Sydney Sex Therapist Susie Tuckwell Is Helping Couples Find Fulfilment in Intimate Relationships

Susie Tuckwell, a sex and relationship therapist based in Sydney, is helping New South Wales residents understand what sex therapy is, how it works, who it is for, and how it can help patients have more fulfilling relationships with their partners.

Susie is an adult counsellor and psychotherapist specialising in sex therapy. On her website she describes couples sex therapy sessions as the perfect safe space where her clients can open up about their sex lives and sexual health.

About Susie Tuckwell - Sex & Relationship Therapist: in Sydney

"Some clients find an immediate sense of relief. For others, sometimes it takes longer," says Susie.

During the sessions, couples engage in an honest conversation with each other and fill in the therapist with all the relevant information about their sexual desires and expectations from their partners.

Susie also helps couples to talk about their emotions about sex and even digs deeper into each partner’s gender identity, sexuality, and sexual preferences. Once the role that sex plays in the couple’s relationship is understood, Susie will then use her years of experience to suggest actionable techniques for the couple to get more comfortable with each other’s bodies.

Susie’s services are gender neutral as she assures readers that both men and women will find themselves comfortable sharing their intimate thoughts with her.

She recommends intimate activities the couple can engage in the privacy of their homes to break down the barriers that are holding them back from addressing their sexual needs. This includes experimenting with new positions, sex toys, sensate focus, mindfulness, and relaxation. Susie will also help the couple better communicate these desires with each other as the spectrum of sexual needs is so diverse that discussing it candidly and truthfully is the only way to make sure both partners are on the same page.

Susie also warns her clients that it is necessary to choose a sex therapist who is well versed in the underlying science and psychology of sexual relationships. This demands years of training and experience. The most effective and reputable sex therapists will have post-graduate degrees in the topic from established universities in Australia or worldwide. The best ones will also have affiliations with relevant professional organizations as well as practice insurance to manage professional liabilities.

Readers are welcome to connect with Susie Tuckwell on LinkedIn to browse through the qualifications and consulting experience that Susie brings to the table. Susie herself has a Master of Health Science (Sexual Health) degree from The University of Sydney and is a member of the Psychotherapist and Counsellors Federation of Australia, PACFA.

Susie’s sex therapy services can address several common sexual health concerns between couples such as low libido, loss of desire, mismatched libidos, orgasm problems, anorgasmia, delayed or retarded ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), maintaining sexual and emotional connection in long-term relationships, problematic pornography use, or other problem on-line or internet activities, painful intercourse, vaginismus, pelvic pain, sex-related fear, shame, anxiety, healing traumatic sexual or emotional history, unwanted sexual behavior by self or others, exploring sexual or gender orientation or sexual identity, “coming out”, asexuality, exploring sexual needs and practices in a relationship, confident sexual communication, long-term affairs or “arrangements”, polyamory and other non-traditional relationship and sexual options, virginity, sexual shyness, dating self-confidence, affair recovery, pre-marital counselling, “wedding-night” knowledge and confidence, sexual and relationship recovery from cult, strict religion, and more.

Susie talks about why couples who are struggling to establish intimacy in their relationship should opt for the guidance of a sex therapist.

"A sex therapist is a trained listener who has the necessary academic background to understand their client’s concerns and does so impartially without passing judgment," says Susie.

"They have the tools needed to objectively assess the problems and suggest solutions that are respectful of each partner’s desires and comfort level with sexual exploration. You won’t get such nuanced and insightful help for your problems if you rely on unstructured and untrustworthy sources of information such as blogs and internet videos to learn about these sensitive issues. You will also waste a lot of time finding the right information that is relevant to the issues that are specific to the relationship between you and your cherished partner," she continues.

Readers can contact Susie Tuckwell - Sex & Relationship Therapist at 1300 811 726 or email her at Susie offers a free 15-minute consultation to new clients where she explains her services and gets a better understanding of their situation before the first appointment.