Australian Cobberdog Breeder Explains What Sets Cobberdogs Apart

Inverell, New South Wales -

Regional NSW based Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs is taking steps to educate their community about the Australian Cobberdog. In particular, the breeder wishes to highlight the differences between the Australian Cobberdog and the Labradoodle, showing families and other interested parties why the Australian Cobberdog may be exactly what they are looking for.

According to Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs, the breed's name refers to its mission as a therapy dog. Cobberdog means ‘dog-friend,’ and breeders follow strict guidelines to ensure their dogs meet the high standards required to fulfil this mission. For instance, while Ausmate acknowledges that the Australian Cobberdog is produced via a mixture of other breeds, it is unique in the fact that only dogs that have individually been fully genetically health tested are used for breeding. This effectively means that every breed once used to produce the Cobberdog can be comprehensively traced through their pedigree.

An image of the Australian Cobberdog

Those interested in owning a Cobberdog should therefore understand that it is not a mere designer dog or crossed breed. While Cobberdogs may sometimes be mistaken for Labradoodles, Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs explains that it is more accurate to say that ‘Australian Cobberdog’ is the name used to designate a pure breed Labradoodle.

Kerry from Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs states, “I have been involved with training, showing and breeding dogs for over 45 years. I am now very involved with the ethical breeding of the Australian Cobberdog and bringing to the breed all I have learned over time. Australian Cobberdogs are excellent as an Assistance and Therapy dog, gentle and very focused on their humans. They are also low shedding with little to no coat odour, intuitive to the needs of their humans, give their humans eye contact, and are genetically healthy, very trainable, non barkers.”

Much of this variety stems from the fact that they serve separate functions. Where Cobberdogs are bred to develop hypoallergenic dogs with a mild temperament and the ability to assist their owners with work and tasks for therapy and assistance, the Labradoodle’s contemporary function is solely aesthetic in nature. Ausmate notes that it once did share the same objective, but the breeds have since diverged. As a result, the Labradoodle is nowhere near as predictable as the Cobberdog (a characteristic of the latter that breeders are still working to improve), making it unsuitable for therapy work. Learn more about the differences between Cobberdogs and Labradoodles.

Since the development of the Australian Cobberdog breed is ongoing, its characteristics and features have to be described with the understanding that they may be subject to change in the future. At the moment, for instance, the Cobberdog’s coat can vary between a curly wool coat to a wavy fleece coat, but their colours may include blonde, brown, white, red, black and more. One attractive aspect of the breed that breeders may be keen to keep is the fact that their coats are universally less prone to accumulating dirt, and they similarly tend not to have a striking odour. This also means they are relatively easy to keep clean, though all non-shedding dogs require clipping at least twice a year. A regular brushing and combing is advised as well.

Families will be pleased to learn that their temperament and gentle, non-aggressive nature make them excellent companions for children. Their breeding also favours an aptitude for training, so Ausmate recommends that a reliable trainer be used to unlock a Cobberdog’s full potential, even outside a therapy-related role.

Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs is a registered member of the Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA), which makes them part of an exclusive, dedicated group of breeders who can issue Australian Cobberdog pedigrees. In addition to exemplary breeding practices, Kerry explains that the breeder’s puppies are raised lovingly and treated in such a way as to prepare them for daily life with a new family. They are used to regular house noises (TVs, phones, vacuums, etc.) and are not too sensitive to sharp noises or bangs.

They are also raised in the presence of children, exposing them to a great deal of physical love and affection. Families who already have pets or other animals in their household can rest assured their new Cobberdog will swiftly settle in since the puppies spend a lot of time in the company of cats, turkeys and so on at Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs.

Kerry of Ausmate Australian Cobberdogs can be reached via phone or email or their website in the event anyone wishes to learn more about the Cobberdogs in their care. Interested parties may also learn more about Cobberdogs on Facebook.