Tirtyl Announces 2022 Goal to Collect 5 Million Plastic Bottles

Brisbane based Australian home & personal care company Tirtyl has pledged to collect five million plastic bottles in 2022 which would otherwise find their way in the ocean.

In partnership with Plastic Bank, Tirtyl will collect one ocean-bound plastic bottle for every tab sold, and 10 plastic bottles for every dispenser. Donations are made to locals in developing communities in the form of wages to collect, sort and process plastic waste which mostly originates from beaches and riverbanks.

Tirtyl Team

A similar campaign in 2021 was well supported with the collection of one million plastic bottles. This was double the original goal set for the project. Based on the achievement, Tirtyl is confident of achieving the ambitious target set this year.

In a report commissioned by conservation group WWF-Australia and prepared by Boston Consulting Group in 2020, it was estimated that about 600 million empty plastic bottles are leaked into the environment each year.

The report went on to explain that the six most common types of single-use plastics were plastic bottles, disposable foodware, soft crunchable plastics, microplastics, plastic containers, and disposable packaging.

To put this into perspective, WWF-Australia suggests that every year the combined weight of single-use plastics released into the environment is estimated to equal the weight of two Titanic ships.

If that isn’t enough cause for concern, an Economic Forum study made a startling prediction that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans.

It can take up to 400 years for plastic to completely biodegrade in saltwater. However plastic breaks down into tiny particles called microplastics which are ingested by marine life. This often causes malnutrition and creates physical barriers that affect the organs and other bodily functions leading to starvation and death.

Sea turtles consume twice as much plastic today compared to 25 years ago. A worldwide study found that around 100,000 seabirds and sea turtles are killed as a result of plastic in our oceans each year.

Aside from plastic consumption, entanglement is another cause for concern. Turtles and large fish can get entangled in waste plastic, preventing them from swimming freely which leads to drowning.

Crustaceans and small fish seeking shelter find their way into plastic bottles and get trapped inside. Plastic bottles are mostly translucent and fish and marine life aren’t able to locate the mouth of the bottle after entering it.

Almost all the plastic ever produced still exists in some form on the planet. Global plastic production is estimated to exceed 300 million tons.

By 2050, the human population is expected to increase to almost 10 billion people and plastic production is expected to triple. Only a fraction of this plastic will be recycled and the rest will clog the sea and land.

The barriers to manufacturer and procure plastic are low and there is limited government regulation to prevent crisis from getting worse. There is an urgent need to rethink the entire plastic manufacturing, distribution and consumption system in order to control plastic pollution.

Tirtyl has played a pivotal role in making the earth a better place for our future generations through its mission of making conscious consumption mainstream.

Founders Lachlan and May believe that conscious consumption should be effortless if it is to reach mainstream adoption. Tirtyl’s products make it easy to switch to a cleaner, greener way of using soap. All Tirtyl products and accessories are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and come in plastic-free packaging.


The company builds better supply chains through detailed life-cycle assessment (LCA) and ethical sourcing. Tirtyl also donates up to 2% of sales to important social causes through their Tirtyl Tip Foundation. If those interested would like more information about this topic, please email them at hello@tirtyl.com.au.

Lindsay Tighe Featured In Bob Tiede’s Development Blog On Leadership Qualities

Beechworth, Victoria based Empowered Conversations is proud to share that their founder was recently featured in Bob Tiede's leadership development blog, Leading With Questions, along with an excerpt from her brand new book.

On his website, Tiede shares his passion for helping people in leadership positions throughout the world. He considers it his mission to help shift their paradigm from the pressure of having to have all the right answers to simply having a few of the right questions. He has been on the staff of Cru for 50 years and currently serves in the US Leadership Development Team.

“Better Leaders Ask Better Questions”

In Leading With Questions, those aspiring to be better leaders can find curated wisdom from leaders around the globe, ideas to help multiply their effectiveness, leadership book recommendations, interviews with thought leaders, authors, pastors and more. Tiede is focused on building a community of leaders who are shifting their focus from having all the answers to asking the right questions. Empowered Conversations founder Lindsay Tighe’s expertise in leadership — and her years of experience as an Inspirational Coach — have earned her the featured spot in Leading With Questions.

Tighe has established herself a successful and highly regarded speaker, businesswoman, author and coach who is passionate about inspiring people to improve their own lives and the lives of others. She is committed to changing the world by helping people to have more empowered thoughts and conversations with each other in order to tap into their own wisdom by asking better questions.

Having left the corporate world in 2002, Tighe started her own business in Inspirational Coaching. Initially, the business’ focus was to provide inspiring training and coaching opportunities. Starting off with around 10 employees, Lindsay grew her business to a point where she realized she had more to offer. She created the Better Questions brand and published her first book, “The Answer – Improve Your Life By Asking Better Questions”, in 2009. This led to her creating a new workshop and multiple resources and since then her work has been shared with thousands of people throughout Australia as well as in New Zealand and Singapore. In 2021, Lindsay evolved her brand further to share her work with the global audience, and Empowered Conversations was born. Here, Lindsay consolidates her life’s work into offering workshops and resources that provide a powerful and unique opportunity for people to learn how to think and act differently.

In her newest book “Better Leaders Ask Better Questions”, Lindsay delves into how anyone can be a better leader simply by following the right line of inquiry. She puts forward the idea that leaders can evolve to become a ‘potentialiser’ (a catalyst that brings out the best in others) simply by changing their approach. According to Lindsay, leaders who command less and ask proper, fulfilling questions can create a team that is more engaged and empowered.

In the book, both leaders and aspiring leaders will find the key to enhance their leadership style by learning what actions can be an inhibitor of potential, how leaders need to redefine their role by changing their mindset, why better questions are so powerful and perhaps most importantly, how to actually ask better questions and release the potential in their team.

Tighe says, “I have always believed that great communication skills are fundamental to not only building good relationships, but also enabling other people to be more capable, empowered, engaged and motivated, leading to better outcomes being achieved. I have led my life by this example, and I have found that it is the most effective way to properly lead a team. Most people communicate in a habitual and inhibitive way, without ever realising that is what they are doing, and they lose so much in the process. I am hoping to help people change that mindset and become better leaders through Better Questions.”

Tighe has taught corporate leaders, health professionals, aged/disability professionals, educators, parents and more, and her clients include APM, Telstra, Local Government, Feros Care, Large Hospitals, NDS, APNA, Diabetes TAS, Carers Victoria, Uniting Care, Schools, Baptcare, Mission Australia, Silverchain, Regional Primary Health Networks, MINDA, Community Vision, OT AUS and more. Those who want to learn more about her or her work should visit her website empoweredconversations.com.au.

Burswood Car Rentals is Offering Car Hire in Perth at Affordable Prices

Perth, Western Australia -

Burswood Car Rentals, a car hire company at Perth, WA, Australia, is happy to announce that they offer some of the most competitive pricing for car rentals in Perth and surrounding areas. Perth is the capital of Western Australia with a vast combination of bars and restaurants, beaches, and open roads going through a rolling countryside. There are also a lot of award-winning wineries that visitors may want to check out. Thus, whether visitors are in Perth for business or pleasure, a reliable car to easily go to different places is essential.

Meanwhile, in addition to the affordable car rental prices, Burswood Car Rentals also has the lowest rental bond in Perth and there are no rental stickers on their cars. And they offer different types of vehicles for rent, such as economy cars, midsize cars, luxury SUVs, 8 seater cars, utes/ vans/ trailers, and luxury cars.

Cheapest car rentals rates in Perth at Burswood Car Rentals

Their economy car range is understandably very popular as it offers decent-sized but affordable cars. They are focused on providing clients with a top quality car for rent, ensuring value for money and friendly customer service for each transaction. There are also no damage excesses, which means that clients can get to enjoy their vacation, worry-free. For instance, they offer the Hyundai i20, which is a supermini hatchback that is solidly built and boasts of a 5 Star ANCAP Rating.

They also offer midsize luxury sedans for rent, such as the Toyota Corolla 4 door auto sedan. This particular car is the best midsize in its class with superb driving, free Apple carplay, forward collision alert, lane keep assist cruise control, and sensors.

Meanwhile, they also offer 8 seater cars, such as the Toyota Tarago, which has been designed, tested, and made to comply with Toyota’s strict Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) safety program.

In the large sedan class, they offer the brand new Toyota Camry Hybrid 4 door sedan, which offers a very spacious interior, including a very large boot. It has an impressive power and fuel economy, and it is a car designed for the whole family.

Also available from Burswood Car Rentals is the Toyota RAV4 544 door SUV, which is considered to be the best SUV in its class. It offers a truly spacious cabin plus an exceptional ride with advanced features like Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and cruise control.

There is also the Toyota Hilux 1T utility vehicle with one tonne trayback with an amply spacious cabin and the Toyota suspension system that ensures a smooth ride.

With regards to luxury cars, there is the Audi A3 with auto braking system, front and rear parking sensors, and cruise control; the Audio A4 with side assist, Audi presense city and presense rear sports leather seats; and the Audi Q2 sporty SUV with Audi presense with autominous braking and pedestrian detection.

The Burswood Car Rental Perth City Office has been in service for more than 35 years. It is strategically located just a stone’s throw away from the Crown Resort Casino and the Perth CBD. Their fleet of rental cars include the very latest models, ranging from economy size cars to full-size cars, utes, and minibuses. They pride themselves in providing the most reliable, easiest, most efficient, and most affordable car rentals in Perth. Furthermore, they are open every day of the year. And the security of customers and their passengers will be better with Burswood Car Rentals because none of the vehicles they offer for rent have rental stickers. It has been noted that thieves typically target rental cars, which means that no stickers will mean less risk for the client and the passengers of car. They also provide corporate car hire services. They specialise in group and inbound travel bookings that are custom-fitted the client’s car rental requirements. And they also offer car hire tourist packs, and road maps of Perth and country districts, featuring hotel accommodations and restaurants including discounts. They also provide child and baby seat restraints upon request.


Those who are interested in learning more about the car rental services available through Burswood Car Rentals can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They also have a Victoria Park location at 54 Shepperton Rd, Victoria Park WA 6100, Australia.