How Form Workwear Keeps Tradies Cool in the Summer Heat

The Australian summertime is well-known for it's sweltering heat, with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology stating 26°C is an average Summer temperature in most regions. The sun is bright, and humidity high. To help Australian tradies across the country, Liam McKay, Founder of Form Workwear, has developed workwear to help workers stay cool throughout this intense summer season. reports there were 1,774 accepted workers’ compensation claims resulting from working in heat over the ten years from 2009 to 2019. This includes of 940 claims that were cancer related, and 441 claims that were heat stroke or heat stress related.

Work shorts for tradies engineered for the Australian summer

Liam says, "That would only be a fraction of the people who endured tough conditions and came out worse for wear."

Liam explains that best way to reduce heat related stress is to simply remove the manual labour required. Machines and automation help with this. He reiterates there's tasks that inevitably require manual labour. For that kind of work, on-site foreman should "review rest schedules to account for conditions and make sure everyone has the right equipment and workwear for the conditions". SafeWorkAustralia, the organisation responsible for developing national policy relating to WHS and workers' compensation agrees with this this stating that "reducing physical labour requirements" is a great way to reduce risk.

To help make work a little more comfortable for workers, Form Workwear offer workwear made with a lightweight, breathable fabric. The tough, stretchy canvas features reinforced stitching for extra durability.

"Breathable fabric doesn't have to be delicate. We've made a comfortable pair of shorts that keeps you cool but can still handle a hard-days work."

Founder Liam reckons they're worth a try, stating, "Tradies Never Regret the Switch to Form Workwear."

For those interested in purchasing a pair of Form Workwear tradies shorts can shop online at Get 10% off your first order by signing up to their mailing list.

About Form Workwear

Form Workwear is an Australian workwear brand offering a range of high-performance and comfortable products including shirts, quilted flannels, pants, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts and jackets for men. Inspired by the Aussie tradesmans attention to detail, the brand is focused on the fine details that make Form Workwear more comfortable than the average work wear.

Brisbane Fertility Support Clinic Womb to World Espouses the Benefits of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Womb to World Acupuncture & Massage in Brisbane is helping women understand the many benefits that acupuncture can offer throughout their pregnancy.

As a non-invasive and safe treatment with roots in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), acupuncture is known to be beneficial both pre- and post-pregnancy. Women face immense physical and emotional stress during this time and acupuncture can be an effective stress reliever that calms them through the overwhelming experience. On its website, Dr. Angela Marshall from Womb to World breaks down the many ways in which acupuncture can improve physiological and mental health during the different stages of pregnancy.

Acupuncture Can be Beneficial For Fertility & IVF

Women in their first trimester may experience symptoms such as anxiety, morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, digestive issues, and constipation as their body prepares itself to give birth. Acupuncture can regulate the energy flow in the body and ease these physical symptoms. Clients also report feeling calmer following their recommended weekly acupuncture sessions during the first 12 weeks after conception. They feel less worried and overwhelmed by the changes they are going through. The acupuncturists at Womb to World Acupuncture & Massage also help clients by giving them a wholesome nutrition plan and introducing them to its network of midwives and other pregnancy support experts.

During the second trimester, also referred to as the “nesting time,” the body begins adapting to the changes and restores some of its previous balance. The Brisbane fertility acupuncture & massage clinic recommends regular appointments once every fortnight or every month during this stage of the pregnancy. Acupuncture treatments can ease the symptoms common during the second trimester such as pelvic and lower back pain, swelling of the ankles, fingers, or face, sciatica, pubic symphysis, heartburn, reflux, and gestational diabetes.

During the third trimester, the clinic’s focus is on supporting the body’s natural mechanisms for a healthy birth. During the 38- to 42-week period, also known as the due date period, acupuncture helps prepare the body for labor and ensures that the baby is in the right birthing position.

In the related blog post on the clinic’s website, Dr. Angela talks about why it is never too late or too early to start acupuncture during pregnancy by writing, “As a mum myself of four beautiful children I know how overwhelming and equally beautiful the journey of pregnancy can be. Acupuncture can be such a beneficial tool during pregnancy and is something I highly recommend. No matter where you are at during your pregnancy or conception journey, acupuncture is something that can always assist in supporting you and your body and your journey to parenthood.”

The acupuncuncturists and massage therapists at Womb To World help its clients navigate puberty, hormone imbalances, menstrual problems, mental health, preconception, pregnancy, post-natal care, menopause, and more such conditions that can be a persistent source of stress. Its services include acupuncture, eastern herbal medicine, treatments for musculoskeletal pain and injury, fourth-trimester care, and womb and women’s health massages.

Dr. Angela Marshall is a Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Hypno-birth Instructor, and Womb & Fertility Massage Therapist. She is assisted at the Brisbane fertility clinic by a team of professionals with similar credentials and several decades of experience helping women manage their health during pregnancy.

Womb To World Acupuncture & Massage has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its clients in Brisbane and all over Queensland. The clinic has a perfect aggregate rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from almost 50 client reviews on its Google Business Profile. Clients especially praise the ability of the clinic’s fertility experts to lovingly offer care and support during one of the most challenging times of their lives.

Womb to World Acupuncture & Massage can be contacted for inquiries and appointments at 0427 277 954 or Brisbane readers are also requested to check out another recent press release from the clinic that shares more information about the benefits of its treatment at the link: Acupuncture a "Game-Changer" For Pregnancy & IVF in Brisbane.

Ballarat Dentist Changing What it Means to Visit a Dental Practice

Ballarat Central, Victoria -

Smile Creative is unlike any dental practice most might have previously visited. The cosmetic dental practice in Ballarat Central, Victoria, Australia, is headed by Dr Karishma Wijeyesinghe.

Dr Karishma is committed to restoring the patient’s teeth and smile without any judgement. She is passionate about tailoring treatment to her patient’s goals for their teeth, whether that be helping people enjoy smiling and laughing or eating their favourite foods.

What makes this dental practice unique is their approach to delivering their patients world-class cosmetic dental results. They call it the “Smile Test Drive”. Patients get to literally wear a "test drive" of their new smile, temporarily attached over the top of their current teeth, enabling them to see what their new smile could look like before going ahead with any treatment.

Dr Karishma Wijeyesinghe says, “One of the things I love most about dentistry is helping you through the whole process in a way where you are listened to and supported, where I’ve earned your trust and helped you be involved in achieving a positive outcome. We can help with providing options to enhance your smile or improve your dental health through comprehensive planning and our test drive experience. We look to provide long term solutions for your dental health.”

The Smile Test Drive is integral to this process.

Dr Karishma Wijeyesinghe says, “It is also an exceptional planning tool, empowering us to provide the highest quality dental restorations for our patients. So even if you’re not specifically looking for a smile makeover, The Smile Test Drive provides comprehensive, 3D planning information to help us identify exactly what dental challenges you’re facing, and what treatment is required.”

Dr Karishma Wijeyesinghe helps her patients through the entire process in a way where they are listened to and supported.

The Smile Test Drive treatment process by the cosmetic dentist in Ballarat Central is made up of six steps. After the initial consultation and diagnostics, a digital design of the patient’s new smile is created. At the end of the design phase, the 3D Smile Mockup is created that will be attached on top of the patient’s existing teeth. Once the 3D Smile Mockup is attached, the patient is ushered into their professional photo studio to take several photos and videos to let the patient see the new smile in action. They will produce a Smile Reveal video to show to the patient the “before and after” transformation. The patient can even get a copy of the video to show to family and friends.

Patient feedback is an important part in the smile design process, as the patient helps decide on the treatment plan. To help with the decision making, your dentist will offer advice on the best way to get their new smile, including alternative options with their corresponding benefits and risks.

Dr Karishma Wijeyesinghe is the dentist who is behind the unique service offered at Smile Creative. She earned her degree in Dentistry from The University of Melbourne in 2002. In 2006, she and her family moved to Ballarat after falling in love with living in the country because of its tranquil environment and friendly people. In Ballarat, she owned a general family dental practice for 11 years but later sold it. Since then, she has worked under the mentorship of top dentists in both small and large practices. Over the years, she has keenly undertaken additional clinical training under world-renowned dentists like Dr Pascal Magne, who specialises in minimally invasive treatment methods that restore teeth in a strong, conservative and natural way.

Dr Karishma Wijeyesinghe says, “At the end of the day, my goal is to help my patients achieve great outcomes, in an environment that is safe, empowering, and judgement-free.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered at Smile Creative can visit their website or contact them through the telephone or via email. They can also visit the dental practice at 602 Mair St, Ballarat Central, VIC.

Don’t Wait For One's Child To Outgrow Their Tooth Grinding Habit, Says Northern Beaches Dentist

Sydney, New South Wales -

Sydney-based dentist Dr Alistair Graham is urging parents to take their child to the dentist if they show any signs of grinding their teeth.

Paediatric bruxism is a common condition that occurs when children unconsciously grind or clench their teeth, usually during sleep.

A paediatric bruxism checklist created for parents by Mona Vale Dental

Dr Graham says misleading information online gives parents the impression they don’t need to seek medical support; because their child is going through a temporary phase that won’t harm their health.

“Although it’s true that many children stop grinding their teeth as they get older, this doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately some cases of bruxism do persist and become severe – leading to complications such as tooth loss, migraines and facial pain,” Dr Graham said.

It’s also crucial to note that paediatric bruxism can be a red flag for an underlying medical problem that needs to be investigated further.

Sleep bruxism is a complex condition that can be triggered by any number of factors like stress and obesity; but multiple epidemiological studies show it’s often linked to sleep disorders like sleep apnoea.

“If we suspect a child is grinding their teeth, our first action is usually to refer the patient to a sleep specialist who will conduct a sleep study,” Dr Graham said.

Paediatric bruxism is also common when children have misaligned teeth, jaw problems or a narrow palate. Patients are referred to an orthodontist or ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) to correct the underlying problem, when this is suspected.

Whatever the causes, it’s important to take one's child to their dentist as soon as one notices any symptoms of tooth grinding (such as disrupted sleep and unexplained tooth damage).

“A big sign is a scraping or screeching sound that occurs when enamel rubs against enamel. This is usually picked up by a sibling or parent whose sleep is disturbed by the unsettling noise,” Dr Graham said.

Dr Graham published an article titled “How to stop teeth grinding in children” to inform parents about the signs and causes of bruxism, as well as treatment strategies.

Bellriver Homes Announces Award Winning Home Design

Sydney, New South Wales -

Bellriver Homes, a home builder based in Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia, is proud to announce that the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has named them the Winner in the 2022 Hunter Region Display Home category $300,001 - $325,000 for their Warnervale Display home.

The HIA is responsible for The Housing Awards that have been designed to identify, promote, and reward excellence throughout the Australian housing industry. The award winning Somerton 24 design can be viewed by visiting their website.

Bellriver Homes is proud to announce that we have been named by HIA as the Winner in 2022 Hunter Region Display Home category $300,001 - $325,000 for their Warnervale Display home

They offer various home designs in a range of sizes and layouts to accommodate all types of block sizes . Those who are interested are encouraged to visit the Bellriver Homes website to find out about their display home locations, or possibly take a three-dimensional (3D) virtual tour of the display homes.

Site visitors would be able to take a tour of the plan layouts and get a feel of the various details and inclusions, allowing them to be inspired by the light-filled and unique styling of the various contemporary designs.

Elizabeth Brunton-Holt, Marketing Director at Bellriver Homes, says, “It truly makes us proud and excited to have one of our home designs shown at our Warnervale Display Centre recognized through an award. This is a prestigious awards program that seeks to highlight the works of the best tradespeople and businesses in the Australian housing industry. Rest assured that we will continue to do our best in coming up with truly liveable home designs that Australians would love to live in.”

Somerton 24 home design, which won the award, has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage. It has a total under-roof area of 222.45 square meters, a total home width of 13.07 meters, and total home length of 19.67 meters. It is suitable for a minimum block size of 15 meters by 28 meters.

The Somerton collection of home designs by Bellriver Homes is made up of new and fresh versions of some of the most popular home designs. This is because over time, some houses have maintained their appeal to their various home buyers. For this particular collection, they have instructed their designer to revisit those popular designs and then enhance their “liveability” and put in the most advanced features.

Those who want to view a display home for the award-winning Somerton design can visit the Bellriver Homes Central Coast Display Centre at 161 Warnervale Road, Hamlyn Terrace, NSW 2259. Viewing is only available by appointment.

Founded in 1993, Bellriver Homes constructs homes throughout the State of New South Wales, across Sydney, Hunter, the Central Coast, Illawarra, and the Central West of NSW. Over the years, they have earned the reputation of being a provider of the best possible service with integrity as each Bellriver home undergoes an independent certified property inspection at certain vital milestones during the building process to ensure that they will be providing the client with a high quality home.

They have more than 130 designs for their home and land packages, or for a home that will be constructed on the customer’s own land. Various home designs are on display at each display home in various locations in NSW, such as Oran Park, Calderwood, Dubbo, Leppington, Marsden Park, North Rothbury, Northern Beaches, Warnervale, Austral, and Orange.

Elizabeth Brunton-Holt says, “Our culture is built around our core values of excellence, collaboration and ownership. These fundamentals ensure our client’s expectations are exceeded. We invite you to explore our latest home designs or you can meet with one of our expert design consultants. The detail in design matters. Book a no-cost design consultation with our design team to experience an immersive journey, as you travel through the floor plans on offer and the great range of design facades on display. Our design portfolio is accompanied by over 130 designs, thoughtfully created with lifestyle in mind.”

Those who would like to check out the award winning Warnervale Display Home in the Hunter region can go to the Bellriver Homes website or contact them on the phone or through email.

Dental Treatment Helps People with Diabetes to Better Manage Their Condition says Sydney Dentist

Sydney, New South Wales -

Sydney-based dentist Dr. Alistair Graham is educating the public about how dental treatments can help people with diabetes better manage their condition.

"It’s long been established that people with poorly controlled diabetes are more likely to develop periodontitis – a severe gum infection that permanently damages soft tissue, tooth and bone," says Dr Graham.

Award-winning dentist Dr Alistair Graham hopes to help people with diabetes better manage their condition with dental treatments

"But there’s less awareness that this relationship can go the other way too," he continues.

Periodontitis can raise blood sugar levels and worsen health complications associated with diabetes – such as retina, kidney and heart disease.

Scientific evidence has shown that diabetes patients with gum disease can actually lower their blood sugar levels and improve connected health problems by getting dental treatment for periodontitis.

A Cochrane review published earlier this year shows that periodontal treatment improves gylcaemic control in patients with both diabetes and advanced gum disease by “a clinically significant amount”.

Authors working with Cochrane examined 35 trials where participants either received gum disease treatment or did not.

The results show a 0.43% “absolute reduction” in blood sugar levels (HbA1c) three to four months after periodontal treatment. Similarly, there was a 0.30% reduction after 6 months and a 0.50% reduction after 12 months.

These findings are significant when compared to the group that didn’t receive periodontal treatment.

“Any improvement in glycaemic control resulting from regular and appropriate periodontal treatment has the potential to make an impact on the development of diabetic complications and on quality of life for people with diabetes,” the review states.

Crucially, diabetic patients who lower their blood sugar levels by even a small amount are less likely to experience serious health problems related to their condition.

For example, the risk of microvascular complications falls by 35 per cent for every percentage point reduction in HbA1c levels – according to one epidemiological study mentioned in the Cochrane article.

Dr Alistair Graham from Mona Vale Dental says that people should let their dentist know if they have diabetes, so that extra care is taken to protect their oral health.

“Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that can be easily treated and reversed, if caught in time. You should see your dentist at the first sign of any symptoms like bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, bad breath and tender lips,” Dr Alistair said.

“We want to treat the bacterial infection before it worsens to become periodontitis, which is harder to manage and causes permanent damage like tooth loss. Periodontal disease may even increase inflammation in other parts of the body.”

Dr Graham published an article titled The Two-way Relationship Between Diabetes and Periodontal Disease to advise people on how to prevent and treat gum disease at all stages of the condition.

The article explains what a few scientific studies tell us about the two-way bond between diabetes and periodontal disease. This includes some evidence that periodontitis may raise blood sugar levels in people who don’t have diabetes – so it’s important for everyone to be proactive about their oral health.