E-Web Marketing Integrates Google Ads And Facebook Ads Strategically For Its Clients

E-Web Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Sydney, is appealing to businesses to take advantage of the salient features of both PPC and social media advertising to boost sales.

CEO Sam Shetty talks about its integrated Google Ads and social media marketing strategy by saying, “E-Web Marketing is offering clients the opportunity to benefit from its diversified online advertising strategy that not only creates a recognizable and lasting brand but also makes efficient use of the PPC ad budget to maximize returns on the advertising spend. Businesses need to think of PPC and social media marketing as two sides of the same coin. Properly utilizing social media is the secret sauce to improving your Google Ads campaigns. You can pour endless amounts of money into your PPC campaigns and not get back the kind of response you were hoping for. Even if you end up finding some customers, your customer acquisition cost for each lead will not be sustainable for the long term. With the amount of competition present in the current landscape, businesses need to diversify their marketing efforts. Our methods recommend the use of social media to narrow down the ideas that have the potential of striking a chord with the ideal customer. It offers companies a way to test out messaging, branding, products, and services in a low-risk manner. If something happens to resonate with the target audience, a business can double down on it and use it as a starting point for developing one’s services and products further along that proven path. The same products, services, and messaging can then be boosted with PPC advertising. Major social media platforms also offer a ton of technical tools that can make crucial internet marketing tasks such as retargeting as simple as flicking a switch. Call us today and ask us how we can help you take advantage of both PPC advertising and social media to take your business to the next level.”

Google Ads user interface

When asked to compare Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, digital strategist Blake Smith says, “Facebook is a great tool for creating an online presence that can attract eyeballs as well as establish a brand identity. The always-online generation needs a personal connection with a business before considering purchasing one of its products or services. Being active and engaged on social media lets a company give its opinions on current trends, naturally putting itself in the ongoing conversation with its consumers. These interactions make it likely for social media users to develop a strong sense of belonging to the brand. Once you have hooked them in with your message, it becomes easy to get them interested in your offerings and retarget them using Google Ads. Without getting that initial foot in the door into the customer’s consciousness, you cannot expect to make a sale."

E-Web Marketing's Head of Social Media Advertising, Dino Bernardo exlains further, "In internet marketing terms, once you get that first click that points them to your social media or product pages, you can retarget that user not just on the social media of your choice but also when they use Google to search for a service or product in the same category that you do business in. Our company can help you find the ideal social media and Google Ads strategies that are guaranteed to keep your product at the forefront of the mind of your ideal customer. We will work with you to craft content that is likely to get the most traction based on each social media platform that you are targeting. One meeting with our experts and you will walk away with the acumen that you need to unlock the power of internet marketing for your business.”

E-Web Marketing offers a range of digital marketing services such as digital marketing consulting, web & software development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media management, social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization.

The company can be reached via their website, ewebmarketing.com.au.