golden rule of saving money while vacationing by saying, “One of the best money hacks to save on a family holiday is to know what your money is going towards. To make sure that you don’t spend more than what is absolutely necessary, have a budget ready at the start of the trip. Once you have a budget, track your spending closely to determine if you are going off course. If you end up saving money when the trip is nearly over, you can even reward yourself with a souvenir to get reminded of the great time you had with your loved ones. Unless you track your spending, you will either part ways with more money than what you are comfortable with, or you will miss out on some great experiences that you could have easily afforded. We recommend downloading apps onto your phone to see where the money is being spent. The best budgeting apps in Australia include Frollo, Goodbudget, Spriggy, and MoneyBrilliant.”

Australian Business Weekly also advises families to be shrewd about packing for the trip. The magazine points to tips offered by beauty and lifestyle blogger Melissa Jayne on her blog. Melissa is a big proponent of making detailed lists of all the necessities. This includes clothes that match the weather and activities at the destination, toiletries, and essential items such as cell phones with chargers and international plugs, medications, and passports. Forgetting to pack must-have items for the strip will lead to undue expenses that could have been avoided.

Melissa also asks families to set aside some time to rest between different legs of the trip as children need some downtime to avoid burning out. Vacation activities should also be evenly split between high-intensity ones and opportunities to just lay back and soak in the destination’s vibes. This may mean heading to the beach to rejuvenate after a whole day of something strenuous such as white-water rafting.

Australian Business Weekly provides news, analysis, and opinion on the latest developments in areas such as business, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, taxation, trade, infrastructure development, corporate governance, and economics in Australia. It also regularly features interviews with high-profile business leaders and policymakers.

Digital Burst Offering Many A Responsive Web Design Package Options

Chatswood, NSW based digital marketing company Digital Burst is offering a range of web design packages to their community. The company has been especially dedicated to helping small businesses through a range of targeted and affordable digital marketing services.

Pulling from more than two decades of experience in digital marketing, the company employs a team that can build their clients the website of their dreams without going over budget or failing to meet deadlines. As a well-established branch of E-Web Marketing, a reputable company that works with many businesses on a contract basis (and which even runs a number of services for government grants), the Sydney-based marketing agency is able to offer high quality stand-alone services so that even the smallest businesses can afford to get noticed online. However, they do offer specialized web design packages that can cater to specific needs.

These packages come in four distinct categories: Informational Based Site, E-Commerce Site, Shopify Website and Web Support. Informational Based site packages are targeted for clients who want to build a website that simply displays information — this can include a variety of articles, blog posts and more. E-Commerce site packages offer clients a custom-built e-commerce website where they can sell their products and services, whereas the Shopify Website website package leverages the Shopify framework to provide a similar online storefront. Finally, Web Support packages offer a range of support options for websites. Within these separate web design packages, Digital Burst offers a tiered system — Lite, Standard and Premium. These packages are designed to ensure that any client can get exactly what they need for their business.

Blake Smith of Digital Burst says, “Digital Burst has worked with over a 100 clients in more than 3000 projects, and we have been able to deliver satisfactory results across them all. The work we do is driven by hard data and research, and our Sydney-based team knows how best to integrate online and offline strategies to generate more conversions, leads and sales. Our targeted approach saves clients thousands of dollars, and we want to make that service available for more clients, for more businesses, so that they can achieve the levels of success they deserve too.”

Digital Burst uses tried-and-tested workflow methodology to assure the best results. After a research and analysis stage, they create a dedicated plan to design the website. Once the designing and wireframing process is done, they work on content creation, further code development, and testing the website across multiple mediums. Once the base website has been created, it then goes through a quality assurance process before launch. Before the website is handed over to the clients, Digital Burst also offers them the necessary training to be able to handle the site. These methods are employed across all of the company’s website design packages.

Digital Burst and its parent company E-Web Marketing have provided excellent services for their clients, and the evidence is clear in their reviews. In a 5-Star review for E-Web Marketing, Tim Cullen writes “We spoke with E-Web five months into starting our company. Hasnain was extremely helpful and took the time to understand our business and our strategy. Immediately after implementing the marketing strategy we started seeing genuine leads. Could not be happier with the service E-Web provides us each month. I highly recommend it.”

Another client writes, “E-Web is for you, If you're starting a business or just want to learn more about web marketing. The CEO is amazing. Not only does he care about your business, he will truly give you advice and suggestions to create brand awareness. The staff are well educated in areas that can empower you to work on marketing platforms that seem overwhelming. You can rest assured E-Web will take on all the marketing needs you require as if it was their own business.”

Those who want to learn more information about Digital Burst or their range of digital marketing services should visit the company’s official website to get started. Blake Smith encourages interested parties to get in touch with the company via email or phone. The digital marketing company also maintains a presence on several social media platforms.

SEO Friendly Website Design Packages a Great Option for Sydney businesses

Australian web design and digital marketing company Digital Burst is offering clients affordable web design packages to get their business’s website up and running.

The Sydney-based company is a branch of E-Web Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency that works with businesses on a contract basis and even runs services for government grants. It has over 17 years of experience in helping businesses get an online presence, growing it to create authority within their industry, and driving traffic that translates to real sales either online or for their retail locations. With over 18 employees in its Sydney-based team, the company has an exhaustive track record of completing over 3000 projects for more than 100 clients all over Australia and the rest of the world.

The company’s spokesperson Blake Smith talks about why it has everything to cater to a small business’s online marketing needs by saying, “Small businesses have to walk a tightrope between spending the precious capital they have on marketing and growing their business’s other capabilities. They don’t usually have the resources to sustain multi-year digital marketing campaigns but they still need to dip their toes in the pond to get started building a formidable online presence. At Digital Burst, as our name suggests, we have designed our services to be targeted and affordable to meet these small business needs. Moreover, we are backed up by the wealth of digital marketing and web development knowledge accrued over the years by E-Web Marketing, the driving force behind our company. E-Web Marketing has built a legacy of digital marketing excellence by persevering through countless web technology revolutions and search engine algorithm upgrades. With Digital Burst’s budget-oriented services, you get to reap those same benefits in short bursts. Regardless of how far you are in your online marketing journey, you can always count on us to take you to the next level.”

Digital Burst offers three types of web design packages as well as an add-on web support package. Each of the four types of packages also has three tiers namely Lite, Standard, and Premium, with different pricing for each tier. The three core web design packages include services tailored specifically for building information-based websites, eCommerce websites, and Shopify websites. Prices for all the packages are either split into monthly payments with setup fees or a one-time non-recurring fee.

The Info Website Package offers features such as a premium template-based design, pages, use of the WordPress CMS system, responsive web design across mobiles and tablets, self-editable pages via WordPress, blog integration, Google Recaptcha Forms, unlimited premium stock imagery, social media icon integration, revision rounds, web hosting, newsletter integration, setup of the business’s Google Properties page, a private 1-on-1 training session for clients, reliable and prompt phone, email, and chat support, and a dedicated account manager to coordinate all the services.

The eCommerce Website Package and Shopify Website Package also offer most of the features from the Info Website Package with a few more business- and website-specific functionalities bundled in. For example, the eCommerce Website Package offers WooCommerce – Shopping Cart integration, breadcrumb navigation, filtering and sorting product listings via categories, a search functionality, a dedicated customer login, a store management portal, the ability to add discount coupons, customized sale price displays, payment processor integration for credit card and PayPal payments, and SEO readiness. The Shopify Website Package offers similar features but is customized to make use of Shopify’s eCommerce platform.

Digital Burst’s Web Support Package offers features such as daily cloud-based backups, WordPress platform upgrades, WordPress plugin updates, website security checkups, 24/7 website monitoring, website speed optimization, heat map tracking, website development support, access to a real-time digital dashboard, and monthly reporting.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to make inquiries about Digital Burst’s range of website design packages can contact the company at (1300) 310-116 from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM AEST. Digital Burst also offers other digital marketing services such as SEO, Google Ads management, and Facebook Ads management.

Digital Burst Offers Affordable Web Design Packages to Small Businesses in Australia

Digital Burst, a web design and digital marketing agency based in Chatswood, NSW, Australia, is pleased to announce that they are offering web design packages. They design websites in just eight weeks and they ensure that these will grab people’s attention and result in increased sales. These web design packages are for various purposes and are suitable for all sizes of business. They offer three kinds of packages depending on the purpose of the website, whether it is informational based, an e-commerce site, or a Shopify website. They also provide web support and all of these come in three varieties: Lite, Standard, and Premium.

For the informational website, they offer the Lite, Standard and Premium website packages. All of these packages have the same features but differ in the number of pages and in the number of revision rounds, with the Lite package for 10 pages and 1 revision round, the Standard package with 20 pages and 2 revision rounds, and the Premium package with 30 pages and 2 revision rounds. The features of their web design package for info websites include: premium template based design; WordPress CMS system; mobile and tablet responsive website; self editable pages via WordPress; blog integration; Google recaptcha form; unlimited premium stock imagery; social media icon integration; web hosting; newsletter integration; Google properties setup; one on one training session; phone, email and chat support; and local dedicated account manager.

For e-commerce websites, they also offer the Lite, Standard, and Premium packages. The Lite package is for 5 pages and 10 products, one filtering and sorting category, and one revision round. The Standard package is for 10 pages and 20 products, two filtering and sorting categories, two revision rounds. The Premium package is for 20 pages and 50 products, three filtering and sorting categories, and two revision rounds. Features for e-commerce sites include: premium template based design; Wordpress CMS system; WooCommerce shopping cart; mobile and table responsive site; self editable pages via Wordpress; blog integration; breadcrumb navigation; Google recaptcha form; search functionality; dedicated customer login; store management portal; discount coupon; sale price - display; payment integration - credit card and Paypal; unlimited premium stock imagery; social media icon integration; web hosting for 12 months only for Premium package; newsletter integration; SEO ready service only for Premium package; one on one training session only for Lite and Premium packages; phone, email and chat support; and a local dedicated account manager.

They also have web design packages for businesses using Shopify, for businesses that prefer to use the Shopify platform. As a Shopify Partner, Digital Burst can connect to their clients Shopify websites securely so no passwords or logins need ot be exchanged. They also offer web support services. Included in their web support are: daily cloud based backup; Wordpress platform update; Wordpress plugin update; website security check up; 24/7 website monitoring; website speed optimisation for the Standard and Premium packages; heat map tracking for the Standard and Premium packages; website development support for 2 hours for Standard and 3 hours for Premium; real-time digital dashboard; monthly reporting; phone, email and chat support; and local dedicated account manager for Standard and Premium.

Customers can expect the website to become live in just eight weeks or even less, depending on how fast they are provided with the needed information for every stage. They specialise in the Wordpress CMS because it has the best features, is SEO-friendly, and it is the easiest to use for clients.

Digital Burst, which is based in Chatwood, NSW, was founded to serve specifically the needs of small businesses with limited budgets. As such, their focus is delivering “bursts” of services capable of standing alone while allowing effective improvements in brand recognition and profit for micro companies. With the support of the senior digital marketing experts and specialists from leading digital marketing agency E-Web Marketing, Digital Burst focuses on providing small but powerful changes in a company’s digital marketing strategy. Backed by 20 years of experience, they are committed to discovering powerful but affordable ways to transform a small company for more effective online marketing for the short-term and also for the distant future.

Those who need to get more details about their website design packages can visit the Digital Burst website at digitalburst.com.au or contact them via email.

Website Design Package Provider Explains Why a Site Is Not Showing Up in Google

Digital Burst, a web design and digital marketing agency based in Chatswood, NSW, Australia, has explained in a blog post why a website would not show up in Google. It is important to note that it typically requires a few days up to a few weeks for new content on a website to be indexed by Google and other search engines. However, some pages will never get automatically indexed by Google and other search engines or the indexing for those pages has been removed. The result is that the content can’t be seen by the search engines and people searching the web will not find them. The problem is that many business owners don’t even know that their web pages are not getting indexed by Google.

The first thing to do is to check if a particular web page is indexed on Google. To do this, one can open a new window in the browser in incognito mode and then type “site:page URL”. If the page has not been indexed, Google will state that the site URL did not match any documents. This can also be done using the Google Search Console. After opening the Google Search Console account, one will simply need to type in the exact URL to be inspected in the search bar at the top of the page. If the page isn’t indexed, it will provide the message “URL is not on Google” but if indexed, it will say, “URL is on Google.” It is also possible to find out which pages have not been indexed.

There are a number of typical reasons why a web page isn’t indexed on Google. First of all, the page has only been recently published. Google takes between four days and four weeks to index a page with the duration affected by several factors, such as: website size, level of site authority, site domain age, and quality of website content. New and bigger websites typically take longer to get indexed but it is possible to request Google to prioritize a particular website through the Google Search Console.

Another possible reason is that the page has been accidentally set to “no index” when publishing the site. It is possible that “no index” tags have been included in the code for the website, while uploading content. The solution is to look for those tags and remove them. A third reason is that the googlebot crawler is being blocked in the robots.txt file. The solution is to simply access the robots.txt file and make the necessary changes.

And finally, there is the possibility that the website has been penalised by Google. Google may remove the indexing of a particular page that has been found to breach its Quality Guidelines, spam links, or has broken other rules, whether it was intentional or not. A website that has been hacked, unfortunately, will also get penalised. It is possible to check if a website has been penalised by opening the Manual Actions report on the Google Search Console account. The report will indicate any issues that have been found. After the violation has been fixed and has been explained to Google, the penalty will likely be removed.

Established as a unique arm of digital marketing agency E-Web Marketing, Digital Burst has the goal of delivering “bursts” of services that can stand alone and are designed to help small businesses that want to make small changes in order to enhance brand recognition and profit. As such, Digital Burst makes use of the same specialists and powerful resources provided by the experts from E-Web. Focusing on small but powerful changes in a company’s digital marketing strategy, the experts at Digital Burst are committed to discovering powerful but affordable ways to transform the company, for both the short term and long term.

Those who want to get more information about online marketing, such as the reasons for a website not showing up in Google, can check out the Digital Burst website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

Pro Mech Truck And Forklift Offers Forklift Inspections to Melbourne and Victoria

Melbourne, Victoria based Pro Mech Truck & Forklift Services is recommending regular inspections on forklifts to ensure they function within all safety and efficiency margins. As the leading forklift preventative maintenance and servicing provider in Melbourne and Regional Victoria, the company has a strong understanding of what it takes to keep such equipment working in top condition — and what can happen if they are neglected for too long.

The company expands on this in a recent article, explaining that forklift owners or operators can generally see three distinct benefits as a result of regular inspections and maintenance. To begin with, inspections are an excellent opportunity to assess a forklift’s condition and catch any developing problems before they evolve into serious issues. An early catch, the company says, can be far easier to fix (and therefore much less expensive). In addition to saving money on the repair itself, the forklift will suffer less downtime, and the operator can rest assured that it will not suffer an unexpected breakdown at a deeply inopportune moment. Inspections can be scheduled, so this is unlikely to cut too deeply into their useful hours, if at all. Similarly, a regularly serviced forklift is more likely to enjoy an extended lifespan, allowing the owner to get more value out of their investment before it needs to be replaced. See more here: Melbourne's Leading Forklift Servicing Providers Recommend Regular Inspections.

t Pro Mech Truck and Forklift Services, we provide trusted and high quality forklift, truck & trailer servicing and repairs to businesses all across Victoria, Australia.

In the article, Pro Mech Truck & Forklift Services goes on to point out that, “Forklifts are tough machines that are built to last. However, like all machines, they require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure peak performance and longevity. But how often should you service your forklift?”

The answer, they say, “depends on a number of factors, including the make and model of your forklift, how often it’s used and what type of environment it’s used in. Generally speaking, most forklifts should be serviced at least once a year. However, if your forklift is used heavily or in a demanding environment (such as outdoors), you may need to service it more frequently.” Each forklift will have different tolerances and recommendations, so it is advisable that owners consult the manual that came with their forklift for the manufacturer’s recommendation. Alternatively, they may speak to a qualified technician — ideally who is familiar with the model in question — for more pertinent advice that takes its current usage and more into account.

A typical service will include both a routine checkup and essential maintenance. This means that the technician will check the forklift’s engine oil, transmission fluid, brakes and tires. The lift itself will be examined closely for signs of excessive wear and tear that would not be explained by the forklift’s usage, age and so on. Any signs that indicate damage will lead to repairs being implemented (and the same is true if age is the sole culprit, though a replacement forklift may be recommended beyond a certain point).

Repairing damage, the company explains, is usually why a forklift service can take longer than expected. In most cases, a full service should not take more than an hour to complete if there are no further issues that need to be resolved. Notably, regular servicing will decrease the likelihood of this time being extended past the one hour mark.

Pro Mech Truck and Forklift Services is trusted by many owners to service their forklifts, and their team is widely considered to be the most reliable in Melbourne and beyond. While the company takes measures to ensure their services are competitively priced, they allow no compromise when it comes to the skill and professional conduct of each member of their team.

“It is important,” they assert, “to ensure that the technician servicing your forklift is qualified. A qualified technician will have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly service your forklift. This will help to ensure that your forklift is serviced correctly and safely. A qualified technician will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the servicing of your forklift.” Pro Mech services come with exactly this type of technician, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

The company can be reached via phone or email. Those interested in learning more about Pro Mech Truck and Forklift Services may begin by visiting their official website as well.

Dedan Painting Offers Affordable House Painting Services in Sydney

Sydney residents looking for an affordable house painting solution can turn to Dedan Painting. The company offers a wide range of painting services at very competitive rates.

Dedan Painting, also known as Dedan Total Painting Solution Pty Ltd, has been in business for over 10 years and has a team of experienced and professional painters. The company only uses high-quality materials and paint products to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the results.

Dedan Painting services Sydney

The company offers affordable interior, exterior and roof painting services throughout Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Their painters have the experience and expertise to get the job completed correctly, without causing disruption while they paint the premises. The painters work diligently to ensure that the job is completed on time and within budget. Customers can be confident in the result knowing that the company is fully licensed and insured.

"We have high-demand for our services, which enables us to provide affordable prices for our customers. We know that by offering affordable prices, we will win more business. So our focus is on delivering value for our customers with the best painting service. We have Korean and English speaking painters available to help all customers," said Tony, a spokesperson for the company.

The company recommends working with house painters who have professional work experience and knows how to work safely. Painting is safe if done correctly, and Dedan Painting takes all precautions to ensure safety is the top priority. Dedan Painting painters always ensure all working areas and access ways are clean, level, well-lit and in good condition. This includes setting up drop sheets and position materials and equipment so they do not become tripping hazards. The entire painting process is done in a way that minimises the impact to the customers lifestyle.

For customers who would like to book a quote with Dedan Painting, they can do so via their website at dedanpainting.com.au. They will contact to arrange a time for a painting contractor to perform a thorough estimate and provide clear pricing based on the customer's requirements. The estimator will also be able to answer any questions and discuss the project pricing clearly and completely.

For a free quote, interested customers can contact Dedan Painting through their website or by calling their office.

A1 Granny Flats Explains the Benefits of Granny Flat Conversions of Current Structures

Sydney, New South Wales -

A1 Granny Flats, a granny flat construction firm based in Penrith, NSW, Australia, wants to emphasize the advantages of conversion of existing structures, such as a garage, into a granny flat. A granny flat is an independent housing unit that is constructed on the same block as a single-family dwelling unit and is often used by an aging parent. It has been gaining in popularity because aside from the possibility of using it as a home for a loved one such as an elderly parent or other members of the extended family, it may also be rented out and provide a monthly source of income.

With the relaxation of the setback rules in 2012, the conversion of a garage into a granny flat can be approved within just 10 days. This is because the New South Wales State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) has allowed all property investors and residential homeowners with a property area of more than 450 square metres to construct a granny flat. Through the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP, it is possible to convert an already existing garage or shed into a granny flat. People can benefit from the quick 10-day approval through the provisions of the Department of Plannings.

A beautiful granny flat kitchen built by A1 Granny Flats

A1 Granny Flats will follow certain steps to ensure the approval of the granny flat conversion. The first step, just like for newly built granny flats, is to conduct a site survey, check on the drainage and sewer requirements, and make sure that the proposal complies with the maximum floor space, landscaping, and other SEPP rules for articulation, etc. In the second step, a structural engineer with physically inspect the existing concrete slab and certify that it complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for residential buildings. Next, they will check if the existing building has a minimum internal wall height of 2.4 metres as required by the BCA. In the fourth step, if the garage of shed is less than 900 mm from the side or rear boundaries, they will have to design a fire-rated wall to comply with the BCA requirement for minimum fire separation. In the fifth step, just like with a new granny flat, they will prepare the floor plan, site plans, elevations/sections, specifications, drainage plan, framing detail, and Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) for submission to the certifier. And lastly, the private certifier will evaluate the complying development application and provide approval within 10 working days.

It is important not to forget the BASIX energy efficiency requirements, which are designed to ensure minimum insulation, ventilation, glazing, and energy-efficient hot water installation for the granny flat conversions. A1 will be taking care of the various requirements and implement them to minimise the construction expenses. They will prepare the designs, plans, and specifications for submission to their private certifier. And they are continuously researching ways for their clients to achieve easy approvals and be able to save some money during the process.

Established in 1992, A1 Granny Flats is an investment consulting and construction company that has focused on being always up to date on the changing trends in modern style living and has now earned the reputation of being a top granny flat construction company in Western Sydney. By applying their unique construction methods and careful attention to detail, their architecturally designed granny flats and studios have been observed be among the best. They were able to perfect their construction process during their decades of experience in the construction industry. They are committed to work closely with the client during the entire construction of the building to make sure that the desired results will be achieved.


People who would like to know more about investing in granny flats in Western Sydney and the surrounding areas can visit the A1 Granny Flats in Western Sydney website or contact them through the phone or by email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.