Ausmate Cobberdog Announces Availability of Australian Cobberdog Puppies

Ausmate Cobberdog, a registered dog breeder based in Dubbo, NSW, Australia, has announced the availability of Australian Cobberdog puppies. These are puppies that were born on October 20, 2023 and are ready to go before Christmas, at around December 22, 2023. Both male and female puppies are available with choices of small or medium. These puppies are suitable as children’s pets, like a friend who can share their laughter and their tears, offering cuddles to kids when they need it. Those who want to submit an application can do so at

Kerry Wyburd from Ausmate Cobberdog says, “Is there nothing better than a kid and their dog? A friend to share the laughter, mop up the tears, be there when no one else is, understand you better than anyone else and be the best ever cuddlier. The Australian Cobberdog were bred to be a child’s best friend. They are a gentle breed of sweet temperament, goofy when a human laugh is needed, highly intelligent, non-aggressive, and highly trainable. They are large enough to get out of the way of a teenage boy’s big feet, yet soft enough to sit beside a young girl learning her letters.”

Kerry has gained a lot of experienced in training, showing and breeding dogs for more than 45 years. She is currently very much involved in the ethical breeding of the Australian Cobberdog and bringing to the breed all the things that she has leaned during her several decades of experience as a breeder.

According to Ausmate Cobberdog, the word “Cobberdog” means “dog-friend,” which is why they always follow strict guidelines and to make sure that the dogs comply with the high standards needed to fulfil their mission. It is important to note that unlike other dog breeds throughout the world, every breed that has been employed to produce the Australian Cobberdog can be completely traced via their pedigree. That means everything that has been added to the Australian Cobberdog breed is known. Those who want to contact Ausmate Cobberdog can do so at

It is also essential note that the Australian Cobberdog is a breed in development, which implies that the dedicated breeders, just like Ausmate Cobberdog, are currently working towards achieving predictability. Each Australia Cobberdog is registered with the MDBA, which holds the Global Registry of the Australian Cobberdog breed. Thus, when buying an Australian Cobberdog, one that is not provided with an MDBA pedigree is not really an Australian Cobberdog.

Meanwhile, at the current stage in the development of the Australian Cobberdog, this particular dog breed has a curly wool coat to a wavy fleece coat. All of these types of dog coat can be found within the same litter and each have their own advantages. All of the coats appear to be capable of repelling dirt and and seldom have been found to have doggy odour. After a mud bath during a rainy day, it was been noted that once the coat has dried naturally, the mud falls off from the coat. They plan to continue with DNA testing and eventually the Australian Cobberdog is expected to have a predictability of low to non-shedding, easy to care coat. The colours of the Australian Cobberdog coat can be blonde, brown, cafe, black, red, gold, or particolour.

Ausmate Cobberdog is a registered member of the Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA), which means they belong to an exclusive and dedicated group of breeders who can issue Australian Cobberdog pedigrees. In addition to the use of exemplary breeding practices, they also ensure that the puppies are raised with loving care and are treated in such a way that prepares them for living a regular family. They have been desensitized to loud noises or bangs and they have been trained to be used to regular noises around the house, such as phones, the TV, vacuum cleaners, and more.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Australian Cobberdog can check out the Ausmate Cobberdog website at or contact them on the phone or through email.