TPM Builder Commends Record Employment Numbers in Australia's Construction Industry

Brisbane City, Queensland -

Brisbane, QLD -- TPM Builder, a leading commercial developer in Brisbane, acknowledges and celebrates the recent achievements of Australia's construction industry, which has reached record-high employment numbers nationwide.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that as of November 2022, the seasonally adjusted number of individuals employed in construction stood at an impressive 1.28 million, marking a substantial 12 percent increase compared to the previous year in November 2021.

TPM Builders

Despite this remarkable growth, the industry still faces challenges in meeting the demand for skilled workers. Research conducted by the National Skills Commission has highlighted a soaring number of job vacancies in construction, architecture, and engineering fields. Positions such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, crane operators, forklift drivers, civil engineers, and mining engineers are particularly in high demand.

The elevated demand can be attributed to the flourishing pipeline of construction projects, driven by substantial investments in public infrastructure and residential buildings. However, the current employment numbers are not sufficient to bridge the skill gaps. Infrastructure Australia predicts a shortage of 111,800 skilled infrastructure workers by September 2023 (as reported in Sourceable).

Recognizing the evolving landscape of the construction sector, TPM Builder emphasizes the importance of initiatives that promote skills training and diversity. The company supports recent moves by the federal government, particularly the expansion of the Australian Apprenticeship Priority List from 77 to 111 occupations. This expansion enables more employers to engage and support apprentices through direct payments and wage subsidies.

Shaun Schmitke, Acting CEO of Master Builders Australia, expressed their support for these efforts, stating, "The Federal Government's decision to expand the Australian Apprenticeship Priority List is a positive step forward. Wage subsidies can make a significant difference in encouraging employers to hire apprentices. Eligible employers can now access a 10 percent reimbursement of the first and second year apprentice wages and a five percent reimbursement of third-year wages."

In addition to the progress in addressing skills shortages, the construction industry is also making strides in promoting gender equality. Over the past five years, the data indicates a notable improvement in gender representation. The ratio of men to women employed in construction decreased from 8.4 to 1 in November 2017 to a narrower 5.9 to 1 in November 2022. This ratio marks the lowest recorded in four decades since the Australian Bureau of Statistics began tracking this data.

TPM Builder is excited about the future of the construction industry as it continues to break down gender barriers and invest in skills development. The company remains committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce, contributing to the growth and success of brisbane's commercial development landscape.