Bling, bling smiles

I know it seems like overkill to drive all the way into Sydney CBD to visit a dentist, but when you’ve got a good one… well as Marvin Gaye put it:
ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough babe!
I’ve never much enjoyed visiting the dentist (I know, my fears are just so unique!), but I actually enjoy my annual visits to Dr Fadi Yassmin. He’s a cosmetic dentist, which means he’s concerned with appearance just as much as he is with tooth health.

DFY Dental. Source

This was actually my second visit this year, although the kids first, as I had to get a veneer replaced because I chipped it and popped into the emergency dentist in Newcastle, where a non-cosmetic dentist filed off the chip, leaving me with a stumpy, blunt tooth… which was the entire reason I got a veneer in the first place: to disguise a stumpy, blunt tooth.

DFY Dental also specialises in digital smile design. So Dr. Fadi showed me the process and it was pretty amazing - I’ve got to say, they were pretty well behaved the whole time too… although that might have been because the promise of a trip to Taronga Zoo loomed in their future if they sat still and didn’t complain
Master 6 has already lost two teeth and one of those gaps has started to grow an adult tooth, which he was very proud to show off to Dr. Fadi. It’s coming in a little wonky, although Dr. Fadi did say it’s still too early to know if that means braces are on the cards… I best start saving just in case!

Miss 3 asked for ‘sparkly teeth like the men on TV’, I guess she recently spotted some rappers on the Grammy Awards red carpet, flashing their blingy mouth grills.

Image result for bling grill grammys
Rapper "Lil Yachty spent $35,000 on his mouth Jewelry for the Grammy's . Source

I’m not surprised she thought it was cool, I would’ve been exactly the same at her age. Dr. Fadi has a great sense of humour though, and told her the tooth fairy gets to decide who gets sparkly teeth and who doesn’t – and it all comes down to how well you brush your teeth each night! Hey, if that’s what it takes to make tooth brushing time easier each night, I’m willing to perpetuate the lie.
While I was in the chair, getting my veneer replaced, the kids sat quietly in the corner, enthralled with the iPad (which is normally off limits, but sometimes you’ve gotta make concessions!). At the slightest whinge, Dr. Fadi reminded them about seeing the elephants and they zipped it pretty quickly.

We made it to the zoo just after lunchtime, I’m pleased to say, and the kids snoozed the entire drive back to Newcastle. But most importantly, in the photos from that day are filled with bright, white smiles thanks to Dr. Fadi.