Never underestimate the art of picture framing

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you can probably tell that I’ve been overcome by the sudden urge to spice up my life.

First step, launch a new career in real estate.

Second step, get another body piercing (location yet to be determined).

Third step, redecorate the home!

Final step, take over the world? learn how to dance salsa.

And not necessarily in that order either.

Right now, I’m obsessed with restyling my home. This process reminds me that small changes can make the biggest difference. I’ll wait until the kids are a bit older, before launching a major overhaul, but I’m currently making tweaks here and there. This is actually transforming the space in my house (as well as my head) in surprising ways (more on that later).

Part of this process has involved rethinking the picture framing in each room. After taking the time to clear out useless knick knacks, neglected toys and tattered objects in every room, I couldn’t stand to look at my old picture frames any longer. They looked glum, in comparison to the clean and fresh rooms.

One frame even had shattered glass in the corner, and I’m ashamed to say it stayed that way for over a year. It finally came crashing down one happy day, when the children were “singing” along to the Mamma Mia soundtrack while jumping enthusiastically on the mini trampoline (all captured on video, thankfully).

I interpreted this as a sign from above that it was time to get some new picture frames.

In case you don’t know this about me already, I believe in synchronicity (I can sense you rolling your eyes). After the Mamma Mia incident, I was flicking through the channels and saw Artform Living pop up on TV. Two days later, my friend told me she was on her way to pick up some frames she’d ordered from that very company, as we wrapped up our coffee date.

Usually I wait for three synchronistic strikes before I listen to the heavens, but I figured that two out of three “messages” is pretty good.

Anyway, I love my new picture frames. They really do our family pictures justice. Last year we had some beautiful photos taken by a photographer on the Central Coast, so I was pretty excited to see them in the new frames.

It may seem a bit unnecessary, but I also asked the installers at Artform Living to hang up the frames for me. After going to the effort to buy new frames, I didn’t want to lose another picture to enthusiastic trampoline dancing. They did a good job. I’m pretty confident that even a hurricane couldn’t shake these frames down (don’t take me up on that challenge, Universe).

By the way, I love this idea for framing treasured objects. How good does it look?

Now that I’ve done some basic restyling of each room, I’m itching to “feng shui” the entire house. Clearing out all the junk that we no longer use has lifted a burden off my shoulders. I actually feel lighter, mentally and physically. I want to take this feeling to the next level. My neighbour recently had a Feng Shui expert fix up their home. He swears that this entire process simplified and improved his life.

Maybe that can be my next project!