Bellriver Homes Leppington Display Centre Opens New Display Homes

Leppington, NSW based Bellriver Homes Leppington Display Centre is inviting their community to visit their new display homes in South West Sydney. Officially open for all visitors since July 2022, interested parties may find the displays on 18 Saturn Street Leppington NSW 2179. The display’s opening hours are as follows: 9am – 5pm Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The two homes on display are the Avalon 23MK2 and the Bayswater 22MK3, both of which are excellent examples of the company’s commitment to subtle and tasteful yet functional design for the modern family. The company is pleased to add that house and land packages are available for both of these designs, as are several choices of facade. Further, anyone who cares to view the other floor plans available under these respective designations can do so on the company’s official website, which also lists available bedrooms, bathroom and garage space. The company understands that transparency is just as important to customers who appreciate curb appeal, so a member of their team will be on hand to address any enquiries during their visit.

The Bellriver Homes display centre at Leppington is now open.

The brief to the company’s design team was to create a spacious large-style home on a 10m wide allotment. The outcome was a success & a perfect opportunity for Bellriver to put their craftmanship to good use. This has been depicted in The Avalon display home, a stunning design over two levels with premium high end fixtures & finishes

Each design, including the one on display, features a double garage, large open living areas, flowing alfresco and the option of a front balcony. While the allotment may seem to be a constraint at first glance, visitors will find that the team has been able to maximise their use of the available space to deliver both a spacious interior as well as a large rear yard. Notably, each design can also be mirrored to suit the client’s needs.

The second display home being the Bayswater has floor plans and designs to suit slightly larger allotments. The units that suit the 12.5m allotment, for instance, have some of where one aspect sits flush on the boundary line. Others suit a 13.2m allotment where both sides are 900mm off the boundary or 14.5m wide lots that are shallow in depth.

However, each design is brand new, and therefore constructed to accommodate a host of modern features. This may include a variety of living spaces, such as media rooms and large, workable kitchens with walk in pantries, though clients are advised to check each individual design if they expect these features. However, they may rest assured that all have living areas that flow out onto an oversized alfresco. The Bayswater also represents the company’s most popular single storey home, and anyone can see why for themselves by paying the display home a visit.

The company has worked with numerous clients to their complete satisfaction, many of whom have shared an account of their time with Bellriver Homes Leppington Display Centre online. On Product Review, for instance, a glowing review from one client says, “It was a dream for us to own a house in Sydney. While chasing that dream, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Christina from Bellriver Homes at Austral. Christina assisted us to secure a registered land and a building package with Bellriver Homes. The build process was simplified with the assistance from Kate from Bellriver Homes who understood our requirements and all possible variations were implemented into the build with no significant added cost.”

According to the company, this is the experience they strive to uphold with each client. In addition to the initial service, their team takes the time to check in after the project to ensure all is well, and this personalised service is integral to the company’s ethos. They have also implemented what they refer to as ‘Procurement Brilliance,’ which is the company’s guarantee that all their clients’ homes will be on time, on budget and with sustainability in mind. The company has spent decades investing in partnerships with like-minded organisations throughout the industry, and they take great pride in offering the benefit of this network to their community.

Further enquiries regarding the display homes, the company’s services and more may be directed to their office. Bellriver Homes Leppington Display Centre can be reached via phone or email, and clients are welcome to get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.