Sunshine Coast Accountants Help Businesses Minimise Tax Liability During Tax Season

Sunshine Coast Regional, Queensland -

As tax season approaches, small business owners in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, region are turning to Mobbs and Company for expert financial guidance and support.

Since 2001 Mobbs and Company's team of highly experienced tax professionals and small business accountants have been working with Queensland clients. With over two decades of experience in helping businesses maximise their profits and minimise their tax liability, Mobbs and Company is a trusted partner for companies of all sizes in the region.

Mobbs & Company offers accounting services and tax advice, with locations in Brisbane, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast

Businesses in Australia have to comply with tax laws set by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or else they may be subject to penalties or may have to undergo an audit. The ATO has a specific focus on improving compliance among small businesses, which make up the majority of businesses in Australia. In 2019-20, the ATO conducted over 24,000 small business audits and reviews, resulting in over $1.2 billion in liabilities raised

Small businesses are often focused on specialising in and serving clients in their industry and may not have the operations budget or profit margins to justify having a full-time tax professional on their team to handle their compliance. The solution is a turnkey professional and experienced accounting firm, like Mobbs and Company, that can be consulted when needed to cover all the regulatory requirements enforced by the ATO.

The Sunshine Coast accounting firm has a wealth of experience and expertise in helping businesses navigate tax laws and regulations. On its Google Business Profile, one reviewer talks about how Mobbs and Company helped it decrypt all its overseas accounting records that were exclusively in French and work through complicated family trust structures. Another client talks about how after their primary accountant became unresponsive, Jamie and his team at Mobbs and Company came in and salvaged their tax filings even while working completely remotely.

Mobbs and Company’s customised solutions serve each client based on their unique financial situation. Its offerings for businesses include tax compliance services, cash flow forecasts, business consulting, payroll tax, GST accounting, BAS (Business Activity Statement) preparation, Fringe Benefits Tax information, and business tax advice. As tax accountants, Mobbs and Company can help clients with individual or company tax returns, late tax returns, tax audits, general tax advice, taxation planning, tax compliance and obligations, specialty taxes, and more.

Clients can pick and choose the services they need, or they can even take advantage of Mobbs and Company’s end-to-end bookkeeping, financial analysis, and tax planning services.

As a boutique accounting firm, Mobbs and Company is committed to delivering excellent customer service that is flexible and meets its clients’ most pressing challenges. The agency has a proactive personalised approach to working with clients to help them succeed. Clients can rely on the professional accountants and tax experts at Mobbs and Company to offer ongoing support throughout the year as if they are a seamless extension of their business. Many of its clients have been with Mobbs and Company for decades and have voiced their strong approval of its responsive and timely customer service in their testimonials.

Jamie Mobbs talks about what drives the team he has assembled at the Sunshine Coast tax services agency by saying, “We work with all kinds of clients – small businesses operating in everything from the construction, tourism, and the hospitality industry. As a self-starter myself, I want to see other Australian entrepreneurs like me build their businesses and thrive. Our firm is dedicated to helping small business owners do what they do best while taking the burden of accounting and tax compliance off their shoulders. By eliminating these roadblocks, we free our clients to focus on their core competency and take advantage of all the opportunities present in the market. You don’t have to fear tax season anymore because, in Mobbs and Company, you have a partner who is working just as hard as you are for your success.”

As the deadline for tax season approaches, Mobbs and Company can help businesses located on the Sunshine Coast stay on top of their finances and maximise their profits. To learn more about how Mobbs and Company can help them succeed, business owners are urged to contact them today at 07 3844 6960.

TPM Builders: Safety Inspectors Say Wet Weather Is Not the Only Danger for Excavators

Brisbane City, Queensland -

Safety inspectors in NSW will continue visiting excavation sites until April this year, to make sure that construction workers and farmers don’t put their lives at risk while excavating.

The NSW regulator for workplace safety warns that persistent heavy rains have deteriorated ground conditions and contributed to a rise in the number of excavation accidents.

This is particularly concerning, given that 74 per cent of earthmoving plant and excavation accidents led to serious injury or death across the state.

Natasha Mann, Head of SafeWork NSW, says it’s crucial for business owners, site managers and supervisors to consult with workers to make sure trenches are safe from collapse. This process involves assessing potential risks and completing a Safe Work Method Statement before starting any excavation.

“Proper planning before work begins and ongoing monitoring of ground conditions is essential, especially following flooding or heavy rain. If in doubt we recommend consulting further with a geotechnical engineer,” Ms Mann said. “The consequences of failing to properly assess site conditions can be fatal.”

Tragically in June last year, a 33-year farmer died from head injuries acquired while extracting a bogged bulldozer.

In a separate incident, a 19-year old apprentice was seriously injured when a two-metre-high unsupported trench collapsed on a residential building site. These are two examples of recent excavation accidents, and safety experts don’t want history to repeat itself.

Although the La Nina season is likely near its end; excavators should never let their guard down, as there are more dangers beyond wet weather conditions.

Many accidents occur when workers excavate without first checking what equipment or assets exist beneath the excavation site. There’s a risk of rupturing electricity cables when “digging blind”, which is a major cause of electrocution.

“Workers can be severely injured if they are struck by earthmoving equipment or if their equipment comes into contact with electrical assets,” Ms Mann said.

Todd Mason from TPM Builders says this warning should be heeded by construction managers and workers in other states and territories as well, not just NSW.

“Unfortunately safety problems are widespread in Australia’s building sector, and there are many reasons for that,” said Mr Mason, general manager of the Queensland-based commercial construction company.

He urges construction workers everywhere to use a free service called Before You Dig Australia, to locate underground pipes and cables ahead of digging. This national online portal allows visitors to request infrastructure information about the location they plan to excavate, prior to commencing work.

TPM Builders published an article about safety in construction, which explores the key reasons why the national building sector has a safety problem, and what companies can do to solve this.

“Safety in construction needs to be a top priority for our industry, given the dangerous nature of our work. It’s crucial that employers honour their duty of care to provide a safe working environment, and that safety training is accessible to all workers,” Mr Mason said.

For Safe Work Australia resources: visit

Perth Property Management Company Says Market Is Ripe for Rent Roll Acquisition

Gosnells, Western Australia -

Now is a good time for property management licensees to fast-track their expansion with rent roll acquisition, according to one company that’s flourished in recent years.

Rent roll acquisition occurs when licensees purchase an entire property portfolio (or parts of it) from another real estate company or licensee, to grow at a rate faster than what organic growth allows.

Orana Property used rent roll acquisition to expand to a portfolio with over 240 properties in less than 1.5 years.

The Perth-based property management company launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, when there was an overall surge in sales activity in the Western Australia property market.

Alison Ringuet, Orana’s acquisition and business development manager, says licensees could capitalise on the recent sales turnaround to secure an immediate return with rent roll acquisition.

“When handled properly, buying a rent roll quickly creates a stable source of income that can also generate organic growth when clients bring on additional properties for the real estate or licensee to manage,” Ms Ringuet said.

Recently she’s noticed that many smaller portfolios are available for purchase, which fits perfectly with Orana’s strategy.

Orana’s short-term priority has been to acquire smaller residential rent rolls that contain 100 to 300 properties in Western Australia.

“There’s no such thing as a rent roll that’s too small, especially if your resources are limited but you want to go down the acquisition path to secure an immediate return and cash flow for your business.”

Ms Ringuet says that property managers should consider the size and manageability of their current portfolio, and the capacity of their team, before purchasing a rent roll, because this strategy isn’t suitable for everyone.

“The worst thing any property management business can do is spread themselves too thin, which means they compromise operational duties and fail to nurture relationships with landlords and tenants. Remember, after a certain point of expansion, you may need to hire more staff.”

Furthermore, it’s crucial that licensees conduct careful research before buying a portfolio, to avoid purchasing a host of problems.

“Take the time to investigate the health of the rent roll you’re interested in, as well as the operational efficiency of the seller’s business to figure out if the asking price is reasonable. Ask for tangible evidence, such as documents that show gains and losses over the last six months to 12 months.”

“It’s probably a good idea to abandon ship before signing any contracts, if you notice a long list of tenant and landlord complaints or similar red flags. You don’t want to inherit those problems,” Ms Ringuet said.

As specialists in rent roll acquisition, Orana Property has published an article and released a podcast with valuable advice for licensees considering buying a rent roll, so they can minimise the risks.

New Research Says Vaping Increases Risk of Dental Problems

Sydney, New South Wales -

Many people don’t realise that vaping can cause lasting damage to the heart and lungs, but there’s even less awareness about the dangers to oral health.

Patients who inhale vapour from battery-operated devices have a significantly higher risk of developing cavities, according to a November 2022 study by Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Results from more than 13,000 patients show that 79 per cent of vaping patients had high-caries risk, compared to 60 per cent of the control group.

Although more research is needed, Dr Alistair Graham from Mona Vale Dental isn’t surprised by these preliminary findings.

Many of his patients with discoloured teeth and eroded enamel admit to inhaling vaping aerosols, which typically contain nicotine – the same addictive substance in tobacco cigarettes.

“So far we know that nicotine increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, by changing oral microbiome and limiting the flow of blood to gum tissue,” Dr Graham said.

“Nicotine-free vaping products aren’t much better, as all vaping aerosols heat up the mouth and create the perfect environment for bad bacteria to thrive.”

In Australia, most vaping aerosols contain nicotine, which always requires a prescription. Vaping aerosols without nicotine don’t require a prescription, but still come with health risks due to containing unregulated chemicals like Formaldehyde.

Young people expose themselves to these potentially harmful vaping chemicals at the highest rates. Electronic cigarettes are most commonly used by people aged between 18 and 24, according to a 2022 report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Dr Alistair Graham says research into the oral health dangers of vaping is ongoing, but we know enough to see that vaping is detrimental to people of all ages.

He recommends that patients speak to their doctor or call Quitline to get the support they need to stop the habit completely.

In the meantime, dentists can take a number of measures to prevent or limit the damage.

“It’s so important that dentists regularly ask their patients if they use vaping devices. If the answer is yes, patients may benefit from a prescription for high-strength fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to keep bacteria at bay,” Dr Graham said.

Dr Alistair Graham recently published an article titled “Is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth?”, which contains more detailed information about the oral health risks and treatment measures.

Increase in Concerns on Social Media Observed as to Whether Veneers Are Really Safe

There has been an increase in veneer horror stories on social media, especially those that have been done overseas. In one article on Santihealth that can be found at, it is revealed how a certain individual in Australia found a dentist overseas who offered the procedure for veneers at a lower price compared to what dentists in her area have offered. It was not long before she noticed that the veneers were ill-fitting and uncomfortable and caused her gums to become swollen. She found out later when she consulted with another dentist that the veneers provided were poorly made, used low quality materials, and were poorly fitted.

There has been a lot of news about the availability of cheap veneers in foreign countries, such as Turkey, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Naturally, people are attracted to the lower prices for veneers overseas, which is why this option has become quite popular for many individuals in Australia. However, there have also been a lot of veneer horror stories abroad, and dental experts have issued warnings that patients could put themselves at risk of oral health problems.

For instance, Smile Creative, a dental practice in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, had released an article that examines the possibility of veneers causing damage to teeth. It is actually the process that involves the removal of some of the natural tooth enamel, which is required to make sure the thin porcelain veneer will fit snugly to the front of the tooth, thus providing a natural-looking tooth are the process in completed.

It is important to note that the amount of tooth enamel removed before placing the veneers is usually minimal and will not pose a huge risk to dental health. Veneers can be an effective solution for restoring the appearance of teeth that have been stained, worn, chipped, or damaged. However, it is advisable to carefully check on the dentist and the dental practice, especially those located overseas.

In foreign countries, it is possible to come in contact with “dentists” who are not licensed and don’t even have a degree or training. Of course, the possibility may also exist in Australia, so it is always a good idea to always check on the background of the dental practice and the dentists before agreeing to use their services. The cost of having the damage repaired by a legitimate dental practice may likely exceed the amount saved in choosing a much cheaper provider.

Meanwhile, it is possible to care for a person’s teeth and smile by following some tips. For instance, in a blog post that can be accessed at, four ways are presented on how to have a better smile. These are: watching one’s diet; having broken teeth fixed; accepting one’s smile; and being confident in oneself.

A person’s diet is intricately related to the appearance of a person’s teeth. Thus, it is a good idea to minimize the intake of certain foods and beverages. These include red wine and coffee, and also all kinds of sugary foods. By avoiding these foods and drinks, the teeth can be healthier and such teeth tend to look great, which will greatly contribute to a person’s smile. Broken or damaged teeth negatively affect a person’s smile, which is why having them fixed by a reliable dentist can help to protect a person’s smile.

Those who are interested in learning more about dental veneers and making sure the veneers they get are safe, are advised to perform a careful check of the dental practice they plan to go to, especially when these are located overseas. Those who are interested in having a beautiful smile may benefit from tips on how to attain optimal oral health. One such blog post is titled, “Achieving Optimal Oral Health: Your Guide to a Healthy Smile In Your 30's.” These tips include: drinking water after meals; getting professional teeth cleaning; ensuring one’s diet foods rich in vitamins and minerals and doesn’t contain sugary or acidic foods; overcoming fear of the dentist; not smoking; and using fluoride products.

Mittagong Dentist Offers Emergency Dental Treatments at Tulip Smile

Tulip Smile, a dental practice in Mittagong, NSW, has announced that it now offers emergency dental treatments for patients who require urgent dental care.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, dental emergencies are a common reason for hospital admissions in the country, with over 70,000 dental-related hospitalizations reported in 2017-18. Dental emergencies can happen at any time and cause debilitating pain and discomfort. To help Mittagong residents facing emergencies get the help they need, fast and affordably, Tulip Smile has assembled a high-performing team of experienced dentists and dental hygienists.

Mittagong dentist Tulip Smile

“At Tulip Smile, we are committed to ensuring that our patients receive prompt and effective emergency dental care,” says Dr. Raj Tomar. “We understand how dental pain can wreak havoc on your life. Toothaches can throw your entire planned daily schedule into a frenzy, sap your focus, decimate your productivity, and prevent you from being able to relax after a hard day’s work. Thankfully, our patients in Mittagong and nearby areas can take heart knowing that their favorite dentistry now offers them the emergency services they need. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide fast and accurate diagnoses and treatments. If you are struggling, call us to schedule an emergency consultation and let us remedy your pain.”

Tulip Smile’s emergency dental services include treatment for aching, broken, or dislodged teeth, bleeding, or severed gums, cracked veneers and fixtures, lost fillings, and other dental emergencies. The clinic offers several emergency dentistry and restoration treatment options including pain relief medication, root canals, extractions, fillings, and crowns. Apart from emergency dentistry, the clinic also offers cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, dental implants, and children's dentistry and more.

Dr. Raj talks about the clinic’s methodology by saying, “We assess our patients’ conditions in detail to identify the root cause of their dental emergency. Our diagnosis includes a thorough review of their medical history, X-rays, and more. Following treatment, we educate our patients on good oral hygiene, offer them regular check-ups, and recommend personalized preventive care plans to make them proactive participants in their own recovery.”

The team of dental professionals at Tulip Smile is available to provide emergency dental treatments outside of regular business hours, including evenings and weekends. Since, according to the Australian Dental Association, dental emergencies can occur at any time, it's important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent further complications. To ensure that patients receive the care they need when they need it the most, Tulip Smile welcomes patients to call its office at (02) 4872 2186 right away.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, approximately one-third of Australian adults avoid or delay dental care due to cost or other factors. To deliver on its commitment to provide affordable and accessible dental care, Tulip Smile provides patients with health funds, including Medibank, HCF, and Westfund. Patients can rest assured that they will be financially covered for specific dental treatments and procedures they need. The clinic also offers bulk-billing through the Child Dental Benefit Scheme from Medicare and DVA.

The team at Tulip Smile has been repeatedly praised by Mittagong residents for its friendly staff, professional dental services, and helpful customer service. One review on its Google Business Profile, where it has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating, says, “What a great team. Dr. Lovedeesh, Ebony, and Tanisha. From the moment you walk in the door, you are made to feel part of the team and the dental service is second to none. Five fillings plus rebuilding both top and bottom teeth was a painless experience with the utmost devotion by all team members to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during all procedures. I highly recommend this dental practice.”

Readers can write to Tulip Smile at to inquire about its emergency dental services. News and announcements from the clinic can be found at Tulip Smile Dental Practice - Mittagong Dental.

Business Consultant Advises Seeking Professional Advice Before Selling Business

The article titled "Now is the time to get your business ready for sale" highlights the importance of preparing a business for sale before actually putting it on the market. The author argues that the current economic climate, which is characterized by low interest rates and high demand for quality businesses, provides an ideal opportunity for business owners to sell their businesses at attractive valuations. As a business consultant, I completely agree with this assessment and would like to offer my opinion on the matter.

Here's why I think it's important

Firstly, let's acknowledge that selling a business is a major decision that requires careful planning and preparation. The process can be complicated, time-consuming, and emotionally draining, especially for business owners who have invested a significant amount of time and resources in their ventures. Therefore, it is essential to take a strategic approach and seek professional advice to ensure that the process is as smooth and profitable as possible.

Secondly, I agree the current economic climate is indeed favorable for business owners who are considering selling their businesses. With interest rates at historic lows, many investors are looking for ways to earn higher returns on their money, and quality businesses can provide an attractive investment opportunity. In addition, there is a shortage of quality businesses for sale, which means that demand is currently outstripping supply. This has led to an increase in valuations, with many businesses fetching higher prices than they would have in previous years.

However, it is worth noting that the current economic climate is not the only factor that business owners should consider when deciding whether to sell their businesses. Other important considerations include the state of the industry, the competitive landscape, and the business's financial performance. Business owners should also think about their personal goals and whether selling the business aligns with their long-term plans.

In conclusion, I believe that the article's advice is sound - now is an excellent time for business owners to get their businesses ready for sale. However, it is important to approach the process with a strategic mindset and seek professional advice to ensure that the process is as smooth and profitable as possible. Business owners should also carefully consider all of the relevant factors and weigh the pros and cons of selling their businesses before making a final decision. 

Now Is the Time to Get Business Ready for Sale, says M&A Consulting Firm Morgan Shaw Advisory

Sydney, New South Wales -

Morgan Shaw Advisory is revealing the potential that 2023 holds for M&A activity and is sharing advice on how to capitalize on it.

While there are warning signs of a global recession, the prospects for healthy businesses with steady growth and a good balance sheet are likely to remain strong. In fact, the challenges brought on by a sliding market can be opportunities for businesses operating in key sectors that are likely to become the focus of consumer spending in the future. These include electrification, digitization, energy, defense, education, health, and security.

The Morgan Shaw Advisory team help business owners realise their personal and professional ambitions and create the business they always wanted.

By getting a head start on viewing one’s business through the lens of future acquisition potential, business owners can prime themselves for receiving offers. The metrics that interested buyers might be interested in are both quantitative and qualitative. So, while the ability to generate sales and turn a profit is key, companies that have solid structures and processes in place, and demonstrate the ability to scale, divest and diversify are the ones that are going to be primarily sought after.

“Of course, your financial strength, revenue profile, IP, client profile, and business maturity are going to be under scrutiny,” says Graham Morgan, Managing Director at Morgan Shaw Advisory, “but so are your business’s attractiveness in terms of scope of growth, your core competitive advantages, business processes, marketing, the quality of the workforce, and the associated risk. Your business is more than just numbers in a spreadsheet. Potential acquirers today want to know that they are buying into a business that can sustain itself and offers opportunities to excel in the market.”

M&A consulting firms can help businesses get ready for the next step in their journey which can include everything from raising capital, acquiring other businesses, issuing an IPO, or selling the business.

Australian M&A consulting firm Morgan Shaw Advisory has developed the EBITDA+ SIX STEPS TO SUCCESS™ approach to help its clients become more appealing to potential buyers and maximise its value on exit. The approach helps business owners achieve their goals while minimizing the associated stress and uncertainty.

It begins with evaluating a business current value, identifying actionable improvements that can increase it and building and executing a plan to achieve it. Upon getting the business up to par, MSA will then run the highly complex transaction process, marketing their client’s business to as many prospective buyers as necessary while protecting trade secrets. The firm vets the authenticity of incoming offers, negotiates the transaction price as well as associated terms and facilitates a smooth transition beyond the sale.

Graham Morgan talks about how MSA can make its clients “game ready” for opportunities that may arise by saying, “It is always advisable to run your business such that you can choose to exit when a lucrative opportunity comes along. For us, being “game ready” is being prepared to portray your business in the best possible way to the ideal buyer without waiting around for your accounting department to catch up. You never know when the tide might turn and buyers might lose interest due to prolonged negotiations. This is more pertinent now than ever before. 2023 is a good year to begin preparing your business for sale. We can help your business get ready and propel you toward the next phase in your business journey.”

Businesses preparing to get acquired or exit in 2023 will have to contend with the challenges that the slowing global economy brings. However, by looking at the business as a whole and bridging the gap between current capabilities and the qualities that buyers are looking for, business owners can prepare themselves for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Morgan Shaw Advisory helps business owners realize their personal and professional ambitions. It works with owners of small and medium size companies to maximize the value of their business and make it less dependent on them. Readers can contact MSA at +61 1300 980 344 or for more information about its consulting services.

Founded in 2013, Morgan Shaw Advisory is a boutique M&A consulting firm based in Sydney, NSW. The company’s specialty consulting services include advisory boards, mergers, acquisitions, selling a business, transformation, executive coaching, due diligence, business evaluation, improving business performance, growth strategy, exit strategy, and succession planning.