My personal war on weight

I heard on TV the other day that 1/3 of Aussies having gained weight over the pandemic.

That's a LOT of COVID Kilo's.

One thing that I've learned from reading this post by Anna Maria Lang about diet culture is that many of us might be vulnerable to getting caught in the "diet trap".

Today's diet culture tells us that that people are more or less good/moral/worthy based on their body size. 

I vehemently disagree that our body size reflects or worth. It is not immoral to have some fat on your body nor is it a bad or wrong thing to have gained weight.

Since learning this, I have just tried to eat intuitively. I eat from all food groups and use my sense of natural appetite. This has worked much better for me, rather than forcing food into my body (whether its healthy or unhealthy). I don't want the food I am eating to be a right or wrong thing.

That blog has definitely helped me make the right decisions, commitments and actions to achieve my health and fitness goals.

No other success in my life is as important as my health. I want to be around for my kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

And diet culture certainly wasn't helping me with that.

So here's an FU to diet culture!

Thanks for reading