Former Teacher Creates 7 Figure Business by Supporting Fellow Educators

Melbourne, Victoria -

Former teacher Chantelle Jacobs, has had international success with her business Miss Jacobs Little Learners – a successful Australian business that dissolves some of the pressure for stressed teachers. The Melbourne based Miss Jacobs has created a 7 figure business by supporting fellow educators.

Teachers often work more than 50 hours a week, but not all of this is paid. They spend their evenings, weekends and holidays working behind the scenes to create lesson plans and set up classrooms.

This excessive workload is enough to wear down even the most dedicated teachers, who are motivated by a vision to help young people reach their full potential.

Their exhaustion is widespread too.

Seven out of 10 teachers said their workload wasn’t manageable when Monash University surveyed 2,444 participants in 2019 (just before the COVID-19 pandemic introduced extra challenges).

None of this is surprising for former teacher Chantelle Jacobs, who created Miss Jacobs Little Learners – a successful Australian business that dissolves some of the pressure for stressed teachers.

Since 2013, Chantelle has designed and sold thousands of primary school classroom resources that help teachers to create nurturing environments and plan engaging lessons. The products feature classroom themes and decor to motivate students (such as affirmation stations and birthday displays), engaging posters related to the curriculum and customised lesson plans.

Chantelle’s business was born from the challenges she personally faced as a teacher.

“The teaching resources that were available to me were old and daggy, so I was creating classroom decor and lessons for myself, to brighten the classroom and help students to learn in a fun environment,” Ms Jacobs said.

“You know how sometimes you walk into a classroom and it’s really sterile? It’s important for students to learn in a beautiful environment that they can take pride in, while also feeling a sense of ownership and belonging.”

Chantelle sells her downloadable and reusable resources at a low price point. Many teachers pay out of their own pocket for classroom resources, so she wants to make her products accessible.

The business was started when Chantelle’s workload was so full while teaching, she had little choice but to do most of her planning on the weekend (unpaid).

She created a Facebook account to document her classroom strategy, and it took off from there. Fellow teachers reached out to her, wanting to implement the same ideas to brighten up their classrooms and motivate students.

Most teachers only get paid for two to three hours of planning each week, which isn’t enough for those who wish to take a more creative approach. Time-poor teachers can purchase personalised classroom decor and lesson plans that have worked effectively on Chantelle’s former students.

Chantelle’s most popular product line is the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor bundle. This is characterised by calming neutral tones that branch away from the over-stimulating primary colours normally found in classrooms.

Classroom decorations by Miss Jacobs Little Learners

She now earns seven figures while working flexible hours, and demand for her products isn’t slowing down. There’s even a niche among parents who’ve set up their own home-schooling stations during lockdowns.

Social media played a huge role in her success, since Chantelle set up her first blog and Facebook page in 2012. She now posts on Instagram every day and shares her knowledge with teachers, to provide extra value.

Although Chantelle appreciates the power of social media, she acknowledges the dark side: some teachers may feel inadequate if they haven’t gone above and beyond to set up their classroom.

“If you feel good about going that extra step to set up your classroom, then go for it, but if that’s not what you value, it doesn’t make you less of a teacher.”

The greatest challenge for Chantelle has been running a business without having a background in business. She’s put a lot of effort into her professional development, by taking short courses, listening to podcasts and enlisting a business coach. Now her products have gone global, thanks to demand from America, South Africa and New Zealand.

“When I had my classroom, I had an impact on 25 students; but now I have an impact on students all over Australia and the world, which is even more rewarding for me.”

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