Bellriver Homes Introduces Procurement Brilliance Service

Sydney, New South Wales -

Bellriver Homes, a home builder based in Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia, has recently introduced their professional service line that guarantees that their customer’s home will be built on budget, on time, and on sustainability. They want to emphasize that said professional service is about developing resilience, accountability, and sustainability in supply chains to better serve their customers, and ensure that Bellriver Homes is considered to be a business that is “easy to do business with”.

They provide a four-step approach for this professional service line, which are: awareness, connect, deliver, and certitude. Awareness means they will define the specific objectives, evaluate the gaps in the current state, categorise the proper data, and specify the main opportunities and how to control risk. Connect has to do with proper sourcing, risk analysis, benchmarking, and the creation of a roadmap for a framework for implementation. Deliver means the development of a go-to-market strategy, supply chain risk mitigation plan, contract management program, and supply schedules. Certitude means they have a strong viable business that is supported by tight cost control and credit warrant.

Their Procurement Brilliance professional service line is all about the creation of real partnerships. This is possible because Bellriver Homes has developed deep relationships within the industry in its 29 years of operation, resulting in their capability to deliver both longevity and long term performance. Their trusted supply chain is committed to work together to make sure that the risk will be managed collectively and they are able to deliver value to their customers.

They employ a holistic model for managing risk and providing the best value for the customer, economy, industry, and supply chain. One important component of this model is a robust inventory and supply system. A second component is visibility for which the sharing of knowledge is vital. This has to be a two-way communication and sharing, a better comprehension of customer needs, and end to end visibility that is backed by informed decisions. A third component of the holistic approach is advanced strategic planning with efficient operations, and a focus on the need to pivot or respond with worldwide disruptions. And finally, supply location is important. It would be best to find a supplier closer to home and avoid cross-water if at all possible. This will build resilience.

Their procurement model for their Procurement Brilliance professional service line has several pillars. The first pillar is finding a win-win situation, where they inspire the customer, suppliers, and all contributors to work closely to mitigate risk and achieve prosperity. The second pillar is their being selfless in which they provide all contributors with an early voice to make sure that they will deliver effective, creative, and broader outcomes. The third pillar rests on better outcomes. To do this, they will define the structure, outcomes, and accountability and then measure the actual results with the goal of continuously improving. The fourth pillar is speed where they provide fast and unimpeded communication. The fifth pillar is integrity, which means they base decisions on data and supported by human overview. The sixth pillar is loyalty, which ensures certainty, investment, and prosperity. The seventh pillar is the fact that they are caring, which serves to improve the environment, community, and the lives of people. And the last pillar is trust.

Started in 1993, Bellriver Homes builds homes throughout the State of New South Wales, across Sydney, Illawarra, Hunter, the Central Coast, and the Central West of NSW. Through the years, they have developed the reputation of being a provider of excellent service and integrity as each Bellriver home has to go through an independent certified property inspection at key milestones during the building process to make sure that they will be delivering to the client a high quality home. They have over 150 designs for their home and land packages, or for a home built on the customer’s own land. Different designs are on display at every display home in different locations in NSW, including Austral, Oran Park, Calderwood, North Rothbury, Orange, Narraweena, and Hamlyn Terrace.

Those who are interested checking out the Bellriver display homes can visit the Bellriver Homes website and take a 3D virtual tour of a particular display home. A selection of display homes are open daily from 10am - 5pm or by appointment. For further enquiries please contact 1800 200 888 or