HERMA Labels New Zealand Launches New Website

North Island, NZ based HERMA Labels New Zealand is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. While all of the company’s products are shipped from their Auckland warehouse, the website will now allow customers to perform a variety of tasks, including designing their own labels. With its Material, Office and Home, and Labelling Machines business divisions, HERMA is a self-adhesive specialist with a comprehensive chain of expertise.

All of HERMA's goods are made in Germany, using cutting-edge production and printing tools, providing customers with 100% supply security. Strong self-adhesive materials, premium labels, and accurate modular labelling equipment are all represented by the brand HERMA. One of Europe's top producers, the business specialises in the field of self-adhesive technology. The group has been drawing clients with their ongoing chain of expertise and Germany-made products since 1906.

HERMA has over 100 years of history and now boasts over 1,100 employees at seven locations to ensure the further development of the HERMA brand and the numerous HERMA products in the field of self-adhesive technology. For any labelling need a client may have, HERMA's cutting-edge adhesives, pressure-sensitive labels, and labelling equipment cumulatively represent the ideal solution. The newly launched website makes it even easier for customers to design and order their labels, while also showcasing the extensive list of pre-designed options.

Label materials (papers and films), adhesives and release liners are all offered together as adhesive materials by HERMA's ‘self-adhesive material’ business (for a variety of sectors). Labels for a wide range of labelling purposes can be manufactured using these diverse self-adhesive materials. In the Office & Home section of the new website, there are a variety of craft and school items available in addition to labels for office, retail, and logistics. One can use HERMA Labels New Zealand mounting and archiving systems, book covers, stickers, and folders both at home and at the office or school.

HERMA Labels New Zealand offers labels for a range of applications

Additionally, there are numerous other uses for the labels, including file labels for use in offices, address labels for mail and packages, seal and security labels, and pre-printed labels for use as signs, including outdoor contexts. One can get labels with HERMA for any business or household purpose. Herma also gives customers the opportunity to design their own labels, through their free software (Label Assistant Online) or via Word templates, which customers can use to easily and quickly design and print labels individually with laser and inkjet printers.

Custom-made products for industrial applications are available in the HERMA Labels section. Whether a project involves product presentation, shipping labels, barcode and sealing labels or labels that adhere to difficult surfaces, HERMA’s industrial labels are suitably diverse — and developed for a wide variety of applications. The company can produce tailor-made labels for customers in special designs, in economical quantities, unprinted or in different print qualities, as labels on rolls, sheet labels, and even fan folded labels.

Further, the business sells labelling equipment and label applicators. The most precise, effective, and flexible labelling machines are produced by HERMA, a leading manufacturer of label applicators. In the machinery industry, HERMA provides solutions for a variety of labelling applications, whether they require fully automatic labelling machines, semi-automatic machines, or print and apply systems. A wide range of shapes and items can be reliably and properly labelled with one or more labels using various labelling types, such as top, bottom, side, wrap-around, or seal labelling. Thanks to the modular design of HERMA labelling machines, even the most unique labelling requirements can be met.

HERMA Labels New Zealand is also partnered with Accurate Labelling, and they supply New Zealand businesses and retailers with great quality labels, thermal printers, and printing accessories. They are the preferred supplier for blank and printed labels, label printers and software, thermal ribbon, and more. HERMA believes that quality is of utmost importance, which is one of the reasons for this partnership. When it comes to HERMA products, all labels are tested and approved for excellent, trouble-free printing (TÜV ISO 9001 Quality Certified). HERMA is doing their part to protect the environment by having FSC certified products, solvent-free water-based adhesives, acid-free plasticiser free labels, and recycled or recyclable label options. The company offers a wide range of labels, including those intended for addressing and shipping, clear labels, colour labels, creative and fancy labels, admin and office labels, circle labels, and even industrial labels which are made for durability and outdoor use. No matter what a client may need, HERMA will be able to provide the right label from existing collections or custom design one for the client.

To learn more about HERMA Labels New Zealand and the labelling options they offer, customers may visit their newly launched website. The team can also be contacted via phone or email.