Canberra Agent Assists With Migration Applications

Classic Migration, based in Canberra, ACT is encouraging all interested parties to connect with the firm’s registered immigration/migration agents for personalised guidance. The team’s specialised assistance is available for all who wish to study, work or live in Australia. Get started at the following link:

As most are aware, it can be extraordinarily difficult to establish a life in another country. This challenge is made worse by the fact that each region may have its own application process, required documentation and so on. This essentially makes every application process appear to be little more than a maze that is both expensive and stressful to navigate, especially since there could be little to no sign of how successful it could ultimately be.

Classic Migration seeks to put an end to this dilemma. The firm offers the assistance of a dedicated team whose overall duty is to ensure every client is closely guided through every step of their application. The team goes as far as to share insight on the various departmental mechanisms at play, and they can handle any and all necessary paperwork on behalf of the client. They can also ensure that a client’s case will make the best possible impression with the relevant parties.

The firm is particularly keen to help skilled individuals who wish to demonstrate their eligibility to reside in Australia, regardless of purpose. Eligibility assessments, in fact, are a cornerstone of the firm’s services, allowing clients to have themselves professionally analysed in order to identify whether any portion of their application needs more work. There are several criteria set by Australian immigration authorities that refer to the applicant’s qualifications, skills and so on, and Classic Migration helps clients overcome these obstacles where possible. See more here:

With any company that provides such crucial facilities, it is necessary to maintain a high standard of customer service and offer personalised care. This serves to ensure the client is not left confused or without the relevant resources. Classic Migration has always recognised the importance of great customer service, and it is given a high priority at all times no matter how straightforward or complex a client’s situation may appear. Those who consult with Classic Migration, the company says, can therefore expect to be taken care of in virtually every circumstance.

This is the basis of the company’s 5-Star Service Guarantee. Should a client receive anything less than the team’s best, they are eligible to get all their money back. The Classic Migration team takes their responsibilities seriously, and this is evident in the firm’s community feedback.

“Very approachable, friendly and welcoming staff” attests a review from one of the firm’s clients. “They are always there for you for any migration-related services and any questions you have. Manisha, in Admin, and Niraj, who has more than 15 years of experience as migration officer, are so lovely to work with. Definitely recommend Classic Migration to anyone who is looking for a reliable migration agent to start your PR journey with.”

Anyone can begin working with Classic Migration today by contacting the firm directly or making an inquiry via the official Classic Migration website. To begin, only a few details are needed, such as the client’s name, contact information and whether they are seeking help with migration or education. Classic Migration understands that every client is eager to start their journey, so a quick response can be expected. See more here:

Classic Migration is pleased to add that clients who choose to work with the firm may receive a number of bonuses that are designed to help their application build momentum. For instance, a client who proceeds past the initial stage will find that their second consultation is provided at no additional charge.

Those seeking student visas and education consultancy services, insight and guidance on the study courses they may pursue, temporary work visas, information on employer-sponsored visas and more are welcome to reach out to Classic Migration today. The firm strives to offer every client peace of mind that their application has the highest chance of succeeding, and they already boast numerous success stories in this regard.

Property Managers Say WA Rental Reforms Protect Both Tenants and Landlords

Perth, Western Australia -

Perth, Western Australia - Property management company Orana Property applauds the WA government for creating fairer conditions for tenants; without sacrificing the rights of landlords to manage their property as they see fit.

A major update to Western Australia’s rental laws is expected to go before Parliament at the end of this year. The raft of proposed changes includes restricting rent increases to once a year, allowing tenants to make minor home modifications, banning rent bidding and permitting pet ownership.

Rental reform has been on WA’s horizon since 2019, when the state government announced a review into the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), which was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This reform comes at a critical time, as tenants feel the pinch of higher rents in a tight market with a limited supply of rental listings. Perth has one of the lowest rental vacancy rates in Australia, which means that tenant demand far outweighs the supply of properties on the market.

The vacancy rate fell to record lows at 0.6 per cent in December 2022. There’s been a small recovery since then. Perth’s vacancy rate is currently 0.8 per cent, but this is still far below a balanced market range of 2.5 to 3.5 per cent. There’s less than one rental dwelling available for every 100 renter households. This is one reason why Perth has some of the highest year-on-year rent increases in the nation, as more tenants compete for suitable accommodation.

Alison Ringuet, Orana’s acquisition and business development manager, says landlords also face intense pressures in this difficult market, especially when it comes to inflated mortgage repayments.

“Landlords aren’t immune from the financial stress that many Australians face. They’ve also struggled to cope with regular interest rate hikes during a cost of living crisis,” Ms Ringuet said. “The last thing we need is for landlords to leave the property market because managing a property has become too hard in Western Australia. This will happen if landlords lose confidence in the face of too many restrictions. We need to encourage more investment in the rental market, not less. Otherwise there will be even fewer properties available for tenants to lease. This would cause prices to soar higher, due to supply and demand.”

(Image: Alison Ringuet, Orana Property)

Orana Property welcomes the WA government’s decision to keep no-grounds evictions in place, which should encourage more landlords to enter the market. No-grounds evictions enable WA property owners to evict tenants without giving a reason. The notice period for termination provisions is currently 60 days for periodic leases and 30 days for fixed leases.

In May 2023, the McGowan government released a press release that no-grounds evictions will remain.

“With the current challenges facing WA’s rental market, it is not in the community’s interests to make it more complex to own and manage a long-term rental property. Our State needs more investors in the market and uncertainty about their ability to manage their own asset may stand in the way of increasing supply,” Ms Ringuet said.

When state and territory leaders met with the Prime Minister on August 16, they agreed to move towards nationally consistent laws on renting – including removing no-grounds evictions. Despite these recent national cabinet guidelines, the WA government will retain no-grounds evictions.

Australian states and territories set their own tenancy laws, so WA’s rental laws are separate from what’s happening elsewhere. However, Australia’s housing crisis has put rental reform at the top of the national agenda this year. This means WA rental laws may come to be shaped by wider reform.

Orana Property published an article explaining Western Australia’s rental reforms, against the backdrop of national housing debate.