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This issue...
begins with the reintroduction of CARRARA Studio 2 to the Corel world. Many have met this product before as CorelDream 3D. But that was long ago and in a different life with different parents. Carrara many versions later has really grown up. 

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     Video Glossary

    Besides an overview, we provide two additional tutorials with Carrara to give you an idea of how it works.  The dinosaur, created in Carrara, munches leaves in a Bryce Jurrassic forest. And, just for fun, we show how one might create a 3D version of the toughest Powerpuff Girl. 

    Does this look like the Leader of our nation? Granted, paying taxes often feels like an anal probe. Armed with Photo-Paint and an urge to Morph we explore this possibility. 

    Plus, Lesson 1 of our Beginners Series for RAVE. Very Basic..
    More to post Sept. 16
    Corel Draw can be utilized to create vector art for imprinting a logo on promotional items.



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