At Home Lash and Brow Tinting Kits Now Available at Australian Waxing Company

Sydney, New South Wales -

Australian Waxing Company, a beauty products company based Neutral Bay, NSW, is happy to announce that RefectoCil Australia has come up with at-home lash and brow tinting kits that can provide in-salon quality results from home, and more. Furthermore, the test that they conducted that compared the RefectoCil Sensitive range of brow and last tinting kits with two of their most popular oxidative tints, including a henna product revealed that RefectoCil Sensitive has the longest lasting stain while not being patchy and instead even over the skin.

One example of the brow and lash tinting kits from RefectoCil is the Beautiful Brown Brows Tinting/Styling Kit. This brow tinting/styling kit has been designed to help the user enhance the eyebrows from home. The tints can either be used individually or combined to provide a custom brow tint shade. The Beautiful Brown Brows Tint Kit includes the: Refectocil Light Brown Tint; Refectocil Natural Brown Tint; Refectocil Cream Tint Developer; Beauty Pro Slanted Tweezers; and mixing bowl and application brush.

RefectoCil tints are professional grade and deliver outstanding coverage, including those pesky greys!

Another example of the kits from RefectoCil is the Everyday Brow Styling Kit, which includes everyday products for ensuring that the eye brows appear styled in between salon appointments. The kit includes the RefectoCil Full Brow Liner in shade number 2, which is an easy to use silk powder formula and has an ultra fine tip. It is also smudgeproof and can last for up to 10 hours. It also includes the RefectoCil Brow Styling Gel, which is a clear gel that is designed to hold the brows in place all day. It also makes the tint last longer with its unique colour lock ingredient. And finally, it also includes the Beauty Pro Slanted Tweezers, which have an easy to use and durable slanted tip to help shape the eye brows at home.

Another example of the RefectoCil eye lash and brow tinting kits available though Australian Waxing Company is the Lash & Brow Styling Mini Kit. This professional lash and brow styling mini kit was designed for those who want an all inclusive tinting kit. This kit is contained in a carrier bag to enable the user to bring it anywhere and have all the tools required to provide basic eyebrow and eyelash tinting. It includes the: RefectoCil Blue/Black Lash Tint; RefectoCil Natural Brown Brow Tint; Oxidant Liquid 3%; application sticks; silicone pads; mini mixing dish; and four pairs of brow styling strips.

Also available is the Refectocil Lash & Brow Styling Bar. This is a compact and mobile lash and brow styling bar, which can be used as a marketing tool for beauty and hair salons to advertise the lash and brow treatments that they provide. It includes the: RefectoCil colours (pure black, blue black, deep blue, graphite, natural brown, red,light brown, and chestnut); RefectoCil Blonde Brow; RefectoCil styling gel; tint remover; micellar eye make-up remover; oxidant 3% developer cream; silicone pads; skin protection cream & eye mask; and RefectoCil Browista tool kit.

Founded in 1990 by Janine Akkad, Australian Waxing Company is a specialised supplier of quality beauty products. Janine had spent more than 15 years working in France, UK, and Dubai and she had wanted to offer an unbiased and unique service to the beauty industry that specialised in hair removal products and waxing training services. They carefully evaluate and test the various brands they promote, such as the Gelish, GlymedPlus, Jax Wax, Belmacil, Rubis, Elleebana, Arbre, Caron, OPI, Roll On, and Lycon waxes. The company has a team of qualified professional beauty therapists who are experienced and knowledgeable in waxes and beauty supplies. They also provide personalized workshops and training courses. These training classes are designed for small groups and are taught by a globally recognized and accredited teacher. Various brands and products are used during these classes to allow the students to make informed choices.

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