Knockdown Rebuild Roundup

I have a confession: I've been researching a lot about knockdown rebuilds.

A knock down rebuild is when a home owner knocks down their existing home and rebuilds a new house on the same land, instead of renovating parts of their home or moving to a new location.

In this process I have been doing a LOT of reading to find handy hints and make sure I choose the perfect builder (if I can convince the bank that we should do it 😂).


Here's my top 6 articles I've read so far about knockdown rebuild:

Rebuilding a house: what you need to know

This article provides some insight into making sure you know the constructions costs before you start, so you aren't struck by any unwanted surprises.
"Before you begin the rebuilding process, make sure you have thought through all the costs involved in the process. Having a proper construction cost estimate will help you determine several key factors, and it's important to know that building a home should be approached from several angles. Firstly, why have you decided to undertake this project?"

Renovating A House Or Making It New: Which Is Better?

One thing to remember with a KDR project is that not everything is a positive. There is one main drawback o this process: the wait time.
"The waiting time. Without a doubt, the main disadvantage of building a house is the time you have to wait from the moment you make the decision until your new house is ready to move into"

Renovate Or Knockdown And Rebuild? Make The Right Choice

The biggest deterrer of knockdown rebuild projects will be your local council. Ensure you have the correct approvals to achieve the design you want.

"Of course, it makes no sense to make plans that you may not be able to carry out afterwards. Therefore, first, go to your local authority and find out what is possible and permitted in your municipality in terms of planning and heritage regulations" 

6 Things to Know Before You Are Renovating Your Home

You really need to know your builder and understand their process and track record of delivery quality results for their clients.

"Talking directly is always best. You can take suggestions from your friends and relatives who have previously hired the builder for renovation. If the builders have their own websites online, make sure that you have checked their websites and read the testimonials."

What To Expect From Knockdown Rebuild?

This article recommends an inspection at the completion of your project to ensure the end results is picture perfect.

"Your builder should execute a warranty inspection once you have moved in; to make sure your expectations are met in regards to quality and workmanship. As a milestone in the construction process, it may require a further progress payment as per your contract document"