Tirtyl Reach Their Goal of Collecting 500,000 Plastic Bottles from the Ocean

Queensland, October 15, 2021. Tirtyl is an Australian company who revolutionised the hand soap industry in 2020. The company is on a mission to make conscious consumption mainstream with their products and profits that “unwaste”. Their zero-waste hand soap tablets have exploded into the Australian and American markets and their products continue to have a positive impact on the planet, with every tablet sold resulting in up to 3 plastic bottles of equivalent plastic waste being collected.

Although Tirtyl are already encouraging their customers to use less plastic by selling glass dispensers and hyper-concentrated soap tablets wrapped in 100% home compostable packaging, the two founders May Bandi and Lachlan Hill are all too aware that the earth is suffering from excessive plastic waste. This is particularly true for our oceans, where 8 million tonnes of ocean plastic is dumped every year. This has encouraged the unlikely duo to do as much as they can to join the fight and be part of the solution.


In the beginning of 2021, they set a goal to collect 500,000 bottles of ocean-bound plastic, partnering with Plastic Bank, the world’s largest plastic clean-up organisation. Through the incredible support from over 25,000 early customers, they managed to reach their goal three months ahead of schedule. Taking advantage of a rapid growth trajectory and the upcoming peak season of Christmas, they have now set a more audacious goal to collect over 1,000,000 bottles by the end of the year. This incredible goal marks their first year of sales since launching the product in January 2021. The plastic that is collected is processed and up-cycled into the private sector as new consumer goods, with contributions being paid to locals as wages to collect and harvest the ocean-bound plastic.

When Tirtyl was first established, it was with a clear vision in mind: to prove that businesses can do the right thing and also be successful. Since day 1 the team introduced a program called the ‘Tirtyl Tip’, a give-back initiative where 2% of sales is passed on to causes that both the company and customers are passionate about. The program will expand beyond ocean-plastic removal in 2022 with new initiatives ranging from marine-life conservation to clean-water infrastructure and plastic policy reforms.

For every hand soap tablet and glass dispenser sold, Tirtyl’s customers are helping to keep the environment clean, their hands clean whilst making a positive difference. To find out more about Tirtyl and their products, please head to their website: https://tirtyl.com.au/

Tirtyl can be contacted here:

May Bandi - Co Founder

1800 841 663