Two Men and a Truck Joins Forces with RizeUp Australia to Make a Difference

Sydney -- Two Men and a Truck are one of Australia’s leading removalist companies with almost 30 years of experience in the moving industry. Evolving from humble beginnings in a suburban Sydney backyard, Two Men and a Truck have grown to have 47 trucks and carry out over 10,000 moves Australia-wide each year.

Two Men and a Truck have joined forces with Rizeup Australia to help victims of domestic abuse by promoting women’s independence and decision-making in relationships and public life. Domestic abuse has become a big problem in Australian households and RizeUp Australia is working hard to raise awareness and provide life-changing support for people affected by giving them hope and empowering them.

Joining Hands With RizeUP to bring difference in lives

Two Men and a Truck were inspired by RizeUp’s mission of bringing a violence-free life to those who suffer from domestic and family abuse and play an important role to help move vulnerable families into furnished and safe accommodation across Australia. Two Men and a Truck and RizeUp Australia are passionate about this cause and believe that they can make a real difference in the lives of people around them.

Two Men and a Truck is a family-owned removalist business that understands all too well the importance of family and the sacrifices women make for their loved ones. They value women’s empowerment and believe that they can do more to help the women facing domestic and family violence.

Two Men and a Truck ask their customers and the public to help where they can by donating furniture and other household items to those in need. Contact Two Men and a Truck or RizeUp Australia to take part in this amazing cause.