Rigging Services Available For Sydney Construction

NSW based Hard Bakka Rigging is pleased to offer their comprehensive wet-hire crane service for all lifting and shifting needs in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Each service is provided with a fully trained, experienced and client-focused crane operator whose foremost goal is to ensure the project’s lifting requirements are met on schedule.

“Efficiency, punctuality and safety form the cornerstone of every service we offer,” states Hard Bakka Rigging, “and you find this is evident from the moment you first get in touch with our team. Our first order of business is always to learn about your project and goals, and we will tailor our assistance to meet them as closely as possible. You can also rest assured that our operator and equipment will comply with the most stringent safety standards in the industry.”

Clients may already be familiar with dry-hire crane services where the crane is rented but an operator must be provided or hired separately to operate it. Wet-hire, in contrast, provides both the crane and operator for the same service. The advantage of this is self-evident, the company notes, as it means clients will not have to spend time looking for a qualified crane operator from other sources.

Hard Bakka Rigging provides the machinery as well as an operator who is qualified to work it safely and expediently. Clients, as a result, will not have to concern themselves with being liable for potential accidents or damages that may occur during the lifting process. See more here: Rigging Services Sydney.

The company’s wet-hire crane service can be used in a number of applications. Clients typically reach out to Hard Bakka Rigging when they need heavy machinery or equipment moved around a site, when heavy structural steel, purlins, roof trusses and bracing needs to be erected (for warehouses, agricultural farm establishments and more), lifting or accurately positioning materials or items (including concrete slabs, pipes or generators) and transporting heavy loads of all kinds.

While many may be accustomed to dry-hire alternatives, the company points out that a wet-hire service means they can expect top quality from both the crane and operator assigned to their projects. Hard Bakka Rigging takes it upon themselves to ensure that both equipment and personnel meet the highest standards possible, from regular maintenance and upkeep for the former to ongoing training and on-the-job experience for the latter. This means certain responsibilities can be trusted entirely to Hard Bakka Rigging.

Since the company provides nothing less than the best, clients can expect their project to proceed on schedule, with no delays caused either by equipment malfunction or human error. Hard Bakka Rigging also maintains a policy of transparency with every client — this eliminates any risk of hidden fees or expenses. The cost of their wet-hire crane service is all-inclusive.

In NSW and ACT, Hard Bakka Rigging has built a reputation for excellence in structural steel erection/rigging services as well as crane and labour hire. The company specialises in erecting warehouses and heavy steel structures, and they offer comprehensive rigging solutions for clients in the commercial, industrial, government and resource sectors. The company has also become accustomed to enjoying repeat clients as well as numerous referrals due to the high quality of service provided.

The company states, “Hard Bakka Rigging Pty Ltd has become a major contender throughout NSW and the ACT. We have been involved in the erection of major government and defence projects and many of the major resource structures throughout NSW. We have also been responsible for the successful completion of renowned steel and mechanical projects in regional New South Wales and interstate.”

Hard Bakka Rigging is also a 100% Australian, family-owned business. Headquartered in Western Sydney, the company proudly serves NSW and the entire Sydney metropolitan area. Their services are available 24/7, and their solutions are guaranteed to meet all a client’s lifting and shifting needs.

The company invites interested parties across Sydney and beyond to contact their office today to request a free quote. Hard Bakka Rigging can also be found on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.