'Made for TikTok' Series to Help Marketers Run Better Ads Campaigns

TikTok has launched a new video tips series called ‘Made for TikTok’. The new series will highlight key lessons from experts, starting with an initial ‘workout program’ series hosted by David Ma.

Australian agency E-Web Marketing is using the series in their staff training to deliver high performing TikTok ads campaigns for clients. The video series is designed to help marketers understand the key elements of the app, and create better TikTok campaigns.

The campaign launch video incorporates all of the workout series clips, showing the new series will explore various aspects of TikTok engagement, including subcultures, comments, co-creation and more.

Each of these elements can also be viewed in isolation on the TikTok for Business profile.

The video lessons themselves are not in-depth, but they do provide ideas on how to understand TikTok more broadly, which advertisers can use to better align their content to key usage behaviors and shifts.

Blake Smith, digital strategist at Australian agency E-Web Marketing, says "TikTok now has 1 billion users and has quickly become the key platform to reach younger consumers. We've identified a good growth opportunity for our clients using TikTok. As we approach the holiday period, businesses should now be mapping out TikTok strategies and implementing a TikTok ads campaign."

TikTok recommends taking 10 minutes to watch the whole series, as it will provide key insights to better manage the app. The company also says that it will publish more 'Made for TikTok' tips videos soon.

To learn more about advertising on TikTok or to launch a TikTok ads campaign contact E-Web Marketing.