Ausmate Australian Cobberdog Offers Tips For Communicating With Breeders

Inverell, New South Wales -

Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs, a registered breeder of Australian Cobberdogs in regional NSW, Australia, has recently shared an article about the benefits of raising and owning an Australian Cobberdog. According to Ausmate, the Australian Cobberdog is an excellent therapy or assistance dog, as they are gentle and very human-focused, with a strong intuition for the needs of their owner. The dogs are also very low shedding with little to no coat odour, genetically healthy animals, and not prone to barking. Australian Cobberdogs are also very trainable, and give good eye contact to humans they’re interacting with, showing their attentiveness to people.

The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in development, which means that dedicated breeders are working on creating predictability within the breed. One thing that sets Ausmate and the Australian Cobberdog apart from many other breeds is that the breeders creating the Australian Cobberdog have been extremely careful to use only genetically healthy animals for breeding, and have traced the pedigree of every animal used to create the Australian Cobberdog breed. Every Australian Cobberdog born is registered with the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA), which holds the global registry for the breed. Anyone who adopts an Australian Cobberdog can expect to be provided with a pedigree from the MDBA.

An Australian Cobberdog can be Brown, Cafe, Blonde, White, Red, Black, Gold, Particolour

In addition to noting the benefits of an Australian Cobberdog, Ausmate’s website also provides tips for individuals and families interested in bringing a puppy into their home. According to the breeder, many puppy buyers think they can go out shopping for a puppy they can bring home whenever they please. Rather than looking for a puppy, Ausmate suggests that potential puppy buyers instead look for a breeder who they trust and feel shares their top criteria for an “ideal” dog. Ausmate also notes that buyers should not expect puppies to arrive on a particular timeframe. Instead, buyers should expect to wait for a puppy from their breeder of choice. In the words of the breeder, “It’s VERY rare to wait less than a couple of months; four to six is normal. I’ve waited a year on a couple of occasions; no, even we breeders don’t walk through the field, able to pick puppies like tulips. We ALL have to wait, and we ALL have to get matched up by the puppies’ breeder.”

The website further recommends that interested puppy buyers introduce themselves thoroughly to prospective breeders. A good breeder wants to know that their puppies are going to good homes, whether its an Ausmate Australian Cobberdog or any other breed, so buyers should be prepared to communicate that they understand what sets a breeder apart and that they are ready to take on the commitment of a new puppy. The breeder even provides a sample email for making initial contact with a breeder, and suggestions on when to bring up price in a conversation. The breeder also emphasizes that not every person is a good fit for every breed, so people should not expect to get a yes from every breeder they contact. They also shouldn’t expect to choose their own puppy, according to Ausmate. Breeders understand their dogs, they know what each dog needs in a home, and they work hard to make sure every puppy they place goes somewhere they are happy and well cared for. This is why it is especially important to be thorough and honest when communicating with a breeder about needs and plans for a puppy, because the breeder will want to make sure each puppy goes to the best matched home.

Visitors to Ausmate’s website can find much more information about the Australian Cobberdog, as well as pictures and videos of many of the dogs bread by Ausmate. All of Ausmate’s puppies are raised with lots of cuddles and human contact, and are used to hearing lots of laughter and joy. The puppies were also raised around children, cats, turkeys and chooks, and are used to normal house noises, to help make sure every puppy is well behaved at home.