Tradie Creates Australia's Comfiest Performance Workwear Brand, Form Workwear

Form Workwear founder Liam had grown frustrated over the low-quality, overpriced workwear that he and his colleagues bought year after year. The typical workwear brands available were not performing up to the standards of a demanding job-site. This is where Australia's newest performance workwear brand, Form Workwear, was born.

The brand, Form Workwear, claims to offer Australia's most comfortable performance workwear for Australian tradies. They are available online at and at a range of local workwear stores.

Australian workwear brand Form Workwear is "obsessed with comfort"

Form Workwear is focused on creating high-performance workwear products for men that are comfortable, durable, and perform on a job site. The range of products include shirts, pants, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts and jackets.

The Form Workwear brand represents what a tradesperson is looking for on the job site. At its core the brand has been focused on listening to and being inspired by the real needs of Australian tradies. The development of the Form Workwear brand was a highly collaborative initiative which included the insight of various tradies as well as external experts to ensure everything from its design, to photography and social media communications showcase the core message of "by tradies, for tradies".

“I heard from my mates on site that they felt like there isn’t an apparel or workwear brand that really delivers on the promises their marketing makes,” said Liam, Founder of Form Workwear, who led Form Workwear’s brand development. “As a tradesman myself, I feel a responsibility to create products that you can purchase with confidence, knowing that it's comfortable and going to last. We engineered some things differently with our products, and it's those innovations which make all the difference."

One such innovation is the Form Workwear pants that have "reversed fabric" so the softer side of the fabric is on the skin. The pants are availalbe in navy, khaki or black. Learn more about the reverse-engineered work pants at

“This is all new to me," said Liam, "but the initial feedback on the prototypes were so good I knew we were on to something.” He continues, “We want to make sure we’re engaging in ways that feel authentic to and resonate with some of Australia's hardest workers, the humble Aussie tradie."

Although the founder is new to starting a workwear brand, his hands-on experience has ensured that all Form Workwear garments are thoroughly tested for quality and also comply with Australian and New Zealand hi-vis standards

Liam continues, "the day-to-day workload of a tradie is hard enough without having to wear uncomfortable, stifling workwear. As a tradesman myself, I know what I want out of my gear. So I went ahead and made my own. It turns out I might have made Australia's most comfortable workwear." He added, "Everyone loved it so much, I had to start a business to satisfy the demand. I hope we can do a good enough job marketing Form Workwear that other tradies get to experience the quality of our gear that they can feel good about buying.”

Form Workwear is available at some retail stores at this time, as the brand hopes to grow its retail footprint while it engages its customers on the platforms they use most such as Instagram and Facebook.

For more information about Form Workwear, please visit

About Form Workwear

Form Workwear is an Australian workwear brand offering a range of high-performance and comfortable products including shirts, quilted flannels, pants, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts and jackets for men. Inspired by the Aussie tradesmans attention to detail, the brand is focused on the fine details that make Form Workwear more comfortable than the average work wear.