Increase in Concerns on Social Media Observed as to Whether Veneers Are Really Safe

There has been an increase in veneer horror stories on social media, especially those that have been done overseas. In one article on Santihealth that can be found at, it is revealed how a certain individual in Australia found a dentist overseas who offered the procedure for veneers at a lower price compared to what dentists in her area have offered. It was not long before she noticed that the veneers were ill-fitting and uncomfortable and caused her gums to become swollen. She found out later when she consulted with another dentist that the veneers provided were poorly made, used low quality materials, and were poorly fitted.

There has been a lot of news about the availability of cheap veneers in foreign countries, such as Turkey, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Naturally, people are attracted to the lower prices for veneers overseas, which is why this option has become quite popular for many individuals in Australia. However, there have also been a lot of veneer horror stories abroad, and dental experts have issued warnings that patients could put themselves at risk of oral health problems.

For instance, Smile Creative, a dental practice in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, had released an article that examines the possibility of veneers causing damage to teeth. It is actually the process that involves the removal of some of the natural tooth enamel, which is required to make sure the thin porcelain veneer will fit snugly to the front of the tooth, thus providing a natural-looking tooth are the process in completed.

It is important to note that the amount of tooth enamel removed before placing the veneers is usually minimal and will not pose a huge risk to dental health. Veneers can be an effective solution for restoring the appearance of teeth that have been stained, worn, chipped, or damaged. However, it is advisable to carefully check on the dentist and the dental practice, especially those located overseas.

In foreign countries, it is possible to come in contact with “dentists” who are not licensed and don’t even have a degree or training. Of course, the possibility may also exist in Australia, so it is always a good idea to always check on the background of the dental practice and the dentists before agreeing to use their services. The cost of having the damage repaired by a legitimate dental practice may likely exceed the amount saved in choosing a much cheaper provider.

Meanwhile, it is possible to care for a person’s teeth and smile by following some tips. For instance, in a blog post that can be accessed at, four ways are presented on how to have a better smile. These are: watching one’s diet; having broken teeth fixed; accepting one’s smile; and being confident in oneself.

A person’s diet is intricately related to the appearance of a person’s teeth. Thus, it is a good idea to minimize the intake of certain foods and beverages. These include red wine and coffee, and also all kinds of sugary foods. By avoiding these foods and drinks, the teeth can be healthier and such teeth tend to look great, which will greatly contribute to a person’s smile. Broken or damaged teeth negatively affect a person’s smile, which is why having them fixed by a reliable dentist can help to protect a person’s smile.

Those who are interested in learning more about dental veneers and making sure the veneers they get are safe, are advised to perform a careful check of the dental practice they plan to go to, especially when these are located overseas. Those who are interested in having a beautiful smile may benefit from tips on how to attain optimal oral health. One such blog post is titled, “Achieving Optimal Oral Health: Your Guide to a Healthy Smile In Your 30's.” These tips include: drinking water after meals; getting professional teeth cleaning; ensuring one’s diet foods rich in vitamins and minerals and doesn’t contain sugary or acidic foods; overcoming fear of the dentist; not smoking; and using fluoride products.