Affirmotive Makes Headway Against Pornography Addiction

Affirmotive, a therapy centre based in Sydney, Australia, would like to reach out to anyone who may be struggling with a pornography addiction. Those interested are welcome to learn more by getting in touch with Heide Mcckonkey of Affirmotive.

Mcckonkey is a sex therapist whose work mainly focuses on the consequences and negative impacts pornography addiction. Mcckoney has worked with a number of people who struggle with porn addiction and studied the subject extensively. The therapist’s mission is to help people who struggle with addiction to pornography form a healthier connection with their sexuality.

There are a number of signs and symptoms associated with pornographic addiction, the first of which is pornography interfering with a person’s thought process and daily life. Like other addictions, an addiction to porn leads to the person struggling with the addiction, making pornography a priority over sexual intimacy with a partner and other aspects of their life like marriage, family and work. People who spend a great deal of time or money on pornography are likely to be addicted as are individuals who use pornography as a means to escape discomfort, boredom, stress, anger and other negative emotions or conditions. When denied access to porn, a person struggling with addiction may experience angry mood swings. This is known as sexual rage disorder.

Changes in sexual desire, libido and sexual performance are also associated with addiction, and people who struggle with addiction often find that they have trouble having fulfilling sexual experiences. Lastly, and perhaps the most obvious sign of addiction to porn, is an inability to stop or cut down on consumption despite being willing to do so.

“Sex Addiction Australia can help you with breaking your cycle of pornography addiction for good,” says Affirmotive. “Our highly trained professional counsellor and clinical sex therapist has more than 20 years of clinical experience in successfully treating porn addicts. Our porn addiction therapy and counselling sessions are designed to make you feel comfortable while discussing sensitive personal sexual topics. We take an individual and person tailored approach to treatment and to suit our clients' circumstances. Contact Sex Addiction Australia to learn how to quit porn for good and improve your life and relationships.”

Porn addiction usually starts as harmless sexual curiosity which rapidly evolves into a harmful sexual addiction. A study performed in the United States estimates that just over half of men and just under half of women consume porn monthly while between 8 and 10 percent of all adults are estimated to have an addiction to pornography or compulsive sexual behaviours. People who are addicted to pornography have developed a dependency on quick and intense sexual satisfaction and emotional brain rewards.

Pornography provides both these things but the ‘high’ becomes less and less intense over time, leading to the need for more and more intense porn as the individual becomes more and more addicted. Affirmotive has a porn addiction test on their site where anyone can answer a series of questions in order to determine if they may be considered addicted to porn.

In western countries, the consumption of pornographic material has become normalised, with most people viewing it as a harmless form of entertainment and extension or expression of their sexuality. In the 21st century, however, pornography is becoming a very serious problem due to the corresponding rise in addiction. This is thanks, in part, to how easy it has become to access, and now some of the largest pornographic websites in the world receive billions of visits every year. Many saw a sharp spike in visits during the pandemic.

Affirmotive says, “Researchers explain the brain is capable of plasticity and acquiring new tastes of sexual desires. The overwhelming volume, and easy access to soft and hard core Internet pornography carries an inherent danger to ‘trick’ the brain into needing more and craving more porn. Unfortunately, even children are increasingly reported to accessing adult pornography. Premature sexualisation in under-aged teens, or even younger children, is raising alarming concerns in regards to long term outcomes to their sexual and social development.”

Affirmotive is looking to help people beat their addiction to pornography. The therapy centre invites Sydney residents who think they may have a problem with porn to get in touch today. See more here: Contact Us.