Old school designers will understand

Shout out to the old school. Call me old fashioned, but I always try to buy classic style designs to support that aesthetic.

My old school designers will remember the CorelScript language being very vague.

Nowadays aspiring designers have moved away from Corel and on to tools like the Adobe design suite. They will never know the pain of using the Corel Photo-Paint's Recorder function to record activities. And everyone sharing their own tutorials on how to make it work -_- 

And then having to save that recording as a CorelScript that you it can be used over again at a later date.

This was a great way to provide custom controls and settings to batch file programs or to build an array of specialized processes that you need repeat only once and then call on your script forever after. Nowadays I can do it in Adobe in about 3 clicks 🤣

I can say that I miss some of the old school programs, but I think the new surroundings are better for my mental health LOL

The old school software even had VCR controls at the top of the recorder box! For those of you who don;t know what a VCR is:

Philips VCR from decades ago. I had one just like this!

The cost of CorelDraw is a bit much for me these days, and the power of new free tools like Pixlr and Canva really blow me away.

Anyway's I'm about to take the dog for a walk, so I leave you with the SONG OF THE DAY

Breaking Benjamin - Blow me Away