ask these questions when exploring a new city

Due to COVID-19 international travel is a no-go for me...

But staycations and domestic travel are on the rise :)

And because most domestic locations have already been experienced by your friends, family and associates, you can ask them questions!

Genevieve from The Wander Bug put together the top 10 questions to ask a traveller and I <3 it.

Ask these 10 questions before you explore a new city:

  1. Which was your favourite place you visited?
  2. Was the country/city like you expected it to be?
  3. What surprised you the most about how people live there?
  4. Were you able to pick up some of the local language?
  5. What was your favourite neighbourhood?
  6. Did the places you visited remind you of anywhere else?
  7. What was the most memorable meal of the trip?
  8. What was the highlight of your trip?
  9. Would you re-visit anywhere you went? Will you go back to see other parts of the country?
  10. Would you ever consider moving there?
And even though there are a lot of convincing reasons to give up your car you can probably just drive to the destination (well, if its in your state anyways).

The are alternative transport options if you are sans-car, such as:
  • train
  • plane
  • helicopter
of which many are starting to resume normal activities (particular at smaller airports).

We have a beautiful country here, and there's so many ways to see it. In challenging times, its best to travel locally and support our economy as many businesses are doing it tough at the moment with the lack of international tourism.

Safe travels!