Mars Forklifts Offers Brand New Forklifts for Sale in Sydney

Mars Forklifts, a forklifts specialist firm based in Smithfield, NSW, wants to stress that they are offering brand new forklifts for sale in Sydney and surrounding areas. In addition, they are committed to supplying the best forklift for the specific application of the business. To ensure this, they offer a free no-obligation site survey for the business site. Their professionally trained staff will visit the site to allow them to recommend the most suitable forklifts. More about this can be gleaned from
Alex Conti, manager at Mars Forklifts, says, “We offer new forklifts for sale in Sydney. We don’t focus on any specific model or make in order to allow us to provide the best forklift for a particular business. We also offer transportation for both sold and hired forklifts. With high efficiency and outstanding maneuverability, our powerful forklifts are ideal for lifting both indoors and outdoors and will have your warehouse running more smoothly and safely.”

Examples of new forklifts available for sale at Mars Forklifts are a new range of Cat diesel and LPG forklifts. These include the 1.8 to 16 tone in LPG and 1.8 to 16 tone in diesel. Cat diesel forklifts are for applications where difficult and heavy loads need to be transported. But for those businesses that prefer a more environmentally friendly option compared to diesel forklifts, they offer Cat LPG forklifts. These Cat LPG forklifts can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: working in warehouse racking; loading goods vehicle; carrying goods between one site building to another; delivering a pallet of critical supplies to a production line; and just about any materials handling task.

Also available from Mars Forklifts are Toyota forklifts. They offer a broad range of Toyota models, from electric forklifts to internal combustion forklifts to electric pallet stackers and electric pallet stackers. Both pneumatic tires and cushion tires are available. Those who want to contact Mars Forklifts can do so at

They also offer for sale brand new Cat electric forklifts. These are available in three-wheel and four-wheel options with a capacity ranging from 1.3 to 3.5 tone. Cat electric forklifts are efficient, durable, dependable, and environmentally friendly. They are typically used for handling a broad range of unit loads, such as pallet boxes, pallets, and stillages. They offer various benefits, such as: advanced green AC power which gives greater performance; longer shift cycles to improve efficiency; simpler maintenance, meaning the business can focus on what really matters; versatile configurations that provide these electric lift trucks easily programmable operating characteristics that match machine performance with operator experience and load type.

Also available from Mars Forklifts are brand new Cat walk behind electric forklifts. These include the new range of Cat Walkie Stacker and Walkie Reach forklifts, with capacity of 1.2 to 1.8 tone. These are Cat electric pallet stackers, which can be custom-fitted for the specific application through their programmable electronic controllers. This allows the setting of certain parameters, such as acceleration, travel speed, lowering speeds, and lift to ensure safe handling of fragile loads. Cold storage adjustments are also possible for certain models. Furthermore, the chassis design of these forklifts contribute to providing a compact footprint, easy maneuverability in tight spaces over long or short distances.

Mars Forklifts also offers for sale the brand new Hyundai 16BRJ-9 reach truck, which is provided with cutting edge technology and the ability to lift loads up to a height of 13 metres. These forklift trucks have a capacity of 1.4 to 2.5 tone.

Mars Forklifts serves as a forklifts specialist company that provides forklift repair services, new & used forklifts, and forklifts for hire in Sydney and nearby areas. They have over 50 years of combined experience and they are constantly expanding and have been exceeding customer expectations right from the start. They provide the largest and latest range of second-hand forklifts across Australia.

Those who want to know more about the forklifts offered for rent or for sale by Mars Forklifts can visit their website at or contact them through the telephone or by email.