How Form Workwear Keeps Tradies Cool in the Summer Heat

The Australian summertime is well-known for it's sweltering heat, with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology stating 26°C is an average Summer temperature in most regions. The sun is bright, and humidity high. To help Australian tradies across the country, Liam McKay, Founder of Form Workwear, has developed workwear to help workers stay cool throughout this intense summer season. reports there were 1,774 accepted workers’ compensation claims resulting from working in heat over the ten years from 2009 to 2019. This includes of 940 claims that were cancer related, and 441 claims that were heat stroke or heat stress related.

Work shorts for tradies engineered for the Australian summer

Liam says, "That would only be a fraction of the people who endured tough conditions and came out worse for wear."

Liam explains that best way to reduce heat related stress is to simply remove the manual labour required. Machines and automation help with this. He reiterates there's tasks that inevitably require manual labour. For that kind of work, on-site foreman should "review rest schedules to account for conditions and make sure everyone has the right equipment and workwear for the conditions". SafeWorkAustralia, the organisation responsible for developing national policy relating to WHS and workers' compensation agrees with this this stating that "reducing physical labour requirements" is a great way to reduce risk.

To help make work a little more comfortable for workers, Form Workwear offer workwear made with a lightweight, breathable fabric. The tough, stretchy canvas features reinforced stitching for extra durability.

"Breathable fabric doesn't have to be delicate. We've made a comfortable pair of shorts that keeps you cool but can still handle a hard-days work."

Founder Liam reckons they're worth a try, stating, "Tradies Never Regret the Switch to Form Workwear."

For those interested in purchasing a pair of Form Workwear tradies shorts can shop online at Get 10% off your first order by signing up to their mailing list.

About Form Workwear

Form Workwear is an Australian workwear brand offering a range of high-performance and comfortable products including shirts, quilted flannels, pants, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts and jackets for men. Inspired by the Aussie tradesmans attention to detail, the brand is focused on the fine details that make Form Workwear more comfortable than the average work wear.