A1 Granny Flats Explains the Benefits of Granny Flat Conversions of Current Structures

Sydney, New South Wales -

A1 Granny Flats, a granny flat construction firm based in Penrith, NSW, Australia, wants to emphasize the advantages of conversion of existing structures, such as a garage, into a granny flat. A granny flat is an independent housing unit that is constructed on the same block as a single-family dwelling unit and is often used by an aging parent. It has been gaining in popularity because aside from the possibility of using it as a home for a loved one such as an elderly parent or other members of the extended family, it may also be rented out and provide a monthly source of income.

With the relaxation of the setback rules in 2012, the conversion of a garage into a granny flat can be approved within just 10 days. This is because the New South Wales State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) has allowed all property investors and residential homeowners with a property area of more than 450 square metres to construct a granny flat. Through the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP, it is possible to convert an already existing garage or shed into a granny flat. People can benefit from the quick 10-day approval through the provisions of the Department of Plannings.

A beautiful granny flat kitchen built by A1 Granny Flats

A1 Granny Flats will follow certain steps to ensure the approval of the granny flat conversion. The first step, just like for newly built granny flats, is to conduct a site survey, check on the drainage and sewer requirements, and make sure that the proposal complies with the maximum floor space, landscaping, and other SEPP rules for articulation, etc. In the second step, a structural engineer with physically inspect the existing concrete slab and certify that it complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for residential buildings. Next, they will check if the existing building has a minimum internal wall height of 2.4 metres as required by the BCA. In the fourth step, if the garage of shed is less than 900 mm from the side or rear boundaries, they will have to design a fire-rated wall to comply with the BCA requirement for minimum fire separation. In the fifth step, just like with a new granny flat, they will prepare the floor plan, site plans, elevations/sections, specifications, drainage plan, framing detail, and Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) for submission to the certifier. And lastly, the private certifier will evaluate the complying development application and provide approval within 10 working days.

It is important not to forget the BASIX energy efficiency requirements, which are designed to ensure minimum insulation, ventilation, glazing, and energy-efficient hot water installation for the granny flat conversions. A1 will be taking care of the various requirements and implement them to minimise the construction expenses. They will prepare the designs, plans, and specifications for submission to their private certifier. And they are continuously researching ways for their clients to achieve easy approvals and be able to save some money during the process.

Established in 1992, A1 Granny Flats is an investment consulting and construction company that has focused on being always up to date on the changing trends in modern style living and has now earned the reputation of being a top granny flat construction company in Western Sydney. By applying their unique construction methods and careful attention to detail, their architecturally designed granny flats and studios have been observed be among the best. They were able to perfect their construction process during their decades of experience in the construction industry. They are committed to work closely with the client during the entire construction of the building to make sure that the desired results will be achieved.


People who would like to know more about investing in granny flats in Western Sydney and the surrounding areas can visit the A1 Granny Flats in Western Sydney website or contact them through the phone or by email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.