Tirtyl Launches a Versatile Universal Cleaner in the Australian Market - A Sustainable Alternative

Tirtyl, a well-known Australian personal and home care brand, has introduced a first-of-its-kind universal cleaner that is easy to use and emerges as a sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning products, which are often associated with plastic waste, toxic chemicals and shipping heavy water-based formulations. One of the simplest ways to minimise the impact on the environment and the exposure of human beings to toxic chemicals is by using eco-friendly cleaning products in homes and workspaces.

Multi-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and other household cleaners are not usually considered pollutants. They are used indoors to make people's houses or apartments clean and safe for human habitation. However, studies reveal that surface cleaner could have an unexpected downside. It has been revealed that just a few minutes of mopping indoors with a fresh-scented cleaning product can produce airborne pollutants known as aerosols. These particles can pose significant health hazards to the individuals exposed to them regularly.


The environmental impacts of cleaning products and disinfectants are far beyond and give rise to air and water pollution and tons of waste that pollute the environment. Thousands of chemicals from cleaning products are washed into streams, rivers and water bodies that land in ocean beds. Some also persist in the environment and enter the food chain affecting flora and fauna.

Cleansers and disinfectants that emit aerosols are all sources of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. These are emitted as gases and can cause high pollution levels. According to environmental studies, VOCs can affect indoor air quality and contribute to even the formation of smog outdoors, creating an unhealthy environment. Although the actual risks from these chemicals vary depending on their exposure levels, irrespective of the expected risk levels, it is indispensable to minimise the impact of these substances.

These cleaners often come in containers not made from recyclable materials and come with plastic packaging that usually ends up in landfills. Thus, these become the source of environmental pollution, threatening the survival of life on the planet.

Exposure to VOCs may cause health effects including eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination and nausea, damage to the liver, kidney and central nervous system, as well as cause cancer in human beings. Therefore, it is high time that these environmentally harmful products get replaced with sustainable and versatile products like the universal cleaner from Tirtyl.

This innovative product from Tirtyl is effortless to use, and in just three simple steps, homeowners can achieve a clean home. All they need to do is to use a reusable glass spray bottle and fill it with warm water. After that, the Tirtyl tabs meant for providing the much-needed detergent base can be added to it, and after waiting for about 2 hours, it can be easily applied on any hard surface and cleaned. The best part of using it is that it can be refilled and reused repeatedly.

Another fantastic addition to this product is the Tirtyl towels, a brilliant alternative to disposable paper towels. Manufactured from plant cellulose and cotton, these eco-friendly towels are 100% decomposable. These can also be reused multiple times, are free from microfibers and are machine washable. Significantly, one of these towels is equivalent to approximately 15 rolls of regular paper towels. These can clean surfaces with just a single wipe, and due to their 'cloth-like feeling,' these are ultra-absorbent and highly effective for keeping people's homes clean.

The universal cleaner is an absolute delight as it can be used as a versatile solution for wood, tiles, stone, and hard surfaces that need cleaning and sanitisation. From table-tops to door knobs, every surface can be cleaned using this ingenious product that does not require too much water and eliminate all dirt, grime and grease from the indoor surroundings.

Tirtyl is committed to creating a sustainable environment. Hence, its products are the first-ever Australian-made eco-friendly product range that minimises waste generation to every extent possible. More importantly, by adopting a 'plastic-free' packaging system, Tirtyl's products are cruelty-free, completely plant-based and completely vegan. The brand's founders, Lachlan and May, are devoted to making the planet a better living place. Hence, they have embarked on a mission to collect over 5 million plastic bottles from the ocean beds by the end of 2022 by partnering with Plastic Bank, the world's leading plastic clean-up organisation. The brand also donates up to 2% of sales to several social causes through the Tirtyl Tip Foundation.

Tirtyl's wide range of plastic-free and eco-friendly products can be found on their website www.tirtyl.com.au.