A1 Granny Flats Explains the Return on Investment and Benefits of Investing in a Granny Flat

Sydney, New South Wales -

A1 Granny Flats, a granny flat construction firm based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, wants to emphasize the potential benefits of investing in a granny flat. A granny flat is a self-contained housing unit that is built on the same block as a single-family dwelling and is often provided for use by an aging parent. Building a granny flat has been gaining in popularity across Australia since it can provide the ideal home of a loved one, and also offer additional accommodation for extended family and teenagers and not just for elderly parents. A granny flat can also be rented out, which is why the firm suggests that granny flats can provide a worthwhile investment in Sydney and surrounding areas.

In a case study presented on their website, two people decided to invest in the real estate market. They financed a 60 square feet, two-bedroom brick veneer granny flat using the firm’s in-house financing team for $120,000. The granny flat was completed in 19 weeks and they were able to immediately rent out the granny flat for $370 per week. Later on, they also decided to have the main dwelling renovated and to rent it out as well. They were able to rent out the main house for $590 per week, which meant they were receiving a total of $960 per week as rent for the main dwelling and the granny flat. The result was a revenue of $11,577.28 each year after getting financing for a total of $620,000.

Example of a beautiful granny flat built in Sydney by A1 Granny Flats

Previous clients have expressed their appreciation about the results they have received by leaving five star reviews on Google. For instance, Tom Rodger said, “We engaged A1 Granny Flats to add profit to our investment property in Cambridge Gardens. We were surprised and pleased with the staff and workmanship. The staff were genuine and friendly, and the construction team were very helpful throughout the process. They helped me design and select what best suited my families budget and quickly delivered a granny flat that surpassed our expectations we are currently renting out the granny flat, and are already seeing a positive return from out investment.”

They have perfected a process for delivering high quality granny flats, starting with the assessment and quotation, and then the design and approval, and finally, the construction. The first thing they will do is to check if there is sufficient space and that there are no restrictions that could hinder construction. It is advisable to secure a section 149 (2) certificate or as recently known as a section 10.7 from your local Council to find out if there are any restrictions and to make sure that they will be complying with State Government requirements, a sewer service diagram from Sydney Water to find out if the nearby sewer lines, and a title search from www.trisearch.com.au to check if there are any easements found on the property. A building consultant from the company will also perform a free site inspection.

They will also take care of the design works and approvals from the Council or a private certifier. After the design has been finalized and the necessary documents secured, they will start the construction of the granny flat and provide the client with a construction timeline.

Founded in 1992, A1 Granny Flats is proud to be always in touch with changing trends in modern style living and in developing the reputation of being a leading granny flat construction company. Using their unique construction techniques and careful attention to detail, their architecturally designed granny flats and studios have been noted to be second to none. Their construction process has been perfected during their decades of experience in the building industry. They will systematically work with the client during the while building process to ensure that the expected results will really be provided.


Those who are interested in learning more about investing in granny flats in Sydney and neighbouring areas can check out the A1 Granny Flats website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. For those who are interested in taking a look at a number of their completed granny flat projects, they can check out the A1 Granny Flats videos on YouTube.