What cute ducks!

I recently came across an article which explained the benefits of having ducks in your home.

Why on earth was I looking this up?

Well, I came across this adorable video on Instagram:

The duck rasising blog Mother Duck Said has a bunch fo tips on how to raise ducks and benefit from these funny, egg laying birds.

Not convinced about raising a couple of these poop machines in your home?

Well according to the experts:
Duck hens bred for egg-laying ability can lay up to 350 eggs a year, each of which will weigh 20 percent to 35 percent more than a chicken egg. Furthermore, they will produce longer than a chicken, well into a fifth or even sixth season – long after chicken hens are ready for soup.
I also learned from a chef friend of mine that duck eggs are a specialty product among chefs who love them for their superior flavor.

Virtual Reality Coming to Old Folks

I recently came across this very exciting news regarding a new Aussie start-up that is utilising Virtual Reality in aged-care facilities.

The company is an aged care entertainment provider SilVR Adventures has launched a new national self-service model for residential care facilities.

Some of you may know that I am passionate about healthcare and aged care design & construction, so companies that are paving the way for a new kind of aged-care experience definitely caught my eye!

Here's what the CEO of the company had to say about the product:

Source: australianageingagenda.com.au
The VR program aims to improve resident engagement and happiness and reduce isolation.

They do this through three types of experiences:
  • reminiscence therapy to trigger memories and conversations, such as revisiting a childhood home or country they emigrated from
  • world travel, such as exploring Paris, swimming with dolphins or going on an African Safari, to leave the aged care home and create social interaction with fellow residents
  • family bonding to overcome allow residents to experience adventures with visiting family members, such as watching a sunrise or the Aurora Borealis together

All SilVR Adventures services help providers bring virtual reality to their residents in group format rather than one on one.

How cool is that! Imagine being able to take your grandma back to her childhood via virtual reality!

I am really interested in these new cutting edge technologies being used in the aged-care space and virtual tours of house and land packages. I'll try to update my blog with new interesting ideas that I come across :)