EngAust Revives Online Publication, Broadening Horizons Beyond Traditional Boundaries

EngAust, a beacon of innovation and forward-thinking in the professional community, proudly announces the eagerly awaited revival of its online publication. This rejuvenation marks a significant milestone in EngAust's journey, as it ventures beyond its foundational expertise to embrace a wider spectrum of topics. With a clear vision, EngAust's online publication is set to become a pivotal platform for discussions that transcend traditional boundaries, offering insights into a multitude of fields and interests.

"At EngAust, we believe in the power of knowledge and the importance of diversity in driving progress and innovation. It's at the forefront of every single thing that we do. Our revitalized online publication is a testament to this belief, providing a space where experts, enthusiasts, and the curious alike can explore, learn, and contribute to a richer understanding of the world around us," states a Spokesperson for EngAust. This commitment to broadening horizons reflects EngAust's dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning and open dialogue.


The relaunch of EngAust's online publication is not merely an expansion of content but a reimagining of what a professional publication can be. By integrating a variety of perspectives, EngAust aims to engage readers with content that is not only informative but also inspiring and thought-provoking. From in-depth analyses of emerging trends to explorative pieces on technological advancements, cultural phenomena, and global issues, the publication promises a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to its offerings.

EngAust's initiative to revive its online presence comes at a time when the thirst for knowledge and understanding is more pronounced than ever. In a rapidly evolving world, the publication seeks to be a source of clarity, offering well-researched, expertly written articles that cater to a diverse readership. Whether one is seeking to stay abreast of industry innovations, explore new concepts, or simply gain new perspectives, EngAust's publication is poised to meet these needs with excellence and integrity.

The platform itself has been meticulously designed to ensure an optimal user experience, with a clean, user-friendly interface that makes navigating through the wealth of content both enjoyable and intuitive. EngAust's forward-thinking approach is evident in every aspect of the publication, from the quality of the content to the design of the website, to the plans for its email platform, underscoring the company's commitment to excellence and accessibility.

As EngAust unveils its online publication to the world, it invites readers from all walks of life to join in this exciting new chapter. The publication is more than just a source of information; it is a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making sense of the world and shaping the future through informed discussion and exchange.

In anticipation of the platform's launch, EngAust extends a warm invitation to readers everywhere to discover the rich tapestry of content that awaits. With a lineup of articles that promise to enlighten, challenge, and inspire, the publication is set to redefine what it means to be a leading source of knowledge and insight in today's digital age.


About EngAust: EngAust stands at the intersection of innovation and discovery, dedicated to advancing knowledge and facilitating meaningful discourse across a broad spectrum of topics. With the launch of its revitalized online publication, EngAust reaffirms its commitment to fostering a culture of learning and engagement, promising to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their horizons.

Oxford Bathrooms Launches New Initiative to Simplify Bathroom Renovations for Homeowners

Sydney, New South Wales -

Oxford Bathrooms, renowned for its unwavering commitment and dedication to delivering high-quality bathroom renovations, proudly announces a new initiative designed to make renovation projects more achievable for homeowners eager to update their bathroom spaces. This initiative responds to the growing demand for bathroom upgrades that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring homeowners can create spaces that truly reflect their tastes and lifestyle needs.

In an effort to offer increased value to customers, Oxford Bathrooms has launched a new suite of services tailored to accommodate the varied needs and preferences of homeowners. These services have been crafted to guarantee a smooth and stress-free renovation journey from inception to completion. By employing thorough planning and execution, Oxford Bathrooms is poised to assist clients in transforming their bathrooms into state-of-the-art, efficient spaces.

A cornerstone of this new initiative is the roll-out of comprehensive bathroom renovation packages. Designed to simplify the renovation process, these packages allow clients to enjoy a transparent and direct path to achieving the best outcomes for their investments. Those interested in exploring these options are encouraged to visit the dedicated web page at https://www.oxfordbathrooms.com.au/packages/.

The CEO of Oxford Bathrooms shared, "We recognize that renovating a bathroom represents a major undertaking for many homeowners. It's about constructing an area that mirrors their unique style while increasing their home’s overall efficacy. Our new initiative and the introduction of our renovation packages aim to make this process as clear-cut and fulfilling as possible. Through providing comprehensive solutions, we endeavor to ensure that every homeowner can realize the bathroom of their aspirations."

Understanding the significance of making well-informed choices, Oxford Bathrooms invites potential clients to connect through their contact page at https://www.oxfordbathrooms.com.au/contact-us/. At this juncture, clients can gather more detailed information, arrange consultations, or communicate specific demands with the company’s seasoned team. This initiative is aimed at nurturing clear communication and ensuring customer contentment throughout the renovation process.

Beyond unveiling new services, Oxford Bathrooms continues its commitment to the use of premium materials and adhering to the latest design trends to guarantee exceptional results. The company’s team of proficient professionals is eager to offer tailor-made solutions that align with the distinct needs and tastes of every client, ensuring outcomes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and enduring.

To discover more about what Oxford Bathrooms has to offer, including in-depth service details and how to avail of their renovation packages, visiting the official website at https://www.oxfordbathrooms.com.au/ is strongly recommended. The site provides a thorough insight into the company’s bathroom renovation approach, underscoring their dedication to quality, client satisfaction, and offering value to homeowners.

“Our aim has always been to surpass expectations, and with this initiative, we are advancing towards making bathroom renovations more approachable and less intimidating for homeowners,” the CEO added. “We encourage everyone to visit our website and reach out to us to see how we can elevate your bathroom into a sanctuary that you will cherish for many years to come.”

By presenting meticulous packages, fostering transparent communication, and upholding a commitment to excellence, Oxford Bathrooms continues to lead in the bathroom renovation sector. Homeowners looking to enhance their bathrooms now have a dependable ally in Oxford Bathrooms, whose new initiative is set to simplify the remodeling process and make it a rewarding experience.

25 Best Suburbs to Invest in Perth, According to Property Management Firm

Perth, Western Australia -

Perth, Australia: New and seasoned property investors are spoilt for choice in Perth, which is one of Australia’s most competitive housing markets.

Buyers are drawn to profitable conditions that make WA stand out from the rest of the nation. Perth has some of the lowest rental vacancy rates (0.4 per cent in January 2024), which caused rental prices to soar to a record $610 per week for houses and $560 per week for units.

Even though Perth boasts favourable market conditions across the state, some suburbs perform better than others.

Alison Ringuet from Orana Property recommends that investors take the time to do their research and choose an option that’s expected to offer the highest value within their allocated budget, since all investments involve taking a risk.

“Don’t automatically assume that every Perth suburb is set to grow in 2024 and beyond, just because demand for rental properties is generally high in Perth,” Ms Ringuet said. “We recommend choosing an option that indicates a steady amount of growth over time, which is even better than significant growth in the short term.”

Investors also have the option to seek the advice of an experienced property manager, who knows how to spot the indicators of future growth suburbs.

Orana Property has identified 25 of the best suburbs to invest in Perth across low, median and high price points, so there are suitable options for new and seasoned investors alike.

In no particular order, the suburbs are: Armadale, Balga, Middle Swan, Kelmscott, Gosnells, Cannington, Kenwick, Seville Grove, Ellenbrook, Wellard, Rockingham, Yanchep, Dayton, Alkimos, Forrestfield, Baldivis, Pearsall, Wannanup, Joondalup, Willagee, Bayswater, Como, Winthrop, Mosman Park and Cottesloe.

Affordable suburbs have become more popular in recent years, which is good news for investors who want to spend their money carefully in the face of regular interest rate hikes and the soaring cost of living.

In fact, in the previous 2022-23 financial year, more than half the suburbs that made the top 10 list for house price growth fell under Perth’s median house price.

(Image: Alison Ringuet, acquisition and business development manager at Orana Property)

Alison Ringuet from Orana Property expects that lower and mid-priced suburbs will continue to excel in Perth's 2024 real estate market, especially as investors from more expensive eastern states are drawn to the affordability of Western Australia.

She says 17 out of 25 suburbs on Orana’s future growth list fall under Perth’s median house dwelling value, which is currently $600,000. Notable examples include Middle Swan (strong price growth in 2023), Seville Grove (one of the fastest selling suburbs), Kenwick (close proximity to the city and surrounding industrial area) and Rockingham (residents enjoy ocean views at an affordable price).

Ms Ringuet has a few tips for investors who want to grow their investment in 2024, whether they can afford a low, mid or high-priced suburb. She recommends that all investors look for suburbs that show signs of being popular with tenants for a number of reasons, not just one.

“This is a good approach to take, because the future is unpredictable. If one channel of demand loses strength over time, sustained growth will still be driven by other avenues,” Ms Ringuet said.

“The best properties attract a high rental yield, in suburbs that provide good local amenities that cater to the community – usually in areas where land is scarce.”

Orana Property published an article that profiles 25 of the best investment suburbs, while also explaining the green flags to look out for. Investors are welcome to contact Orana Property for more advice on investing in future growth suburbs.

For more information about Orana Property, contact the company here:

Orana Property

1300 509 554


Level 3, 1060 Hay St,
West Perth, WA 6005

Sydney Dermal Lounge Is Offering HydraFacial Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment In Sydney

Sydney Dermal Lounge, a skin care clinic with multiple locations across Sydney, is encouraging clients to join the Bare Skin Movement with its range of medical-grade treatments for improving skin health such as HydraFacial MD®. For more information about the skin care clinic, visit https://www.sydneydermallounge.com.au/.

The clinic offers several skin health, skin correction, skin maintenance, and hair restoration treatments aimed at rejuvenating its clients’ skin and reversing the signs of aging. One of the notable and popular treatments in its roster is HydraFacial MD®. Suitable for all skin types and tones, the treatment includes hydra dermabrasion, a chemical peel, pain-free extraction, and deep hydration. During treatment, the skin receives peptides and antioxidants, which produce a natural glow and ongoing skin benefits. It can be performed not only on the face but also on the hands, back, buttocks, or arms to assist with skin concerns all over the body.

HydraFacial covers a wide range of concerns such as decongesting skin from impurities (pimples, blackheads, whiteheads & more), reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing pigmentation, protecting and hydrating the skin with antioxidants, evening out uneven skin textures, reducing the appearance of scarring, assisting with tightening the skin, and more.

The spokesperson for Sydney Dermal Lounge says, “Volume loss, enlarged pores, sun damage, and a general loss of elasticity can all affect your skin’s appearance. Very few treatments can address them all without the need for downtime. This is where HydraFacial MD® comes in. It is a gentle, non-invasive treatment consisting of multiple steps, combining cleansing, exfoliating, and hydration to reverse the visible effects of skin aging. It is also capable of producing a deep rejuvenating effect.”

The experts at Sydney Dermal Lounge recommend scheduling a HydraFacial treatment every 3 to 6 weeks on repeat. Each treatment lasts anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. The SDL HydraFacial treatment costs $250, the HydraFacial Fire & Ice Experience costs $450, and the HydraFacial BPeel costs $350. There is no downtime required with the client instantly enjoying the benefits of smooth and glowy skin. Post-treatment, the clinic’s dermal specialists will recommend an aftercare routine based on the client’s skin diagnostic results and skin goals. To view the clinic’s range of other skin care treatments, visit https://www.sydneydermallounge.com.au/treatments/.

Clients across Sydney have recognized the difference that Sydney Dermal Lounge’s treatments have made to their skin health. The praise that the skincare clinic has received from customers is apparent in the many five-star reviews that its locations in the city have received. Its Revesby location has an impressive overall rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from 85 reviews, its Clemton Park location boasts a stellar rating of 4.7 from nearly 100 reviews, and its Rouse Hill location has a noteworthy rating of 4.6 from 30 reviews.

A recent review for its Revesby location says, “I struggled with my self-confidence after suffering with pretty bad acne on my back. I saw the before and after pictures on the SDL Insta page and I knew I had to start my own skin journey. The girls changed my life, with my insides sorted with supplements and with the treatments and products the acne and the scarring have gone. I no longer leave my shirt on at the beach, I have my confidence back after 6 months in their capable hands. I would highly recommend them.”

A review for its Clemton Park location says, “My experience with Sydney Dermal Lounge is amazing. Jo is professional and knowledgeable. She has never forced me to buy any packages like other facial places I went to but provided the best treatments that suit my needs. All the staff in the clinic are very nice and friendly. Jo and her team have helped me improve my skin so much and I would highly recommend them. Thank you Sydney Dermal Lounge.”

Readers can contact Sydney Dermal Lounge in Revesby at (02) 9792 1732 to get started with the clinic’s wide range of skincare solutions. To book an appointment online, visit https://www.sydneydermallounge.com.au/contact-us/.