ATWYLD Women’s Motorcycle Gear Now Available at Moto Est Australia

Moto Est., an Australian motorcycle community and brand based in Collingwood, VIC, is happy to announce that ATWYLD women’s motorcycle gear and apparel are now available through their store. Moto Est's online store offers motorcycle gear for both men and women all over Australia. They also have a Moto Femmes showroom in Collingwood, which has a selection of their women’s range and some unisex items, such as helmets, gloves, and accessories. Those who want to make an appointment for their showroom or enquire about any products they would like to see can send them an email or simply contact them through their website.

The ATWYLD brand of women’s motorcycle gear and apparel was inspired by the lack of quality gear available for women. It was established by Jaime Dempsey, Corinne Mayer, and Anya Violet to provide women’s motorcycle gear that actually become an integral part of women’s riding experience and to provide women protection when they are riding that is both functional and stylish


In order to celebrate their newest brand to their online store, Moto Est. is offering customers a chance to win a voucher worth $70 (AUD) that they can spend on any ATWYLD product. Those who want to enter the competition can enter via

Some of the favourites from ATWYLD are the: Endurance Women’s Dyneema® Denim Motorcycle Jacket; Alltime 2.0 Women’s Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket; and Deploy Women’s Armoured Leggings.

The style for the Endurance Women’s Dyneema® Denim Motorcycle Jacket is “classic denim trucker fit” and it has been cut in such a way that it fits most body shapes and the detailing makes the jacket a timeless piece. The Dyneema® denim material provides a 4.5 second slide time and offers armour pockets and abrasion resistance. For additional protection, the D3O® GhostTM armour set can be added.

The Alltime 2.0 Women’s Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket has been designed to be the perfect women’s motorcycle jacket. As such, it functions both as a technical riding jacket and a fashion piece. It is constructed from buttery soft leather that provides that “already worn in” feeling, which means that it both feels strong and soft. It is provided with an asymmetrical zip closure with antique silver hardware. It has a quilting pattern on the shoulders, sleeves, and back panels to provide classic motor styling and extra protection. It has a mock neck collar that is securely closed with a heavy duty logo hardware snap that will remain secure even with a strong wind. It is provided with deep pockets that are zip closed. It also has a hidden pocket on the inside.

The Deploy Women’s Armoured Leggings were designed to provide an armour based layer to wear under the riding pants. They are skin tight and provide full armour protection with the D3O® CE level 1 breathable armour at the knees and hips. It is made from moisture wicking material that allows the rider to avoid overheating during the summer while providing an extra layers during the winter.

Founded in 2016 as Motor Femmes, which was focused on offering fun and feminine motorcycle gear, they evolved later into Moto Establishment (Moto Est.) to house both the Moto Femmes brand and the Moto Hommes brand. While they continue to have a strong focus on the needs of women in motorcycling, they now also have an inclusive offering of a full men’s range of motorcycle gear and apparel. They offer their products mostly online, which means they have accurate sizing charts and offer fast shipping. They launched the Moto Femmes showroom in May 2019 but they continue to have a strong presence online. The showroom has been a huge success because it offers the locals and visitors a way to get in touch with each other, check out the gear, and feel that they are part of the Melbourne bike community.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Moto Est. can check out their website or contact them on the phone or via email.