Digital Burst Offering Many A Responsive Web Design Package Options

Chatswood, NSW based digital marketing company Digital Burst is offering a range of web design packages to their community. The company has been especially dedicated to helping small businesses through a range of targeted and affordable digital marketing services.

Pulling from more than two decades of experience in digital marketing, the company employs a team that can build their clients the website of their dreams without going over budget or failing to meet deadlines. As a well-established branch of E-Web Marketing, a reputable company that works with many businesses on a contract basis (and which even runs a number of services for government grants), the Sydney-based marketing agency is able to offer high quality stand-alone services so that even the smallest businesses can afford to get noticed online. However, they do offer specialized web design packages that can cater to specific needs.

These packages come in four distinct categories: Informational Based Site, E-Commerce Site, Shopify Website and Web Support. Informational Based site packages are targeted for clients who want to build a website that simply displays information — this can include a variety of articles, blog posts and more. E-Commerce site packages offer clients a custom-built e-commerce website where they can sell their products and services, whereas the Shopify Website website package leverages the Shopify framework to provide a similar online storefront. Finally, Web Support packages offer a range of support options for websites. Within these separate web design packages, Digital Burst offers a tiered system — Lite, Standard and Premium. These packages are designed to ensure that any client can get exactly what they need for their business.

Blake Smith of Digital Burst says, “Digital Burst has worked with over a 100 clients in more than 3000 projects, and we have been able to deliver satisfactory results across them all. The work we do is driven by hard data and research, and our Sydney-based team knows how best to integrate online and offline strategies to generate more conversions, leads and sales. Our targeted approach saves clients thousands of dollars, and we want to make that service available for more clients, for more businesses, so that they can achieve the levels of success they deserve too.”

Digital Burst uses tried-and-tested workflow methodology to assure the best results. After a research and analysis stage, they create a dedicated plan to design the website. Once the designing and wireframing process is done, they work on content creation, further code development, and testing the website across multiple mediums. Once the base website has been created, it then goes through a quality assurance process before launch. Before the website is handed over to the clients, Digital Burst also offers them the necessary training to be able to handle the site. These methods are employed across all of the company’s website design packages.

Digital Burst and its parent company E-Web Marketing have provided excellent services for their clients, and the evidence is clear in their reviews. In a 5-Star review for E-Web Marketing, Tim Cullen writes “We spoke with E-Web five months into starting our company. Hasnain was extremely helpful and took the time to understand our business and our strategy. Immediately after implementing the marketing strategy we started seeing genuine leads. Could not be happier with the service E-Web provides us each month. I highly recommend it.”

Another client writes, “E-Web is for you, If you're starting a business or just want to learn more about web marketing. The CEO is amazing. Not only does he care about your business, he will truly give you advice and suggestions to create brand awareness. The staff are well educated in areas that can empower you to work on marketing platforms that seem overwhelming. You can rest assured E-Web will take on all the marketing needs you require as if it was their own business.”

Those who want to learn more information about Digital Burst or their range of digital marketing services should visit the company’s official website to get started. Blake Smith encourages interested parties to get in touch with the company via email or phone. The digital marketing company also maintains a presence on several social media platforms.