Internet Reputation Management Integral to Australian Businesses Says E-Web Marketing CEO Sam Shetty

E-Web Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Sydney, NSW, is helping businesses improve and manage their reputation online. Since 1988, the company has worked alongside businesses to improve their online presence and develop well-rounded digital marketing strategies. This includes measures designed to help their clients improve their online reputation, an area that can significantly harm a business if not seen in a positive light. Learn more at

As a part of internet reputation management, keeping an eye on Google search results and knowing how to change them when necessary is an important factor. E-Web Marketing utilizes a tried and tested process that they built which has been successful for company names and local keywords. The process involves a business having high quality content across a number of social media platforms, websites, Google Business Profile, press releases and mini websites which create a strong association of the business with that particular area.

Through the use of this approach to reputation management, E-Web Marketing has been able to get as many as seven results on the first page for clients. Any search targeting a local service area results in the first page of the Google Search results showing many links about the business. Being able to change and update keywords which boost search results can be a great advantage to a company as it helps them expand their reach whenever a potential client searches for a service offered by the company in a particular region. Learn more here:

CEO of E-Web Marketing Sam Shetty states, “One of the most overlooked aspects in any company’s digital marketing strategy is online reputation management. That should never be the case, because a poor reputation can significantly impact the sales of goods and services. It’s the reason why we also have strategies in place to improve our client companies’ online reputation, maintain them once they have been built up and then quickly repair said reputation if an event takes place that harms it.”

online reputation management by E-Web Marketing

The impression created by a business’s online presence can have a significant impact on potential customers, which makes managing it even more important. Shetty goes on to add that another reason that the company places such a strong emphasis on internet reputation management is the fact that customers are now relying on online sources and convenience more than ever before — and social media is a heavy influence as well. As such, even business that have traditionally operated out of a brick and mortar location cannot afford to ignore their digital counterpart. Learn more here:

Before information was made so easily available online, a company may have been able to survive an incident that negatively impacted their reputation because there were ways to make sure that the information stayed within a small group of people or even within the company itself. Social media has changed this drastically, and any type of negative publicity that can tarnish a company’s reputation can quickly go viral and be seen by significant numbers of consumers. As a result, it is incredibly important for digital marketing services to always take steps to improve and monitor their clients’ online reputation. E-Web Marketing also has the necessary experience and tools required to quickly take action if a client’s online reputation is harmed by a well-publicized incident which portrays the business in a negative light.

E-Web Marketing is no newcomer to the field of online marketing. Founded in 1988, the company has developed into an award-winning entity that has been able to help about 3,000 global and national organisations successfully boost their website traffic, lead conversions and brand awareness. Their mission is to assist businesses in improving their online presence by applying a range of tested and targeted strategies that can help them maintain their digital marketing campaigns with a more efficient budget.

For more information on E-Web Marketing’s online reputation and other digital marketing services, clients may visit their official website. Similarly, they may contact the company via phone, email or by filling out the contact form on their website.