At Home Lash and Brow Tinting Kits Now Available at Australian Waxing Company

Sydney, New South Wales -

Australian Waxing Company, a beauty products company based Neutral Bay, NSW, is happy to announce that RefectoCil Australia has come up with at-home lash and brow tinting kits that can provide in-salon quality results from home, and more. Furthermore, the test that they conducted that compared the RefectoCil Sensitive range of brow and last tinting kits with two of their most popular oxidative tints, including a henna product revealed that RefectoCil Sensitive has the longest lasting stain while not being patchy and instead even over the skin.

One example of the brow and lash tinting kits from RefectoCil is the Beautiful Brown Brows Tinting/Styling Kit. This brow tinting/styling kit has been designed to help the user enhance the eyebrows from home. The tints can either be used individually or combined to provide a custom brow tint shade. The Beautiful Brown Brows Tint Kit includes the: Refectocil Light Brown Tint; Refectocil Natural Brown Tint; Refectocil Cream Tint Developer; Beauty Pro Slanted Tweezers; and mixing bowl and application brush.

RefectoCil tints are professional grade and deliver outstanding coverage, including those pesky greys!

Another example of the kits from RefectoCil is the Everyday Brow Styling Kit, which includes everyday products for ensuring that the eye brows appear styled in between salon appointments. The kit includes the RefectoCil Full Brow Liner in shade number 2, which is an easy to use silk powder formula and has an ultra fine tip. It is also smudgeproof and can last for up to 10 hours. It also includes the RefectoCil Brow Styling Gel, which is a clear gel that is designed to hold the brows in place all day. It also makes the tint last longer with its unique colour lock ingredient. And finally, it also includes the Beauty Pro Slanted Tweezers, which have an easy to use and durable slanted tip to help shape the eye brows at home.

Another example of the RefectoCil eye lash and brow tinting kits available though Australian Waxing Company is the Lash & Brow Styling Mini Kit. This professional lash and brow styling mini kit was designed for those who want an all inclusive tinting kit. This kit is contained in a carrier bag to enable the user to bring it anywhere and have all the tools required to provide basic eyebrow and eyelash tinting. It includes the: RefectoCil Blue/Black Lash Tint; RefectoCil Natural Brown Brow Tint; Oxidant Liquid 3%; application sticks; silicone pads; mini mixing dish; and four pairs of brow styling strips.

Also available is the Refectocil Lash & Brow Styling Bar. This is a compact and mobile lash and brow styling bar, which can be used as a marketing tool for beauty and hair salons to advertise the lash and brow treatments that they provide. It includes the: RefectoCil colours (pure black, blue black, deep blue, graphite, natural brown, red,light brown, and chestnut); RefectoCil Blonde Brow; RefectoCil styling gel; tint remover; micellar eye make-up remover; oxidant 3% developer cream; silicone pads; skin protection cream & eye mask; and RefectoCil Browista tool kit.

Founded in 1990 by Janine Akkad, Australian Waxing Company is a specialised supplier of quality beauty products. Janine had spent more than 15 years working in France, UK, and Dubai and she had wanted to offer an unbiased and unique service to the beauty industry that specialised in hair removal products and waxing training services. They carefully evaluate and test the various brands they promote, such as the Gelish, GlymedPlus, Jax Wax, Belmacil, Rubis, Elleebana, Arbre, Caron, OPI, Roll On, and Lycon waxes. The company has a team of qualified professional beauty therapists who are experienced and knowledgeable in waxes and beauty supplies. They also provide personalized workshops and training courses. These training classes are designed for small groups and are taught by a globally recognized and accredited teacher. Various brands and products are used during these classes to allow the students to make informed choices.

Those who are interested in learning more about the brow and lash tinting kits can visit the Australian Waxing Company website at

FY Smile Explains What Are Porcelain Veneers and Their Uses

Sydney, New South Wales -

FY Smile, a dental clinic in Sydney, NSW, Australia, has released relevant information regarding porcelain dental veneers, including why patients would want to have them. Dental veneers are wafer-thin sheets of porcelain that are coloured like natural teeth and bonded to the front of the teeth as a way to modify their shape, colour, size, or length. These porcelain veneers are strong, durable and are capable of maintaining their beautiful appearance even when exposed to coffee, wine, or tea. As such, they can be used to fix several aesthetic issues with a patient’s smile.

There are many reasons why patients may want to use porcelain veneers. First of all, they can be used to correct stained or discoloured teeth that aren’t responsive to conventional teeth whitening methods. They can also be used to fix teeth with minor cracks or chips or have parts that have worn away. Porcelain veneers can also be used to lengthen or modify the shape of teeth to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. They can also be utilised for recontouring teeth with irregular shapes. In addition, they can be used to close or minimise the gaps between teeth. And they can also be used to fix teeth that are slightly misaligned but don’t require orthodontic treatment.

Dr Fadi Yassmin

The first step in the dental process for dental veneers is to undergo an initial consultation at FY Smile. The dentist will discuss with the patient their goals and expectations from the treatment and any concerns that they may have. The dentist will also examine whether porcelain veneers are really appropriate for the patient and is the proper choice.

If the patient decides to proceed with the porcelain veneer treatment, the next step is the design of the patient’s smile using Digital Smile Design technology. This technology uses the patient’s unique facial features as a guide to ensuring the dental veneers will look and feel right.The patient can even “try” the veneers even before the treatment starts using 3D imaging technology.

It is important to note that the dentist may need to remove a small amount of tooth enamel from the front surface of the teeth before the veneers are bonded and fitted to the teeth. This ensures the proper fit of the veneers and that the resulting appearance will look natural and aesthetically pleasing. After the teeth have been shaped, impressions will be taken to allow the dental laboratory to fabricate the veneers.

And when the permanent veneers are finally ready, the patient goes to the dental clinic and the dentist will make a few minor adjustments to ensure the best possible fit before the veneers are permanently bonded to the teeth.

FY Smile was established to make revolutionary changes to the way that patients feel about their dentists. To do that, they decided to take a dynamic and personalised approach to traditional dentistry. Today, the clinic, which is headed by cosmetic dentist, Dr Fadi Yassmin, offers a combination of the services of a Certified Digital Smile Design Clinic and an All on 4 Clinic. And every part of the dental clinic has been thoughtfully designed to provide a calming environment that welcomes people to the clinic family from their very first appointment.

They are committed to applying the Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) philosophy of dental practice. This QIP standard was the result of their partnership with the Australian Dental Association and has the goal of assuring all of their patients that their safety is the clinic’s main priority. As a QIP dental practice, they follow the standards of the National Safety and Quality Health Service. Furthermore, FY Smile has been the first and is still the only “Slow Dentistry” clinic in Australia. The “Slow Dentistry” movement is encouraging a patient-centered approach that is focused on improving the standards for patient care offered in dental clinics all over the world.

People who are in need of a Sydney dentist can visit the FY Smile website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

FY Smile Provides Info Regarding All on 4 Dental Implants

Sydney, New South Wales -

FY Smile, a dental clinic in Sydney, NSW, Australia, has recently provided important information regarding the All on 4 dental implant treatment as a much better alternative to dentures for the replacement of missing teeth. First of all, they have published an article that describes what is All on 4. All on 4 makes use of the latest in dental technology and entirely gets rid of the need for having a set of false teeth or implants to support each other. Instead, the All on 4 secures the prosthetics that are needed by utilising dental implants in a simpler and more seamless way. And it is a proven method for quickly giving the patient back the ability to comfortably chew and eat.

Nicola Kapetanakis, Business Manager at FY Smile, says, “All on 4 can be a life-changing treatment for patients who have lost all of their teeth, or whose teeth have become damaged beyond repair. You might be struggling to eat with missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures, or in a great deal of pain as a result of teeth that can’t be restored through other dental procedures. All on 4 is a unique service that can give you a full set of functional, beautiful teeth within 48 hours. This means that there’s no need for you to spend months wearing a temporary denture before you receive your final smile.”

All on 4 Clinic

And there are a number of factors that make FY Smile stand out among other dental clinics in Sydney that offer the All on 4. First of all, FY Smile has gained the reputation of being the All on 4 clinic in New South Wales. Second, they have the most up-to-date general anaesthetic theatre. Third, they are one of the few dental clinics that can provide a permanent solution within 48 hours. Fourth, they have made the health and well-being of their patients their top priority in the medical processes that they use. And fifth, they have years of experience in providing All on 4 to provide their patients with the best possible smile.

In another article, FY Smile also delves on what are the benefits of All on 4. First of all, it provides the patient with a new smile that appears natural and allows the patient to regain his or her confidence. Second, the All on 4 dental implants are secured using the strongest part of the jawbone of the patient using state-of-the-art fine screws that serve as a permanent replacement for the missing teeth. Third, unlike dentures, it is possible to chew on food comfortably just like with natural teeth when using All on 4 dental implants. This is because they are strong teeth replacement that appear and feel natural. Fourth, the results can be provided within just 48 hours. Thus, there is no need to wear a temporary alternative for months. And finally, it can be used to treat a wide range of dental issues.

FY Smile was founded to revolutionise the way that patients feel about their dentists by offering a dynamic and personalised approach to traditional dentistry. Today, they are a combination of a Certified Digital Smile Design Clinic and an All on 4 Clinic. They are dedicated to the Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) philosophy of dental practice. The QIP standard was the result of their collaboration with the Australian Dental Association and ensures that all of their patients know that their safety is the clinic’s top priority. As a QIP dental practice, they are committed to complying with the standards of the National Safety and Quality Health Service. In addition, FY Smile was the first “Slow Dentistry” clinic in Australia and continues to be the only one. The “Slow Dentistry” movement promotes a patient-centered approach that is focused on enhancing the standards for patient care provided in dental clinics all over the world.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the All on 4 treatment process can check out the FY Smile website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Australian Cobberdog Breeder Explains What Sets Cobberdogs Apart

Inverell, New South Wales -

Regional NSW based Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs is taking steps to educate their community about the Australian Cobberdog. In particular, the breeder wishes to highlight the differences between the Australian Cobberdog and the Labradoodle, showing families and other interested parties why the Australian Cobberdog may be exactly what they are looking for.

According to Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs, the breed's name refers to its mission as a therapy dog. Cobberdog means ‘dog-friend,’ and breeders follow strict guidelines to ensure their dogs meet the high standards required to fulfil this mission. For instance, while Ausmate acknowledges that the Australian Cobberdog is produced via a mixture of other breeds, it is unique in the fact that only dogs that have individually been fully genetically health tested are used for breeding. This effectively means that every breed once used to produce the Cobberdog can be comprehensively traced through their pedigree.

An image of the Australian Cobberdog

Those interested in owning a Cobberdog should therefore understand that it is not a mere designer dog or crossed breed. While Cobberdogs may sometimes be mistaken for Labradoodles, Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs explains that it is more accurate to say that ‘Australian Cobberdog’ is the name used to designate a pure breed Labradoodle.

Kerry from Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs states, “I have been involved with training, showing and breeding dogs for over 45 years. I am now very involved with the ethical breeding of the Australian Cobberdog and bringing to the breed all I have learned over time. Australian Cobberdogs are excellent as an Assistance and Therapy dog, gentle and very focused on their humans. They are also low shedding with little to no coat odour, intuitive to the needs of their humans, give their humans eye contact, and are genetically healthy, very trainable, non barkers.”

Much of this variety stems from the fact that they serve separate functions. Where Cobberdogs are bred to develop hypoallergenic dogs with a mild temperament and the ability to assist their owners with work and tasks for therapy and assistance, the Labradoodle’s contemporary function is solely aesthetic in nature. Ausmate notes that it once did share the same objective, but the breeds have since diverged. As a result, the Labradoodle is nowhere near as predictable as the Cobberdog (a characteristic of the latter that breeders are still working to improve), making it unsuitable for therapy work. Learn more about the differences between Cobberdogs and Labradoodles.

Since the development of the Australian Cobberdog breed is ongoing, its characteristics and features have to be described with the understanding that they may be subject to change in the future. At the moment, for instance, the Cobberdog’s coat can vary between a curly wool coat to a wavy fleece coat, but their colours may include blonde, brown, white, red, black and more. One attractive aspect of the breed that breeders may be keen to keep is the fact that their coats are universally less prone to accumulating dirt, and they similarly tend not to have a striking odour. This also means they are relatively easy to keep clean, though all non-shedding dogs require clipping at least twice a year. A regular brushing and combing is advised as well.

Families will be pleased to learn that their temperament and gentle, non-aggressive nature make them excellent companions for children. Their breeding also favours an aptitude for training, so Ausmate recommends that a reliable trainer be used to unlock a Cobberdog’s full potential, even outside a therapy-related role.

Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs is a registered member of the Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA), which makes them part of an exclusive, dedicated group of breeders who can issue Australian Cobberdog pedigrees. In addition to exemplary breeding practices, Kerry explains that the breeder’s puppies are raised lovingly and treated in such a way as to prepare them for daily life with a new family. They are used to regular house noises (TVs, phones, vacuums, etc.) and are not too sensitive to sharp noises or bangs.

They are also raised in the presence of children, exposing them to a great deal of physical love and affection. Families who already have pets or other animals in their household can rest assured their new Cobberdog will swiftly settle in since the puppies spend a lot of time in the company of cats, turkeys and so on at Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs.

Kerry of Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs can be reached via phone or email or their website in the event anyone wishes to learn more about the Cobberdogs in their care. Interested parties may also learn more about Cobberdogs on Facebook.

The Applecross Dentist Is Offering Emergency Dental Services For Pain Relief In Perth

Perth, Western Australia -

The Applecross Dentist is providing emergency dentistry services to help those suffering from dental pain in Perth get immediate relief.

There can be a number of reasons for sudden toothaches. Some people might have sensitive teeth because their enamel, the hard outer layer of a tooth, has worn off exposing the nerve endings in the middle. This can cause the person to feel a sharp pain when they eat something too hot or too cold. If a tooth is cracked, either due to cavities or blunt force trauma, the same can happen. If a person’s diet is highly acidic, the enamel can wear off too often and too fast, leading to sharp pain when a person bites into certain foods. The same can happen if they don’t follow proper dental care and end up using too much force while brushing their teeth.

The Applecross Dentist has emergency dentists ready to help you.

Gum disease is another common reason for tooth pain. It is caused by the gums receding away from the teeth, exposing their roots. This can cause the teeth to become very sensitive and it also increases the risk for tooth infections. Gum disease is very common as it is known to affect almost half of the adults over 30 years of age. Gum disease will gradually worsen until one day the pain becomes unbearable and the person has to seek urgent medical help. Some other commonly observed conditions that can cause sudden tooth pain include sinus infections, sensitivity after dental procedures, and improper use of teeth bleaching products.

A spokesperson for The Applecross Dentist, formerly known as The New Dentist, talks about the many situations in which a person may have to seek emergency dental care by saying, "Dental problems are insidious in nature. Gums and teeth tend to deteriorate slowly with almost no indication of their rot. When the damage goes deep enough and a certain threshold gets breached, the nerve endings, the most sensitive part of the tooth, get exposed, leading to sudden tooth pain. At The Applecross Dentist, we understand how debilitating toothaches can be as they sap all of one’s energy and concentration and make it extremely difficult to make it through the day productively. That is why we utilize only the most advanced and innovative digital technology to relieve your immediate concerns and restore your oral health. If you are in Perth and in a lot of pain, you have probably gone through the trouble of searching for an emergency dentist. If this is the case, you should call The Applecross Dentist right now and speak to us about your problem. We will get you an appointment as soon as possible to make sure tooth pain doesn’t impede you from making the most out of your life."

The Applecross Dentist can remedy conditions such as an aching tooth, teeth, gums, and mouth, cracked tooth, teeth, veneers, and fixtures, objects stuck in the gums or teeth, dislodged tooth, knocked-out teeth, bleeding gums, lips, or mouth, and severed gums, lips, or mouth. The Applecross Dentist also provides a range of other dentistry services such as Digital Smile Design, teeth whitening, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, porcelain veneers, checkups & cleaning, and dermal or facial injectables.

The clinic is a preferred provider for HCF, Medibank, HBF, and NIB. The dental clinic has also partnered with Australian finance provider Zip Pay to arrange for a patient to avail of flexible dental payment plans that cover dental costs from $100 for small procedures up to $30,000 for larger procedures, depending on the patient’s eligibility.

The Applecross Dentist is located at 4/40 Ardross Street, Applecross, 6153. Readers in Perth who want to contact The emergency dentist Applecross can do so at the phone number (08) 9315 3008 or at the email address The dental clinic is open from 8 AM to 8 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from 8 AM to 6 PM on Wednesdays, 8 AM to 5 PM on Fridays, and 8 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays.

Former Teacher Creates 7 Figure Business by Supporting Fellow Educators

Melbourne, Victoria -

Former teacher Chantelle Jacobs, has had international success with her business Miss Jacobs Little Learners – a successful Australian business that dissolves some of the pressure for stressed teachers. The Melbourne based Miss Jacobs has created a 7 figure business by supporting fellow educators.

Teachers often work more than 50 hours a week, but not all of this is paid. They spend their evenings, weekends and holidays working behind the scenes to create lesson plans and set up classrooms.

This excessive workload is enough to wear down even the most dedicated teachers, who are motivated by a vision to help young people reach their full potential.

Their exhaustion is widespread too.

Seven out of 10 teachers said their workload wasn’t manageable when Monash University surveyed 2,444 participants in 2019 (just before the COVID-19 pandemic introduced extra challenges).

None of this is surprising for former teacher Chantelle Jacobs, who created Miss Jacobs Little Learners – a successful Australian business that dissolves some of the pressure for stressed teachers.

Since 2013, Chantelle has designed and sold thousands of primary school classroom resources that help teachers to create nurturing environments and plan engaging lessons. The products feature classroom themes and decor to motivate students (such as affirmation stations and birthday displays), engaging posters related to the curriculum and customised lesson plans.

Chantelle’s business was born from the challenges she personally faced as a teacher.

“The teaching resources that were available to me were old and daggy, so I was creating classroom decor and lessons for myself, to brighten the classroom and help students to learn in a fun environment,” Ms Jacobs said.

“You know how sometimes you walk into a classroom and it’s really sterile? It’s important for students to learn in a beautiful environment that they can take pride in, while also feeling a sense of ownership and belonging.”

Chantelle sells her downloadable and reusable resources at a low price point. Many teachers pay out of their own pocket for classroom resources, so she wants to make her products accessible.

The business was started when Chantelle’s workload was so full while teaching, she had little choice but to do most of her planning on the weekend (unpaid).

She created a Facebook account to document her classroom strategy, and it took off from there. Fellow teachers reached out to her, wanting to implement the same ideas to brighten up their classrooms and motivate students.

Most teachers only get paid for two to three hours of planning each week, which isn’t enough for those who wish to take a more creative approach. Time-poor teachers can purchase personalised classroom decor and lesson plans that have worked effectively on Chantelle’s former students.

Chantelle’s most popular product line is the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor bundle. This is characterised by calming neutral tones that branch away from the over-stimulating primary colours normally found in classrooms.

Classroom decorations by Miss Jacobs Little Learners

She now earns seven figures while working flexible hours, and demand for her products isn’t slowing down. There’s even a niche among parents who’ve set up their own home-schooling stations during lockdowns.

Social media played a huge role in her success, since Chantelle set up her first blog and Facebook page in 2012. She now posts on Instagram every day and shares her knowledge with teachers, to provide extra value.

Although Chantelle appreciates the power of social media, she acknowledges the dark side: some teachers may feel inadequate if they haven’t gone above and beyond to set up their classroom.

“If you feel good about going that extra step to set up your classroom, then go for it, but if that’s not what you value, it doesn’t make you less of a teacher.”

The greatest challenge for Chantelle has been running a business without having a background in business. She’s put a lot of effort into her professional development, by taking short courses, listening to podcasts and enlisting a business coach. Now her products have gone global, thanks to demand from America, South Africa and New Zealand.

“When I had my classroom, I had an impact on 25 students; but now I have an impact on students all over Australia and the world, which is even more rewarding for me.”

For those looking to learn more about Miss Jacobs Little Learners classroom decorations visit her blog at