Sydney Smile Makeover Before and After Transformation by Mona Vale Dental

Sydney, New South Wales -

Dr Alistair Graham, Principal Dentist at Mona Vale Dental, has noticed any people hide their smiles because they’re self-conscious about cosmetic imperfections and are scared to invest money on a dental procedure they might regret.

A new treatment that provides an accurate digital preview of what your new smile will look like is now available. The cutting-edge technology that allows patients to preview their smile before committing to any treatment has changed cosmetic dentistry. Greg, a small business owner from the Northern Beaches recently underwent this new dental treatment.

Greg is the founder of a security blind business, where he interacts with customers every day. When Greg started to realise he didn’t want people to see his flawed teeth as he worried about how he’d be perceived, he decided to contact Mona Vale Dental.

“I’ve got chipped and crooked teeth that to me, are not the right colour. I feel conscious about my teeth when I see my customers,” Greg said.

“I want to present well and show that everything I do and touch is a good product and I worry about my teeth not being that product,” Greg continues.

Dr Alistair Graham from Mona Vale Dental created a design that Greg was able to preview and adjust to his preferences - before getting the treatment that restored his confidence.

“The first impressions were incredible. I feel a lot happier now out in public, just smiling without worrying about people looking at my teeth,” said Greg, discussing the big reveal of his new smile.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) uses advanced digital and 3D technology to perform high-quality treatments that patients feel good about. Patients receive a new, functional smile that looks completely natural because it is tailored to suit their facial dimensions and personality.

A digital smile design (DSD) transformation by Sydney's best cosmetic dental clinic, Mona Vale Dental

The treatment works starting with the latest digital instruments, which are used to diagnose the problem. The dentist can then inspect areas that aren’t easily accessed by traditional X-rays.

After the diagnosis, the patient's exact facial dimensions and expressions are captured with high resolution photographs and videos. Using this data, dentists create a design that’s balanced with facial proportions to look unique to each person.

The next step is to create a 3D mock-up of the proposed smile, which is placed over teeth to create a realistic preview. The patient can take home photos and videos of the mock-up, to get feedback from their loved ones.

What makes digital smile design unique, is the patient is not completely happy with the results, the design can be perfected with the patient’s feedback.

Finally, a treatment plan is created around the approved design. Dentists physically replicate the exact smile their patient desires, but only after they get approval to go ahead from the patient. This allows the patient to co-design their smile with their dentist, and there’s no obligation for patients to commit to the procedure.

Accredited clinics around the world offer Digital Smile Design services. Not any clinic can do this, as extensive training is required for this specialised field of cosmetic dentistry. In Australia, Dr Alistair Graham is qualified to use Digital Smile Design for both surgical and restorative treatments.

People from the Northern Beaches and surrounding areas seek out the award-winning Mona Vale Dental team for treatments they won’t regret. The team can be contacted on (02) 9997 1100.

Hunter Region Display Home Wows Visitors at Bellriver Homes Huntlee Display Centre

Bellriver Homes, through their display home centre at the Huntlee Estate, North Rothbury, NSW, Australia, is happy to announce that they are offering free home design consultations, knockdown rebuilds, house and land packages, or new home builds. On display at the Bellriver Homes Huntlee Display Centre is the Bayswater 22 design, which is their most popular single storey home. Many of their designs have been made to fit 12.5m allotments, while others have one side on the boundary line. Others are suitable for a 13.2m allotment where both sides are 900mm off the boundary, or 14.5m wide lots that are shallow in depth.

The Huntlee Display Centre allows those who are thinking of building a new home to actually see what a particular home design would look like. Specifically, on display at this particular display center is the Bayswater 22 floor plan. This particular design has a total floor area of 21.73 square metres. Its living area is 17.0 sq m, its garage has 3.5 sqm, the porch has 0.16 sqm, and the alfresco area has 1.07 sqm. It has four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 carports.

The Bayswater 22 floorplan is available for viewing at the Bellriver Homes Huntlee Display Centre

All of the home designs available through Bellriver Homes are new and packed full of modern features. Most have several living spaces, such as media rooms and big, workable kitchens that are provided with walk in pantries. And all have living areas that flow out onto a large alfresco area. All are designs by an award winning architect.

Those who are interested in building a new home in the Hunter region, such as North Rothbury, NSW, can check out their house and land packages in order to finally make their dream home a reality. Bellriver Homes offers various kinds of house and land packages, featuring a wide variety of design styles, block sizes, and locations to suit a particular budget. These packages provide clients with a block of land and customizable plans for building a new home, which ensures that they will be getting exactly what they want out of a home.

House and land packages offer several advantages for people who are looking to build their dream home. First of all, it offers savings on stamp duty because only the stamp duty for the land will have to be paid, thus offering a savings of more than $10,000 for a home worth $350,000. Other benefits include: avoidance of unexpected repairs and renovations; a tailor-fitted home; less costly than buying a new home; homes in emerging suburbs; and possibility of deferring settlement payments.

Choosing the ideal package will take just four simple steps. The first step is to determine one’s finances and budget. Getting pre-approval from a home financing provider is usually recommended because it can save a lot of time by focusing only on those home designs that fit the budget. The second step is to determine the appropriate location for the home. For this step, a House and Land Specialist from Bellriver Homes will work with the client in choosing the desired location and house and land package. The third step is to choose the preferred home layout. Once again, the House and Land Specialist will assist the client in going through the customizable home plans. And finally, the fourth step is to choose a particular house and land package.

Established in 1993, Bellriver Homes builds homes throughout New South Wales, across Sydney, the Central Coast, Illawarra, Hunter, and the Central West of NSW. They have earned the reputation of providing excellent service and integrity as each Bellriver home is subjected to an independent certified property inspection at important milestones during the building process to ensure the construction of a quality home. They have more than 150 designs for their home and land packages, or for a home constructed on the customer’s own land. Various designs are on display at each display home in various places in NSW, such as Calderwood, Austral, Oran Park, Narraweena, North Rothbury, Orange, and Hamlyn Terrace.

Those who are interested in building a home in North Rothbury in the Hunter Valley region of NSW can visit the display centre or check out the Bellriver Homes Huntlee Display Centre website and take a 3D virtual tour of the Bayswater 22 home. They are open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, at any day of the week.